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Aug 21, 2013
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Sorry guys for the really long delay, hope you had time to digest your rankings so far, as for the comments:

  1. Medabots? I don't fucking know.​
  2. Koro-sensei? I don't fucking know.​
  3. Being eaten by pretty girls? I don't fucking know.​
  4. Realizing he can do so much more things with so much more women? I don't fucking know.​
  5. NAKAMAA?!​
  6. I don't fucking know.​
  7. First of all, no one has green hair in that OP! You meant blue eyes, tsk tsk. I disliked that song so much I didn't even finish it.​
  8. I don't fucking know, of course this needs a hint, what?!​
  9. I don't fucking know, of course this needs a hint, what?!​
  10. I don't know, the girls? I Marm, Asako and the other one.​
  11. Lengua?​
  12. How the fuck am I supposed to know?!​
  13. A cute energetic one? What's with that hint?​

  1. Voltes V​
  2. Koro sensei form assassination classroom​
  3. a normal death without suffering form any illness
    I think that's the best way to go for someone, with no pain or worry of death, it just comes one day to take them....​
  4. Couldn't keep it in his pants, at least that's what the hint says​
  5. Optimism ?
    Luffy is a happy go lucky person and thr most fitting one in those is optimism, unless it's none of those but there nothing to be done about it​
  6. Arguments ? But I'm going with WH just in case​
  7. Rejection probably​
  8. Wh cuz I'm lazy to go and read rules, plus don't know much about who faust could really shoot​
  9. Wh, too many options, I'm having flashback to nnt forum and some of it members so I'm sure he have some he hates for there is some really toxic people here that piss you off​
  10. Evil, marma and revo ?
    as you noticed I picked those he choice in previous rounds​
  11. According to google Adobo so that's my pick​
  12. Jokeeeer​
  13. A cheerful person ?​
  14. Best panda ?
    Worst lakhan cuz he have a history of always being last.... even tho this game he broke the curse (same with shino but she broke her curse a while ago)
    Hoped know him best... evil =3=
    Definitely not here cause of the -11​

1- Gundam
2- Koro-sensei
3- Poison

4- withdraw
5- Optimistic
6- When people aren't listening

7- withdraw
8- Shag Marma/ Marry revo/ shoot Evil
9- The one who asked the question!

10- Evil, Hardy, Xadyu
11- withdraw
12- Hosting/organizing the top 10 rounds

13- Cheerful
14- Joker

  1. Yuyu hakusho ?
  2. Houtarou Oreki - Hyoka
  3. Killed by a tennis ball thrown at terminal velocity :arf
  4. Wth
  5. Optimismistic determination :arf
  6. Being insulted ?
  7. Wth
  8. Wth
  9. Joker :errr
  10. Kiki , evil and magi for fun. :arf
  11. Sinanglay ? sounds good :zomg

Sinanglay is a Filipino dish made of stuffed fish [..]The fish is stuffed with a mixture of spices and vegetables. The stuffing typically include onions, scallions, garlic, tomatoes, and siling haba chilis. It is then wrapped in large leafy vegetables, usually pechay, mustard greens, taro leaves, or cabbage and tied with strips of pandan leaves or lemongrass. It is added to a stew made from coconut milk or coconut cream spiced with ginger (or turmeric), black pepper, patis (fish sauce)

12. No idea , a Mafia game ?
13. Someone funny ?
14. :evil3️⃣👁

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion​
  2. He'd be Conan :3​
  3. Old age death~​
  4. He's discovered the glory of boobs​
  5. Determination​
  6. Karen's​
  7. He'd try to have them touch Desin's body instead, no way he wants to stay in that situation.​
  8. Marry Revo
    Shag Erinyes
    Shoot shinobi :teehee
  9. It's Desin for torturing him with this game.​
  10. Copy Panda - To make sure McDo will magically appear
    Asako - One needs a cute loli to survive those years
    Lakhan - To keep him entertained with all the FF games​
  11. Adobo​
  12. Sheep game!​
  13. A gentle and cute lady​
  14. he hoped all of us woudl score well​

Q1: Evangelion. If it were Mazinger it would explain his boob fetish tho

Q2: withhold

Q3: withhold. Death by snu snu tho!

Q4: he was a horny virgin and she was a decent 6 but a 10 for a beggar. Enough to break his morals.

Q5: optimism! Luffy never stays down I guess? If this is wrong then fuck you desin.

Q6: when the other person is mad, it makes Faust madder! On top of that he said people don't take his words seriously so then they have to take his fists, so...

