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Future Arc Discussions and Speculations

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Future Arc FAQ (aka Things People Don't Agree On)

There have been many discussions and speculations on the Future Arc, so this is your handy-dandy guide to all the discussions that have gone on before and where to find them. Read this first before starting another thread on the same topic, please. Unless explicitly stated or shown in the manga, much of this is still speculation. So, if you have anything to add to the discussions, or if any loose ends have been resolved in the story, feel free to join in on the old threads.

Beware that everything here MAY contain spoilers to the most recent chapter in Jump, NOT the most recent scanlated chapter.

1) Is the future Tsuna really dead?
The fact is, he was lying inside a coffin (ch 135, 136). That's usually reserved for dead people.

- But, the coffin wasn't buried so that's not conclusive!
It wasn't sealed or buried yet because the Vongola are kind of occupied at the moment, and Tsuna had just died no more than 2 days ago. Reborn mentioned the coffin specifically when the Vongola Hunt was brought up (ch 140) implying that Tsuna had died in the Millefiore attack. Not to mention Tsuna was alive just before the Millefiore attacked (ch 166), since he sent Ryouhei to Italy.

- But, nobody ever said he was dead!
Uh, wrong. Gamma said Tsuna was dead, and he was shot to death / gunned down in front of his comrades (ch 152, 153). Then, Gamma couldn't believe it when he saw the younger Tsuna (ch 154). Fuuta also said Tsuna of their era was dead (ch 156).

- But, they could have saved Tsuna! Medical technology has advanced in the future!
If Tsuna were not dead, both Gokudera and Yamamoto would not look so guilt-stricken when the topic was brought up (ch 136, 140).

- No! They kept Tsuna alive in secret and hid his injured, not-dead body in a coffin in the middle of Namimori forest!

View the arguments and continue the discussion here!

2) Did Tsuna destroy the Vongola Rings when the Millefiore attacked?
No. Tsuna destroyed the Rings long before the Millefiore attacked. Possibly years before.

- But, there was a "battle looming" to fight for the Rings again. Isn't that the Millefiore threat?
That's possible, but unlikely. If it were the Millefiore, Yamamoto would surely have named them. And, if the Vongola had anticipated the Millefiore's attack, one, they wouldn't have destroyed such powerful weapons, and two, they wouldn't have been wiped out in 2 days.

- But, Tsuna could have destroyed the Vongola Rings so that the Millefiore couldn't get them.
The guardians were scattered; not even Yamamoto knew where they were. It's unlikely that Tsuna could have collected the Vongola Rings and destroyed them in under 2 days. Reborn also mentioned that the future Yamamoto couldn't synchronise Shigure Kintoki with his Rain Ring, so he stopped using Shigure Kintoki after his Vongola Ring was destroyed (ch 149). If the destruction of the Rings had been recent, Yamamoto would not have had time to customise a new sword for himself. The future Yamamoto's katana is customised for him, evidenced by the swallow design on the hilt (ch 142 or see picture).

- But, why would the Millefiore attack the Vongola if they couldn't get the Vongola Rings?
Apart from Byakuran and Irie, nobody in the Millefiore suspected they were going after Vongola Rings. The Millefiore were attacking other mafia families for all the mafia legacy Rings and Boxes (ch 139). With the Vongola being such a large family, it's no surprise they would be targeted. Of course, it's possible that Byakuran set up the whole attack as a decoy for his secret plans.

- Then, why did Tsuna destroy the Vongola Rings?
At this point, nobody knows, but the future Yamamoto guessed that Tsuna didn't want the Rings to trigger another series of battles (ch 141) such as the one launched by the Millefiore. So, in a sense, Tsuna did destroy the Vongola Rings because he'd foreseen such an attack, but it wasn't in retaliation to THIS attack.

View the arguments and continue the discussion here!

3) Will Lancia's Ring appear in the story again? What sort of Ring is it?
Lancia's Ring is definitely one of the mafia legacy Rings, which means it has the power to open the Boxes. As for its attribute and who will eventually use it, that has yet to be revealed. The Ring has a snake pattern on it, related to Lancia's iron ball and snake-based attack names (see picture).

