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Question How about we make an online manga magz (not making manga) ?


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Jun 16, 2007
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Hey guys, i am thinking of making an online magazine (kinda like ebook) which is free... and the articles is made by the members of mangahelper,.. it could be published weekly or monthly based on us who made it :p ... okay here it is some of RAW idea

Objective :
- Bring out much more manga other then the mainstream mangas so people could also enjoy other manga. This point includes the latest manga and oldies manga that we think it should have more attention.
- I hope with this we could also encourage people to buy the manga that were published by in their own country.

Currently i only got 1 point of objective, and also i wrote it out straight from my brain LOL so i couldn't really edit it, if someone got a better construction for that sentence with the same meaning please do it , and i hope my idea could reach out all of you LOL

Contents :
well i dont have much idea about the contents so i will just put what i have in mind
- Latest manga (from WSJ, JS, or others) and also spoiler for the next chapters if available (also this idea is for weekly release)
- Legendary Manga : if theres an old manga that we could consider it as "legend" maybe we could review it a bit...
- Main Story : this content is my objective, in here i want to review a manga that i think it should deserve more attention than it does.
- About Mangaka : as the title said the content is about a mangaka ...
- Shoujo Section : i am a shoujo lover, and i think shoujo should get attention too but anyway its optional...
- Manga mythology : this is also optional, the story behind manga or maybe a bit historical..

well thats it my idea LOL
anyway i am here to discuss it with you people and encourage you too to join this project
post your opinion here :D

p/s :
sorry if the topic is inappropriate, sorry for my english and also sorry if i made it in wrong forum...lastly if someone could please reconstruct these post, i am really greatful...

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Nov 2, 2006
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man u have a great idea. i will contact u soon (when im little free) and we'll talk about this.

see ya