Q7 : ain't nobody got time to watch this. Faust isn't a virgin and he wants nothing to do with this, so he rejects all the hot dudes. Fisting time if necessary!

Wait not like that.

Q8: Shag Marm, always Marm.

Marry Erin, she is sweet.

Kill kiki for being a troll.

Considered revo for all 3 of them.

Q9 : He's going to say he dislikes himself the most, I should had covered that in the question... Meh, lame.

Q10: Well he will pick people he likes but not too much because they are stuck.

So, Evil, panda and brand. No girls

Q11: lengua estofado, ox tongue.

Q12: withhold.

Q13: Someone cute, bubbly and quirky, a silly girl that has a beautiful smile the whole day!

Q14: looking cool JOKER.

1-Voltes V
3- Natural Death
8-marry marm
shag revs
shoot Xad
9- Milly
10- JOKER but if i were to guess [bran (because he will be a seiko cultist ), xad (because he knows a lot of good recommendations) and pandu (because seiko needs the terror baby with her) Basically, faust will be entertained by this 3.
11-Phillipine mcdo (Let's fall for pandu's bait)
12- winning most contributive member award ig
13- A kind tht fits faust's criteria :lmao . Hey question is not abt which criterias/stuffs would make faust romantically interested .
14- Hardy the best
Me - the worst

Q1) Astroboy

Q2) Oreki Hotaro (Hyouka)

Q3) In a spor game? Honesly dunno xD

Q4) His waifu managed to tempt him.

Q5) Optimism? Honestly the Luffy hint can mean many positive aspects (I almost answer "freedom").

Q6) Getting insulted probably.

Q7) Gonna use Joker here.

Marry: Marma (who wouldn't?).
Kill: Hardy for being an argie.

Q9) revo

Q10) Asako, Juvii, Elusia

Q11) Adobo (going very random here)

Q12) Winning his Literature badge.

Q13) An extrovert person?

Q14) Erin to win and Xad to lose.

  1. Uh detective conan​
  2. Hmm.... Hxh's Leorio​
  3. A peaceful death surrounded by family and food​
  4. Kpop​
  5. Determination​
  6. When people are being mean or racist or sth?​
  7. Uh joker​
  8. Shag - Kiki (anticipating the points here)
    Marry - Marms
    Shoot - Evil (bc he has least points currently)​
  9. All MH'ers are eligible? Uh, let's try Xad​
  10. Uh... Brando Kiki Evil​
  11. Arroz Caldo​
  12. I can't tell what the hint is supposed to be but uh winning an award or sth?​
  13. Someone like Rin-chan​
  14. Why doesn't this one need a hint? D: Uh Asako?? Ever the dark horse​

  1. Answer: Voltes V
  2. Answer: Oreki from Hyouka
  3. Answer: withhold
    What with this Atobe emote, does he want to die playing tennis or what? :notlikethis
    The obvious one would be sleeping and from old age but that hint doesn't look like any so, Withhold, hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiide, I wish I could have more than threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
  4. Answer: he couldn’t resist pussy any longer?

    I mean, can't blame him. 👀
    I wonder how old Faust would react to current Faust.
  5. Answer: withhold

    if it's something as ordinary as happiness or some shiz i'll (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  6. Answer: people talking shit and not listening.
  7. Answer: he wouldn’t be in his place to begin with, da hell with that.
    Something like this.
  8. Shag: Marm, cause who wouldn't?!

    Marry: Elusia. She's from his country and she's a decent girl.

    Shoot: Xad, again, who wouldn't?! He's a cap after all.
  9. Answer: Withhold

    MH user is too vast...
  10. Answer: joker
  11. Answer: Bibingka. I had other ideas but they aren't only from Phillipines so I'll go with that.
  12. So, he was 6 years when he joined, he had just started going to school and he was having trouble learning the alphabet but then he saw the hurr emotes and, hoping it was porn, it motivated him to learn how to read. In the end it was just Farfalla being Farfalla.

    Answer: The lessons he learnt here, the knowledge he gained.
  13. Answer: cheerful girl, genki type with big boobs.
  14. Answer: Faust thought who would score higher would be Evil (and maybe Xad)cause they know him best but in the end it was me DIO!!!
    Who would score worst maybe Lak cause he is always bottom.