Speculate about Lancia's Ring here!

4) What happened to the people who were switched with their past selves?
There are two possible theories. One, they've truly replaced their past counterparts and are running around in Namimori of the past; or two, they're in limbo or a parallel universe. But, we do know that both Reborn and Tsuna completely disappeared and were not replaced by their respective future corpses.

Wrap your head around this time paradox here!

5) Is the okama Ryouhei went overseas to meet Lussuria?
Yes, he went to Italy to meet Lussuria. This was finally revealed in ch 166. Ryouhei was sent to meet the Varia in Italy on Tsuna's orders (before the Millefiore attacked). The reason for him going there has not been revealed.

Speculate on Ryouhei's mission from Tsuna here!

6) What happened to Gamma and his Ring and Boxes?
After the fight with Hibari, Gamma looked like he could be left for dead (ch 155). But, it was finally revealed in ch 172 that, although he was badly injured, Gamma survived. In ch 178, Gamma is seen wearing his Lightning Mare Ring as well. As for his Volpi Box, it's possible the box is just damaged. Glo's Kraken Box was heavily damaged in the fight with Mukuro, so the same is possible for Gamma's Volpi Box.

Speculate further on the fate of Gamma here!

7) The 7^3 shown in ch 161 appeared to have two missing pacifiers. Are they Reborn's and Lal's?
There are 3 pacifiers confirmed in the Vongola base. Lal has her pacifier with her (ch 146), which is identical to the one she wore in the past (ch 112). There is a second pacifier kept in the storage box Tsuna opened (ch 148), confirmed to be Colonnello's blue pacifier (ch 180). The third pacifier is Reborn's own, brought over from the past. Ch 180 also revealed that Lal's pacifier is blue, same as Colonnello's.

So, most likely, the Millefiore is missing the blue pacifier (Lal's or Colonnello's) and one other. It could be Reborn's that is missing. It could be anyone's.

Speculate on the Arcobaleno's pacifiers here! You might also want to check out discussions pertaining to the individual chapters: Target 161 or Target 180.

8) What is the 7^3 and why does Byakuran want it?
Like the name implies, it's the three set of seven items: the 7 Arcobaleno pacifiers, the 7 Vongola Rings and the 7 Mare Rings. The Vongola Rings have been passed down through the generation since the first Vongola Boss. But, there's no reason to believe why the Mare Rings should belong to the Millefiore. The Millefiore were combined from two separate families in the first place, and they were known to be collecting Rings from different families. The Acrobaleno pacifiers have been a mystery since the start of the series, so it's not likely to be revealed for a while yet. As for Byakuran's plans, he (and others) believes the 7^3 is the key to ultimate power. Exactly what that means, you have to ask Byakuran (or Amano-sensei). Note that Mare (pronounced Mah-rhae) means sea.

Currently, the location of the 7^3 are:
* Vongola Rings held by the Guardians in the future - Sky, Storm, Lightning, Rain, Mist
* Vongola Rings held by the Guardians in the past - Cloud, the Sun
* Arcobaleno pacifiers - 5 of the 7 pacifiers are with the Millefiore (assumed). Lal's and Colonnello's are with her. There may be one more pacifier.
* Mare Rings - Byakuran has the Sky Ring, Gamma has the Lightning Ring, Glo has the Rain Ring. Irie has one of the Rings. Another Millefiore captain in Italy has another Mare Ring. Presumably, the rest are also held by the Millefiore's Rank A+ captains. The Mare Rings that have been spotted in the manga can be seen here.

We have a sumary of the original owners of the trinisete, as well as the characteristic of each attributes made by Ryusensei here

Discuss this topic further here!

9) Why haven't Hibari and Ryouhei been sent to the future?
Hibari remarked, "I’m not so stupid as to be replaced, of course." (ch 153) This implies he knows someone is secretly replacing the Guardians in the future, but he's confident enough that his past self would not get hit by the bazooka. We've seen Hibari's battle instincts in many early chapters; he can even block bullets he didn't know were coming. So, it would be a bigger mystery if Hibari WAS replaced. Haha.

