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DMS's fanfic: A Demon: Reborn.


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Jan 3, 2006
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Hey guys, you ever wonder what happened to Gaara?
Well, almost a year ago i started to write this fanfic about him.. and his climb back to greatness.
I know I know, you probably all could have guessed it.... but whatever.

Anyways guys, I'm looking for feedback, and just ideas on the general direction.
I only have two chapters done, and my brain caved on me before i got to finish my third. (As soon as finals are over I SWEAR i'll finish it.)

The chapters aren't long... and I really try to give them the feel of the actual manga.
I don't really know how long it will be... but i would guess somewhere around 10 or so chapters.
(If someone could MAKE me schedule it... it would be greatly appreciated. lol)
So go ahead, give them a read... and tell me what you think.

(P.S. Kusachu... don't get on my case too much. I just need some

And finally...
My dream is to see this thing made into a manga.
So of there are any generous artists out there who would like to give it a shot... give me a PM.
Make my dream come true.

A Demon: Reborn
Chapter One: Whispers From the Leaves
Moon and shadow cascaded across the desert, and as the wind whipped bits of sand though the air, there stood a solitary figure, merely taking in the fresh air. There he stood, his auburn hair tossed lightly by the wind, and after the breeze died, a small sigh of comfort passed into the night. He shifted his body weight from one foot to the other, and as he did so, his scarf was caught in the wind and was lifted up behind him. The desert, which was known for its unforgiving heat, was now calm and actually quite cool- warranting warmer clothing. As he stood there, relaxing his mind; he heard a shift in the sand behind him and turned his head slowly to take on what approached.

“Kazekage-sama,” a ninja clad in light brown apparel appeared before his master, and dropped to one knee, “your sister has asked to speak with you”.

The kneeling ninja looked up to un-approving eyes, and after a moment he quickly remembered the mistake he had made. “Temari-sama…she has asked to spe-,” the dull shinobi began, but midway through his sentence he found that we was hanging quite high in the air.

The dull ninja had seemed to find new life as his arms and legs began to perform a little dance, which look remarkably like a marionette’s. The Kazekage's mouth turned up a bit, and after un-crossing his arms he gave a quick hand motion to a figure that stood just beyond the light.

“Gaara, you let this guy speak about our sister like that?” the shadowed figure spoke as he stepped into the light, a slight grin on his face. His eyes were fixed on the now suspended person above him. His fingers seemed to twitch in unison with the dance of the puppet above, and upon receiving his signal, lowered his hands.

“No, Kankurou, but this one was smart enough to realize his mistake…” As he said this, the now panting ninja landed onto his feet.

“Well anyways,” he paused in much the same manner as his brother had just done, “-Temari says it‘s important, so I guess we‘d better hurry”. Kankurou wiggled his fingers a bit, disconnecting the chakra strings that caused the sudden levitation of the messenger, and turned to make his way back into Sunagakure.

Gaara took a few steps forward, and as he did so, the plain looking subordinate again, dropped to one knee before him. He had begun to shiver a bit, not from the chill of the weather, but from the feeling within him that caused him to believe he had insulted the great Godaime Kazekage. Gaara walked to him, and placed a strong hand on his shoulder. This act seemed to have a calming effect, and he had soon stopped quivering.

“You are dismissed,” he said in an almost inaudible tone; but as soon as he continued towards Kankurou, the kneeling shinobi vanished in a swift mix of wind and sand.

"You're face isn't painted." Gaara spoke again in Kankurou's direction, " I gather this information is important."

Kankurou touched his face slightly, and then cocked his head back towards his younger brother. He had forgotten to do the one thing that distinguished him from his sibling.

"She wouldn't tell me either," he then crossed his hands in mock frustration, "But I overheard her mention something about information from Konoha."

Gaara could feel the grin on Kankurou's face. Although stealth was not Kankurou's strong suit, he seemed to have an ability to spy on his own siblings with apparent ease. The Kazekage coughed to show his disapproval, but then continued the conversation.

"She spends too much time in Konoha-"
"DAMN RIGHT, she does," Kankurou interjected. It would seem as is this subject had been one Kankurou had been yearning to talk about.

"It's only been a few weeks since you've come back to us, yet she STILL hasn't been here to train or anything!"

Gaara then crossed his arms, following in suit with his brother. "And that Shikamaru kid..." Gaara paused a bit, looking for the correct words to express his feelings, " weak."

The two stalked towards Sunagakure, and besides the usual strength that exuded from them; their current feelings towards their sisters actions seemed to take the form of the wind around them. The wind began to pick up significantly-- seeming to spiral in some places. The two stopped just before the city, and looked upwards.

"You think she heard us?" the puppeteer tried to whisper.