1. Cowboy Bebop
2. Oreki from Hyouka
3. Dies from embarrassment
4. Withhold
5. Determination
6. When people are fighting
7. He would say no
8. Withhold
9. Withhold
10. Joker
11. Any filipino dish
12. Hosting games
13. Someone who's cheerful
14. shinobi and Elusia (me XP)

  1. Speed Racer​
  2. A sensei​
  3. Being eaten alive by a shark​
  4. He got a whiff of a woman​
  5. Do what you want​
  6. There being no chocolate ice creams at the shop​
  7. Sensations of lust​
  8. Shag - Kiki
    Marry - Marm
    Shoot - revo​
  9. Hardy​
  10. Marms because she's gorgeous.
    Evil3ye because he will do all the chores in a maid uniform.
    Purity of Magi because he has Seiko art.​
  11. Not the satellite dish at the internet cafe I hope.​
  12. Learning the alphabet.​
  13. An excited broad​
  14. Best - Juviii, because of her host game
    Worst - Xadyu, because it's Xadyu
    Farfalla - because they see eye to eye on certain things in the top 10 game​

  1. gundam​
  2. koro-sensei​
  3. <withhold>​
  4. the girl he was talking about in previous round​
  5. treasure/wealth? or nakama/friendship​
  6. insult to him​
  7. <withhold>​
  8. <joker>​
  9. Kiki​
  10. <withhold>​
  11. Lengua Estofado​
  12. posting a reply for the first time​
  13. energetic, cheerful, passionate​
  14. best: Hardy, because they have known each other for so long. worst: Kiki​

  1. Mhhh, now comes the anime expert. Everything in my country in kids TV (but also adult) that is foreign is dubbed, so that doesnt narrow down anything. I wanna say something with this big robot machines, Gundam or something? Its like 80s/90s work, I guess that would fit into as "first".​
  2. Oh boy, its probably the character from his avatar, which I have no idea what it is... I'm gonna take a withhold on this one.​
  3. So google search for "Atobe death" did not lead me anywhere, so I am gonna say during a tennis match from a heart failure.
  4. Being against pre-marital sex was just a cover story not being able to get laid. The classic late bloomer I say.​
  5. Hint being Luffy huh, kind of fits all of them. Maybe less so respect as he is a pirate, efficiency as he is a slob and achievement, as he is a rookie. I am between optimism and loyalty, so lets go with latter.​
  6. Withhold this. Maybe something involving being looked down on or something.​
  7. This sounds like a kiki question. Is this a @Kiki question? Hint says nono, so he is sneaky enough to make out with someone and not get caught. But I have an other withhold left.​
  8. shag asako, becauseof his answer from Round 2 concerning he doesnt care what people think. :twitch
    marry marmalade, because always marms meme
    shoot revo, because revo. Also she makes better top 10s :arf:handgun
  9. alphabeta
  10. He will pick Xadyu to nerd out together, marmalade because steamy, and uhm, lets take an other Dutch then, so Panda for the culinary experience.​
  11. Ufff, I have never tried, but from what I heard it's like a cultural super mix, like fusion, huh? But food I just googled in a top 10 list looks pretty amazing. And hope i won't get lynches for them not being actually Phillipines foods lol, but maybe pancit noodles, or marinated kinilaw fish? I am personally kinda craving sisig the minced leftover meat, so that shall be my answer. 🤤
  12. That hint is so useless :XD Maybe getting post cards from MHers.​
  13. Joker on this one. Maybe someone older, like from first sex experience story.​
  14. This question is such bullshit, now that we all know that I am at -11 points after round 2. 😭
    I think Faust would think Hardy would have scored the worst, because poopie doesn't really know stuff about people :hmph
    And on opposite spectrum would be Erinyes having a good track of people​


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Fire Nation
Didn't I submit comments too? :worrybunny

And will the question's identities be revealed or no?


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Didn't I submit comments too? :worrybunny

And will the question's identities be revealed or no?
Yes you did, had to post it and then re-edit it because the formating was all fucked up due to the numbered lists. Questions Identities are coming next
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@Brandish μ
--- Double Post Merged, ---

--- Double Post Merged, ---

@Copy Panda
--- Double Post Merged, ---

I hope everyone is ok with revealing the identity of who asked which question?


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A lot of you answered Koro-sensei :XD
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@Xadyu :umad
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Copy Panda

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Nooo nobody could tell which one were mine tbh


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A lot of you answered determination and optimism.

This guy: :luffy is one hell of creative mofo you know!
--- Double Post Merged, , Original Post Date: ---

Kill: Hardy for being an argie.
Argies hate fellow Argies?
--- Double Post Merged, ---

A lot of you answered cheerful as well.

--- Double Post Merged, ---

Sinigang > Adobo :nod


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Alright, I will do it one by one so there is more focus on each round. @Faust maybe you also want to add which question surprised you most or which person you expected more from.