As for Ryouhei, that is truly a mystery. Some speculate that Ryouhei is being watched by Colonnello, so he has some protection or is undergoing training.

Create a new thread to discuss this further!

10) What happened to Glo and his Ring and Boxes?
After Glo's defeat in the fight with Chrome and Mukuro, the Ring was tossed about 30m (~100ft) away from his body. Whether it was he himself who tossed it, or it was knocked off during the battle, nobody knows. Perhaps due to this, Ryouhei did not find the Ring when he came to get Chrome, and thus, did not pick it up. Glo himself survived the fight with multiple bone fractures. He probably won't be joining any more fights in the near future.

Glo's Rain Owl box is with Chrome now, but Mukuro no longer possesses the owl. The Rain Kraken box is back with the Millefiore, but heavily damaged.

Debate this further in the ch 166 discussion thread!

11) Who is the spy in the Millefiore family?
Glo revealed that a spy had set him up at Kokuyou Land (ch 166), strongly implying that the spy was part of Mukuro's plans. It was finally revealed in ch 168 that the spy was the future Mukuro. Mukuro possessed a convicted murderer named Guido Greco about a year ago. He then escaped from prison, and insinuated himself in the Millefiore family to replace a communications officer, Leonardo Lippi, who works closely with Byakuran.

As the story progresses, it's clear that Mukuro was not only trying to expose Byakuran's powers, but he also transmitted secret data about the Millefiore's bases and installations to Hibari, which were then given to the Vongola. Whether or not Mukuro survived the fight with Byakuran remains to be seen.

Discuss the unrest in the Millefiore here and the fate of Mukuro here!

12) Are we going to find out more about the Arcobaleno?
It's pretty much certain that with the Arcobaleno pacifiers forming one-third of the tre-ni-sette, as well as the death of the Arcobaleno babies in the future, they will be playing a big part in this arc. Here are some of the prevailing questions.

Since the Arcobaleno were adults before they were babies, how old were they?
There have been many clues alluding to this in the manga, and there is no longer any doubt that they were adults turned into babies (ch 173). But, how old are they? Were they past Vongola guardians? How were they related to the mafia? Why were they cursed? How were the seven of them connected? At this point, your guess is as good as mine.

What colour is Lal's pacifier, and why is she a failed version Arcobaleno?
It was revealed in ch 179-180 that the original seven chosen to be Arcobaleno included Lal, not Colonnello. He went after the group with the intention of taking Lal's place. However, when the group was cursed, Colonnello ended up receiving the full curse, and the blue pacifier, while Lal was partially cursed. Lal's pacifier is in a corrupted state, which also disrupted her body's wave energy. When the pacifier was purified in ch 179/180, Lal is revealed to hold the blue pacifier as well.

Is I-pin's master one of the Arcobaleno? Which one?
It was revealed in ch 171 that I-pin's master looked like he had one of the Acrobaleno pacifiers. There are still two babies not yet accounted for, and they are the holders of the orange and red pacifiers. Although some speculate that it could be Verde (green), Verde has been mentioned as an inventor. If he were related to I-pin, it'd have been mentioned long ago. Reborn also mentions knowing I-pin's master, and that Hibari looked like him (Vongola 77 character book).

So, who is the seventh Arcobaleno?
A wild guess is, it's Uni. But, feel free to add your thoughts.

Discuss and speculate on the Arcobaleno and their curse here! Or, add your thoughts to where you'd like the manga to go here!

13) Why are the Cervello both in the Varia Arc and the Future Arc?
Although they seemed to serve Xanxus in the Varia Arc, they were really serving the interests of the Vongola family. Yet, why do they appear to work for the Millefiore in the future? In Italian, "cervello" means mind. What is the true purpose of the Cervello?

Speculate on the role of the Cervello here!

And, the biggest question of all...

