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Singapore pristontale

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Mar 22, 2007
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You may be a nobody in this world but you may become famous , respected and cherished in the WORLD OF SGPT.

Singapore PristonTale (SGPT) is a Free-to-Play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online RPG) private server. In SGPT, you can nurture and grow your own virtual character. You can choose your character's destiny. There are many goals to this game . You can become the most powerful warrior that no one is able to beat. You can also become the richest character in the world of SGPT. If not , you can be the one with the most friends in this virtual world. SGPT is a very interesting world which lets you do things you may not be able to do in the real world ! SGPT is as good as the real world . There are more than 200 players online every hour . Also , you will be able to play seamless on our high-end server.

Server KEY details
1.) Custom gemming formula
2.) 50x exp , 10x Gold (Do not be deceived by other servers who claimed to give more than 50X exp. Any server more than 50X exp will cause problem such as constant disconnect or rollback)
3.) Aging up to +18 (Genuine !!)
4.) Level up to 120

5.) Items up to 105C(Our own custom items)
6.) Cheap donation . 105b set cost only about US 60$
7.) Working SOD , SOD clan system
8.) NO DC(4)
9.) no damage bug
10.) Start from level 30 , tier 2 if you want
11.) maps up to lost 2
12.) Custom mobs , custom map = boss land
13.) Instant donation system via paypal. You get your item vIA item distributor
14.)We have the latest KPT 1871 stuffs. 2 New endless maps .
15.) Our mobs drop up to 95B(equivalent to 105B in RPT)
16.) Start from level 50 , tier 3 done here !

Why Play in SGPT ? (comparison with other servers)
1.) We let you do 100% skills on a web-based portal
2.) We let you restats your character online.
3.) We have caring and efficient GMS around (guarentee at least 1 event a week)
4.) We do not have DC(4) and damage bug
5.)We really have +18 aging
6.) Dont waste time training in other servers . We let you start straight at level 50 , tier 3 .
NO DELAY TOO . Just go to our SGPT portal and activate it
7.) Our gms are not corrupted.
8.) Instant donation system via paypal. You get your item vIA item distributor

What are you waiting for ? JOIN US NOW . We welcome everyone !


[ichi]Thank you for the info, i'll move this to the video game section and in several days this thread will be moved to the Advertisements section. Thanks.[/ichi]
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Sep 12, 2007
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I rather play Battle Station

You will pilot your very own airship, explore territories and become the most powerful battleship to sail the skies!

1. Fully animated ship Battles!
2. Engage in several types of actions: PvP combat, trade, explore and Clan War!
3. Select your character from one of 5 unique job classes
4. Adventures and travel at 5 different ports
5. More than 100+ ships, weapons and equipment to choose
6. Secrets waiting to be discovered!
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