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Gon Coloring - Could use some feedback/hints


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Feb 11, 2006
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Hey, this is my first time coloring any thing i decided to pick out an easy one without an background. It's from the HxH one of those intro pages in a chapters.
Well it's nothing special really i was wondering if any one had some tips on how to improve my shading aswell as my work process.
Well tbh i did it pretty easy for myself with picking this page since all i had to do was to select all the black lines copy them place them as the top lvl (atleast when i filled in the colors).
Then i just pained out colors (1 layer for each color). Jacket - > Skin - > Rod - > Red Jacket color.
Then i simply erased all the overlapping colors starting from the top lvl working my way down.

I really had no idea how to deal with the shaders so well i just made an new layer, adjusted the filling to about 50% then i worked my way around i started with the face so it's abit dull i guess. Well the main tools i used for the shading was the brush tool (adjusting the opacity) and the eraser tool (adj. opacity aswell). (Diffrent layers for diffrent parts never overlapping each other tho since that would prob mess alot of things up).

Well the end result was better than i expected i guess (even thought i could of developed it abit more) but i really think i could use some tips, i mean when looking at most of the pages posted in here im just amazed.
I'm also wondering if any one has some tips on how to work in an more efficient way, I mean my way of shading really seems abit shady :P

Well i posted 2 versions since the one with the blue BG seemed abit weird oh well.

Thx in advance.


White BG

Blue BG

hmm any one?
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Jun 2, 2006
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first things first, you missed the eyes. otherwise, the "basing" is pretty good. The colors you chose for gon, however, are a bit too dark and yellow. Keep practicing bases until you can get it perfectly within the lineart. There is a tutorial for cell-shading from Zarosaki somewhere in "MH Academy", you should have a look at it.


I agree with the last comment, also the shadowing is a little off... but all that takes is a little observation of real life shadows on objects and stuff.
Other than that its a great work in progress ^_^
Good job!