14) Who is responsible for sending the Vongola guardians and Rings to the future? Is the shadow in ch 136 Irie Shouichi (see picture)?
There are two conflicting theories for this: the ones responsible are either the Millefiore or the Vongola. Every clue so far points to the Millefiore family, specifically, Byakuran and Irie Shouichi. The rest of the Millefiore didn't know about the whole affair until Byakuran informed them (ch 161). Byakuran expected the arrival of the past Tsuna (ch 147), and mentioned the "gifts" from the past (ch 155) which are the Vongola Rings. Similarly, Irie Shouichi has been awaiting the arrival of Tsuna, the guardians from the past and their Vongola Rings (ch 153). However, there are also many inconsistencies leading to the second theory--the Vongola of the future had planned for the guardians and Rings to be sent to the future.

#1. Reborn let the bazooka rocket hit him! He wanted to go to the future!
In reference to ch 136, Reborn said, "This is not good. I can't move." He did NOT want to be hit, yet somehow, he's being restrained. Yes, Reborn has dodged many worse attacks before, including the bazooka rocket, but this time, he was being pinned down. Secondly, when Tsuna met Reborn in the future, Reborn admitted he didn't know much of what was going on, so at the very least, Reborn of the past is not the one behind this.

#2. Why would the Millefiore want to send Reborn to the future?
The Millefiore presumably already have Reborn's pacifier; they don't need the one from the past. So, I don't know the answer to this either. One theory is, it's the Vongola who wants to send Reborn to the future because they need him to train the Guardians from the past.

#3. The Vongola received warning in a letter written by the future Gokudera.
We're meant to think that the author of the letter is definitely Gokudera or someone very close to him (possibly even the future Tsuna). But, the author is not necessarily the Gokudera of 10 years later. Although the instructions in the letter mirrors the instructions from Gokudera(+10) to Tsuna, there is one major difference. Gokudera(+10) asked Tsuna to kill Irie in the past. The letter tells Tsuna to kill Irie in the future. This implies that Gokudera(+10) did not know the content of the letter, but knew that Irie Shouichi was the key to the Millefiore's rise in power. In other words, Gokudera did NOT know the complete details of what was going on.

#4. Gokudera did not expect the arrival of Tsuna from the past.
If the Vongola(+10) were sending their past guardians to the future, Gokudera(+10) seemed oblivious to the plan. He expected Tsuna to return to the past after 5 minutes. By the way, the same could be said of Yamamoto, who didn't know what was going on when he first met Tsuna and Gokudera from the past.

#5. Tsuna got himself hit by the bazooka. Nobody shot him.
If it's Millefiore sending the guardians to the future, and they were waiting for Tsuna to arrive, how could they have anticipated Tsuna would get himself hit? But, it's possible that Tsuna would have been sent to the future even if he didn't get himself hit.

#6. With the exception of Reborn and Tsuna, nobody else saw who fired the bazooka that hit them. Even Lambo.
What happened to the bazooka after Tsuna was hit? Lambo was the last person to hold it. Gokudera arrived not long after Tsuna, and he said the rocket flew out of the window (presumably Tsuna's bedroom on the second floor) and hit him (ch 137). Could Lambo have fired the bazooka at Gokudera? Then, Gokudera said Yamamoto and the others, including Lambo, were hit from behind (ch 145). Therefore, it's logical to conclude that by then, the bazooka was no longer with Lambo. And, to top it all off, Chrome arrived in the future after Lambo, so it is definitely not Lambo shooting the guardians at random.

#7. The future Hibari seemed to know the guardians were being replaced, BEFORE he met any of the people from the past.
Hibari works for Tsuna in the future, that much is certain (ch 156). So, if the Vongola had planned any counter attack against Millefiore, maybe Hibari knew about it. Yet, if Hibari knew of the plan, why not Gokudera and Yamamoto who are closer to Tsuna?

Although this topic started with Irie Shouichi, it's evolved quite a bit. Join the discussion for the puppetmaster of the future arc!

Enjoy discussing! ^_^

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