True or False

Q1: Juvii

Faust is a consumer of porn? (at the moment, not has he ever watched porn)

Q2: Elusia

Anime is popular in the Philippines?

Q3: Evil

Ok Faust, so imagine you live a simple and happy farmer's life in a village resembling stardew valley. You tend your crops, you go to the town to sell off your harvest once in a while, buy corn for the chicken and new seeds to plant. You meet a humble young lady at the market, fall in love, marry and she and her dog move in with you. Then, one day, a mysterious seller appears at the market and offers you dubious seeds, which you buy in exchange for a few eggs. The seller promises you good harvest so you cannot wait to get back home and plant those into a freshly prepared crop with great soil. On the way back you also visit the shop that sells milk, because your strawberries are ripening and your dog loves a fruit milkshake. The milk lady flirtly compliments your clownish face, and with an uplift spirit you head home. You arrive home and see your dead wife eating an alive chicken, you start eating her dog. You never really loved Abigail.

Q4: Revo

Faust had a crush on someone from MH?

Q5: Shinobi

Faust wouldn't want to meet in real life someone like Todo Aoi from Jujutsu Kaisen, who believes he can tell everything about a man by knowing his taste in women, because Faust Knows he'll be beaten to a pulp.

Q6: Brandish

Is Faust reading this question while at an internet cafe?

Q7: Kiki

Faust has a waifu pillow!

Q8: Lakhan

Faust likes fan service scenes in a work. Manga or anime.

Q9: Asako

Does Faust truly like doing the charts for MH ?

Q10: PandaPanda

Faust has lots of friends on MH!

Q11: Marma

Faust would rather receive ONE player of his dreams for the NBA fantasy league than spend a hot and steamy evening with a participant of this game of choice.

Q12: Xadyu

@Xadyu is Faust's favorite member!

Q13: Hardy

Did that guy Faust was jealous of really deserve to have a rock thrown at his head?



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Round 2

Q1: Elusia

Round 2: What was the hardest thing to do when you hosted the Top Ten Game?

A.) Constant edited lists

B.) Searching images

C.) Counting all of the points

Q2 Erin

What is your biggest achievement, the one you are the most proud of ?

Q3 Shinobi

How was Faust at school?

a- The Nerdy type

b- The Class Clown

c- The Shy and quiet kid

d- The delinquent

Q4 Juvii

Congratulations, you won an unforgettable moment with one of these MH members. Which will you choose?

A) A milk tea party with Magi. She's wearing a Bernkastel dress and looks super adorable. You ask her where is the milk from, she smirks and says "Panda provided it".

B) A sauna session with Brandish. All that heat goes to your head and you end up in a steamy love session.

C) Marm, under a love potion, in a hot lingerie. She seems quite thirsty and you are quite excited until she drags you into a torture chamber and tells you "get on your 4, pig, the party just started".

D) Enjoying a lovely chat and tea in Asako's room. However all the MH members will think you deflowered our innocent loli and deem you as a pedo forever.

Q5 Hardy

When you lost your virginity, it was:

A- A very special moment

B- Uh, not special at all unfortunately, it just happened

C- Uh... It didn't happen yet

Q6 Kiki

fetishes are grouped into two: mild and extreme. what is faust's mild fetish?

Q7 Lakhan

Which set would faust like to bed from the current participants ?

A- shinobi,juviii

B- revo,marmaladesky

C- erinyes, elusia, asako


Q8 Xadyu

What is a tarsier?

- A primate (<the right answer)

- A lizard

- A fish

- A bird

Q9 Asako

If you had to spend a steamy night with one of your nakamas in bed, who could it be ?



C.Brandish μ

D.Copy Panda

Q10 Brandish

Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

a. Playing pool/billiards

b. Fishing

c. Hiking

d. Gardening


What's your favourite thing about yourself?

Q12 Panda-kun

[Assume it's pre-corona time] If Faust were to choose one of the following (exact) options, he'd probably go with:

A.) A date with Marms. You'll go to a nice salon in Zuid to enjoy high tea together. After that, you get high like a kite. She asks you personal questions like, 'who's your favourite waifu from Fate?'. Thoughts of Rin flood your mind and cause you to drool. Since you don't handle your weed and sugar well, you and the date share an 80% chance of going bad. Marms may elect to let you rest so she can go chill with a friend who lives nearby. During the date, you can eat whatever you want, but for the next 6 days, the only beverage you can drink is English blend tea with milk and sugar (no water either). For the rest of your life, you'll never touch space cake again.

