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Hatsuharupeace's Five Comment Review: Chapter 167 - The Wounded Ninja


MH Senpai
MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted
Feb 9, 2007
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Well, since this is my first review, please do not hestitate to critisize any of the points that I'll will be pointing out. (And sorry for the lack of photos, I promise I'll put photos next time, this week was a bit of a rush job!)

Anyways, finally chapter 167 after a one week break, and after a huge cliffhanger as well!

1. Colour pictures galore!!!

Three colour pictures to begin the newest chapter, the first one of Yuuko in a kimono with Modoki amindst a shower of flower petals. Doesn't that picture seem out of place in TRC? It should've been a colour picture for XXXHolic instead, but I'm not complaining! The next two pictures are a double-page spread featuring Real Syaoran in the bottom holding his sword, with Clone Syaoran at the top, also holding his sword. Very nice indeed CLAMP.

2. Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine!

Well, well, well, look who's up! Kurogane wakes up from a long slumber to wildly cry out, "Where am I?! The others...!" Aww... What a guy, to care more about his friends then his chopped off arm thats lying around somewhere with Souhi. Anyway, a voice then speaks out, saying, "This here is Nihon Country." OMG! Look who it is, but Princess Tomoyo! She then tells him that his friends are safe, before saying a sentence that Kurogane probably would have been looking forward to for a long time. "Welcome home, Kurogane."

3. The Time For Long Talks

We then go into a long talk about why Kurogane had to chop off his arm, and about other things involving Kurogane. But chopping arms first. Tomoyo mentions that in order to save Fye, Kurogane had to sacrifice something that had the same power as him to save Fye. So the arm was the sacrifice! But why, do people ask. That's because of the spell that Fye put on Kurogane's palm, that enabled him to draw out his sword anywhere, anything, just like a personal ATM! So that solves the mystery of the sacrifice. Tomoyo then talks about the very thing people have been talking about for ages. The talismen/curse that she put on him very early on in the series. She talks about how Kurogane almost died, but was just saved because of the talisman, and that people that are about to die, they dream. Sounds like what a certain person has been doing a lot... (*cough*Watanuki*cough*) Kurogane then says that because of the curse, he lost some of his strength, with Tomoyo admitting that she had foreseen Kurogane's killing of Ashura in a dream. The talk then ends with Kurogane talking about true strength, with Tomoyo saying that Kurogane now knowing the true meaning of strength.

4. The Return Of The Fye

After that long and tedious tale, the door opens to reveal the one and only, Fye D. Flourite!! Now we don't have to wait till next chapter to see the encounter between Kurogane and Fye after Kurogane saved his life. Anyway, Fye walks up to Kurogane's bed with Kurogane being the polite one and saying his greetings. Fyes greeting, nonetheless, is different, with him punching Kurogane in the head. How's that for a greeting? It breaks up the tension, with Fye using one of his infamous nicknames, with Kurogane back to normal.

5. Dreams Yet Again

The chapter then ends with Syaoran in a dream, before seeing Watanuki with his back facing him. Watanuki turns around, and they stare at each other, creating a cliffhanger for the first chapter of the new volume!!

In conclusion, this was one hell of a chapter, with it clearing up a lot of the stuff from the previous arc, like why Kurogane gave up his arm, and things from way back like the spell Tomoyo put on Kurogane. It also opens up the new arc quite nicely, with the story wide open for anything to happen. Lets just hope no-one else has to give up anymore body parts in this arc, otherwise this may be a repeat of X/1999 with the useless bloodshed and violence. But a good chapter nonetheless.

Rating: 4/5