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[REQUEST] manga art for forum


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Jun 9, 2007
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Dominican Republic
Well this is a hard request, I've been thinking about this for days, so here it comes... I'm looking for someone with enough free time to create me a logo based in manga and/or anime (site @ signature)... Basically what I want is an image with manga/anime characters as logo to replace the current logo, the only thing that I really need is the background to be transparent that way it will merge perfectly with the background. Far as my I remember only PNG and Gif images can use transparency as background. If more that one person creates a logo for me, it won't be a problem because I can make them to appear randomly or assign it to x forums.

Basically is free to the artist decision, since I'm asking for a huge favor here. However it would be nice is based in gneres: Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei, Ecchi (sexy anime characters,but not falling in henta) , etc.. or based in good manga/anime series: Naruto, Tsukihime, lucky star, Rozen Maiden Trinity blood, Basilisk, blood plus, speed grapher, well your favorite will be fine.

PD: If mods consider this kind of request is not allowed, feel free to delete it, not bad feelings at all.

Peace... :amuse