B.) A date with Mango. She knows of a cute fruit bar on Mangostraße where you can acquire perfectly mango shaped mango's that they slice and dice however you like. She'll wear a mango-coloured dress. While strolling through Vondelpark you play 'I see I see what you don't see'. There's a 70% chance you accidentally say 'mango' but don't mean Mango but something else, which will result in her throwing her mango drink in your face and storming off. She's mangone but the police will approach you and ask you to clean up the mango juice and will afterwards fine you for making a mango mess smh. Mango may drink juice but, for the next 5 days, the only beverage you may drink is English blend tea with milk and sugar (no water either). Afterwards, you figure you should have played patintero instead.

C.) A date with Revs. Since she isn't here for long you decided to immediately take her to the climax of any visit to Amsterdam: the McDonalds. Here you will together enjoy the culinary highpoint of capitalist civilization, the McChicken menu. At the counter, she accidentally answers in Spanish and you add your order in uh your language. A Polish couple behind you laughs and adds your drink of choice in German. You four talk about the encounter a bit and sit down together. Revs asks you what languages you'd like to speak if you could. There is a 0% chance you answer French. The other couple inquires about your 'status' together, and you accidentally say she's your sister but you're very close. Suddenly, a cat Revs was planning to cook later escapes from her bag and scratches your face. Revs says she has to chase the cat but gives you a few band-aids to get through the hour. A friendly waiter offers you a cup of English blend tea with milk and sugar (no water either), which is all you will drink for the next 4 days. Looking in the cup you see a reflection of your face and you decide to never get a cat.

D.) A date with a cup of English blend tea with milk and sugar. And also you have to drink another cup of it afterwards

Q13 Revo

"What is your best childhood memory?

Q14 Marma

If you could be the admin of Mangahelpers, what would you changes would you make?

a) Mangahelpers will be finally be turned into HentaiHelpers, a community in which sending nudes is encouraged, hot and steamy nights are the norm.

b) You've decided to turn this offer down, as the pressure was too much. Kiki takes your position and the website turns into something something called kinkyhelpers instead.... You're the face of the the site.

c) Filled with opes and ideas you take this chance. You sit down, with some hot and steamy tea, filled with steamy ideas. However, as soon as you open the magical place where admins live something happens. A black screen. Your reign is shortly lived, as the website broke within minutes.

d) You take this chance to turn this website into the site of your dreams, using the ban hammer left and right and rebuilding this into what you've always wanted. However, your contract - one you must obey, no matter what - states that you must reply in every thread, every day by writing posts of at least 1000 words.



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AAAND Round 3

Q1 Elusia

What was Faust’s first anime that was in Tagalog/Filipino dub?

Q2 Erin

If Faust were an anime or manga character, who would he be ?

Q3 Brandish

If Faust could choose how he dies, what would it be?

Q4 Juvii

I heard Faust was against pre-marital sex but after the last round answers say otherwise, I got curious: what made him change his mind about that?

Q5 Lakhan

Which is the value Faust thinks is the most important regardless of circumstances ? (respect, honesty, efficiency, loyalty , courage, achievement , optimism, determination etc)

Q6 Shinobi

What is the thing that triggers Faust the most to resort to violence?

Q7 Asako

Imagine Faust was in Toono’s place (green hair dude). A straight guy caught in this "situation".
What would Faust feel if he was in his place since those lyrics are directed at him(details required)

Q8 Evil

Which of the current interview players would Faust shag/marry/shoot?

Q9 Hardy

Which MH user does Faust dislike the most? Saying "Faust likes this one a bit less, teehee" isn't allowed.

Q10 Marma

Faust finds himself stuck in a house. The house itself is perfectly fine, he has got all the things he needs - a kitchen, one bedroom, a bathroom. Just no luxurious items for entertainment. It's really the basic things. There are no windows and the door is locked.
He cannot get out of this house.
The upcoming five years, he will live in this house. After this period of time he'll receive a cashmoney price of his own choosing. So things can be as little or as much as he wants.
However, for this he must pick THREE players of this game to live with him in this house for the duration of the five years.
They are also not allowed to leave.
Who does he pick and why?

Q11 Kiki

Which Filipino dish would Faust like to recommend to his MH friends?

Q12 Revo

What is Faust’s best memory of MH?

Q13 Pandakun

What kind of person could romantically appeal to Faust?

Q14 Xadyu

Who was it, that Faust thought would score best, and who would score worst in this game/ Who had Faust hoped would know him best and why?