"You're damn right I heard you" the words rang out above them, and as the realization of being caught washed over the two below, moonlight washed down over the shoulder of the floating figure above. She began to drift down towards them, and the two both noted that even this motion reminded them of the motion of a falling leaf.

"Tch.." Kankurou spat, once he saw her face, "Welcome back Temari, O' great and powerful Sand-leaf-sama." He bowed mockingly, and even added in an additional hand sweep.

Gaara merely shook his head and thought silently to himself, "Will this ever end..."

The blonde-haired, Sand-village, kuniochi finally touched down, and folded up the large fan she rode in on. She stuck it into the ground, and leaned onto it as the wind seemed to circle around her. Temari's hair was significantly different. It was now straightened, and laid evenly on both sides of her head and neck.

"Sand-leaf-sama, eh?" she questioned. "Well, I guess that's a rather fitting name for the official Leaf-village liason... isn't it?" Her trademark wide-mouthed smile reflected the moonlight slightly, and as she tossed her hair behind her an air of superiority seemed to beam directly into Kankurou.
"Tch...", the older brother was now visibly annoyed. "Well, get on with i-"

"Although...", Temari cut in, "Nara Temari would also make a good name." She laughed heartily with these words, and looked directly into Kankurou's eyes.

The puppeteer took a single step forward, but upon feeling a small torrent of sand attack his legs, he recoiled, and finished his sentence. "Temari, get on with it".

Temari turned serious in an instant, "I would, except the information I have is for only the ears of the Kazekage... You are not privileged to-"

"Spit it out, Temari... this is getting annoying," The Kazekage finally spoke, and the look on his face seemed to be fed up with the actions of his "older" siblings.

"Fine," she shifted her weight to her left leg, and then faced the Kazekage, "this information comes from Konoha, and the implications of this report have great bearing on the security of the Sand Village."

"Wait, Temari... " Kankurou stammered, "are you saying?"

"Yes." the Kazekage spoke up in a strong tone. "We are going to be attacked- again."
End of Chapter 1

Chapter Two: Test and Unrest
Three shuriken sailed expertly through the air, and came to an abrupt, but planned stop upon a human-shaped straw dummy that hung thirty yards away. In the shadows of the night a figure smiled widely, and with a sigh moved to retrieve his items.

"Bullseye," the shinobi thought as he walked, "it's about time!"

The night air was quite cool, but the atmosphere directly surrounding the shadowed figure was warm; hours of training usually has that effect. As he collected the items, a light in the distance caught his eye.

"She's awake now?" he said aloud, incredulously, "She can barely keep herself up during the day..." As he took a step toward the large obscured building, a light poured down to reveal bright blue eyes. The light showed eyes of concern and moments later those concerned eyes narrowed, and the body below began to run towards the lighted edifice.

The usually over-crowded town of Konoha now held a strange similarity to a deserted ghost-town. Even the wind had stopped blowing as the blue-eyed boy made his way over the rooftops, and eventually to the gate that surrounded the regal building that rose above.

"Ahhh, Naruto late night training again, are we?" A ninja with bandages wrapped around his face greeted the yellow-haired ball of energy.

"Ha ha! Yeah Kotetsu-san, you know me!" He smiled widely upon finishing his sentence, and continued speaking.

"Can I go in and see..." Naruto paused and lowered his tone, "grandma?" His eyebrows fluttered as he concluded, but Kotetsu's head dropped in disgust.

"No, Godaime Hokage, Tsunade-sama is currently in an important meeting, and will not be interru-" Kotetsu threw out his arm, and caught the collar of the orange jump-suit that tried to squirm by him.

"She will not be interrupted," The bandaged guard finished his sentence, and tossed the now frowning Naruto into the dirt before him.

"Ughhhhh, Come ONNN," Naruto pleaded, "just five minutes!"

"No, " Kotetsu answered flatly, "you will not enter!"

The whiskered, sullen, and now dusty boy, frowned and sat in the dirt before the guard and began to think... and soon enough, he stood up with a smirk.

"If they won't let me in," he crossed his fingers in the shape of a + in front of his body, "I'll bust my way in-dammit!"

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"
Four identical clones appeared around Naruto, two flanking him on each side. As they inched forward, a small sigh escaped from the solitary ninja they faced. Suddenly, two yellow-haired Narutos dove out at Kotetsu... one high and one low. The brown-haired ninja, smirked and with a flash he brandished two long kunai. As the two yellow-heads approached from mid-air, they met the two slashing blades.

"Naruto, you underestimate me...", Kotetsu stopped, and he saw a third bunshin dispel, and another Naruto holding a blue sphere.

"Heh-heh," He laughed while holding the Rasengan "I hope you're ready!!"

Naruto then slammed the Rasengan into the ground, tearing it up significantly, but what occurred next caused Kotetsu's mouth to drop for an instant. The rasengan exploded, and in a smooth arc, Naruto cascaded through the air followed by a blue tail.

