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Welcome to One Piece Theater & Arcade Board


This board is created for you guys to talk and discuss about the ongoing One Piece anime and movies. But it's not just that, this is also the place where you guys can talk about One Piece games, regardless of what platform they are in.




Available Prefixes for One Piece Theater and Arcade

- Used to discuss games that are related to the One Piece series.

Anime - Discussion about the ongoing One Piece anime an adaptation from the manga.

TV Drama - Discuss tv dramas that are related to the One Piece series.

Movie - Movies that are related to the One Piece series.

Special - Discussion concerning the specials that air as part of the One Piece anime.

Soundtrack - Used to discuss soundtracks that are used in other media of One Piece, like anime, games and movies.

This is the index for the One Piece Theater & Arcade Board. Please refer to this index before you guys decided to start a thread as the topic that you want to make, may already be made by other members previously. If you have any problems regarding this board, please contact [user]Akainu[/user] or [user]Gecko Moria[/user] as the local moderators of the One Piece section, or any of the global moderators/admins.



Welcome to the OP Theater & Arcade Forum!

* Please refer to this post before you start any new threads *

Does anyone know where I can download One Piece anime?
I might try watching One Piece anime, but
I saw One Piece in English and it seemed too childish, Is it worth the watch?

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