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K'oss Needs a colorist


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Mar 4, 2007
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Hey all. I am WaveBossa, creator of K'oss, Burn, and Aurdor (mugen chars). I recently decided to make a blog about my mugen character and along with it, I drew a new picture of K'oss and basically, I want to know if someone wants to color it for me.

Why post this on Mangahelpers? Well, 2 reasons. First, aside from K'oss being a mugen character, he is also one of the main characters in my own manga, Dark Area (which I have yet to publically release.... waiting for good reactions). And secondly, I have noticed there are A LOT of very talented colorist here.

If you want to color this picture just send me an e-mail at Wavebossa13@gmail.com, and i'll finish it up (wings, clothes, etc) and clean it for you. You can find the character here to see what color sheme to use.
-Thanks for your time.

the ENTIRE pic can be found- here

Even if you have no desire to color it, feel free to tell me how it looks. He's my second favorite character in my manga.