"Damn!" Kotetsu thought, but he would not be out-done. Reacting quickly, he jumped high into the air and began to make a lasso with some nin-wire and his kunai. He pivoted in mid-air aiming his throw for the flying orange target, and after a twirl at his side, he let it fly.

The kunai flew like a rocket towards it's destination, and met it just as Naruto's arm grasped the edge of the ceiling of the Hokage Building. The kunai bounced off a lower part of the building, and sprung upward at an angle right towards Naruto, quickly wrapping the single arm that was holding on.

"GOTCHA!" Kotetsu exclaimed , and he landed back on the ground, and began to pull back the make-shift lasso. The yellow-haired figure above seemed to lose all strength, and began to fall once tugged off the side of the building. Kotetsu yanked harder, in order to pull Naruto in... but instead, the orange jump-suit disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Ha ha, you fell for it!" a voice from in front of the surprised ninja called out, just before he scurried up the steps that lead to the Hokage's office.

"Tch, The whole thing was a ruse," Kotetsu chuckled a bit, "and a good one too."

"Using his clone to perform the Rasengan.... I never saw it coming." Kotetsu spoke to himself as he turned to his guard post again.

"You win this one, Naruto..."

Up the stairs, the triumphant Naruto made his way to the door of Tsunade the fifth Hokage, where he heard muffled voices, and as he touched the door he heard a voice cry out through the others...

"NO, Naruto cannot be sent there.. it's SUICIDE!!!"

These words stuck like a knife in the ears of the yellow-haired ninja that lied just beyond the conversation. He dropped his head, feigned a smile, and opened the door.

"NARUTO!", the voices chimed in unison, as the same three heads snapped to the door in unison.

"Naruto-kun..." a pink-haired ninja quickly made her way towards he smiling companion. Something within her knew Naruto was covering up his true feelings.

"Sakura..." the Hokage spoke up, her voice getting caught up on the words she was about to say.

"Don't worry, Tsunade-sama, I will explain it to him." Sakura moved quickly, and re-opened the door.

"Sakura... what the hell is..." Before Naruto could finish his sentence, a green-eyed monster had already shoved him out of the office.

"Dammit Naruto, how did you get in there!?" Sakura spoke, in a more stern tone that she had taken with him lately.

"Don't worry about that, hehe... " Naruto paused here for a moment, and slid his hands behind the back of his head, "...just tell me what that was about."

* * *
Back inside of the large office, the two remaining women rubbed their heads contemplating what had just transpired.

"Shizune, you know..."

"Tsunade-sama, I know. But we cannot allow him to go unguarded. There is no telling when Akatsuki may strike!"

"I know that full well." The look of pain on Tsunade's face spoke the words she could not express. "He just hasn't been the same since..."

"Yeah, since that run-in with Uchiha Sasuke."Shizune stood up, and walked to the window. "Kakashi, has been unaccounted for as well... It seems that team is unraveling."

"Ahh, it seems so... Shizune,"the Godaime Hokage crossed her fingers in front of her mouth, " seems so."

* * *

"So wait, Sakura, you're saying Sand is going to be attacked again?!" Naruto's eyes widened significantly.
"Yes, thats is the information we were given." Sakura stopped at the top of the stairs, and looked out over the city below.

Naruto grabbed at Sakura's shoulder, and turned her to look him square in the eyes. "So, let's go Sakura. Let's go back to Sand... together!!"

Sakura had heard Naruto plead before, but after last weeks events she could no longer compose herself... a single tear started to stream down her face.

"Naruto, you can't leave. Both Kakashi and Yamato aren't around, and... and..."

"And WHAT, Sakura... I can handle myself!"

"But Naruto," Sakura could feel the hot tears falling down her face now, "what if Itachi comes after you?!"

"FUCK ITACHI!!" Naruto's rage exploded in a punch that completely destroyed the metal bannister in front of them. Naruto could feel his own tears now, and in his mind he finished his sentence, "it's all his fault anyway."

Naruto jumped down from the edge and walked slowly down the stairs. Sakura slumped onto her knees. She could only watch Naruto as he walked away, and only one thought kept running in her mind.

"Sasuke-kun... why..."
End of Chapter 2


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Jul 4, 2006
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hmmm.... interesting enough to made me keep reading..
PS>>>I love your use of describing the environment...

Anyway look forward for next chapter...


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Interesting.... Can't wait for the next chapter
Errr somehow I can't imagine Temari's new hair... (maybe I'm lack of imagination)
Keep up the good work


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Wow, I really quite enjoyed this. The descriptions are very good and I can really feel the mood of the whole thing. :D I'd love to see more of this!


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Alright guys...
Chapter 2.

Tell your friend about the fanfic, and see if they like it as well.
Chapter 3 might be a while... i'm still trying to figure out how put it together.