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The Last Person to Post Wins - Vegeta

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Oct 26, 2008
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Holy Britannian Empire
Include the word win, it's an optional choice and have fun!!!!

Don't say/post anything stupid that would get you in trouble.

Don't thank Xadyu posts.

Don't cookie face at Naomidee's posts.

Cookiefinger all of Gary's posts.

Person 1. I am not a chibi, so I win.

Person 2. Can you speak up? Your small voice isn't loud enough to win.

Person 3. I'm going to kick your ass with my winning post.

Thread stops at the count of #1500. Person who becomes the last one, wins!

v.1 [user]Akiyama[/user]

v.2 [user]robert_nsu[/user]

v.3 [user]Akiyama[/user]

v.4 Drmke

v.5 Arrogance

v.6 Blai

v.7 Blai

v.8 [user]Siberia [/user]

v.9 [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v.10 [user]After_Image[/user]

v.11 [user]Asusp3v4x[/user]

v.12 riki

v.13 [user]Siberia [/user]

v.14 [user]Organizized[/user]

v.15 riki

v.16 [user]Akiyama[/user]

v.Ⅰ Drmke

v. Ⅱ riki

v. Ⅲ riki

v. Ⅳ Bugzee

v. Ⅴ riki

v. Ⅵ Googlez_kun

v. Ⅶ [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Ⅷ Arrogance

v. Ⅸ [user]Imperium[/user]

v. Ⅹ Iceiphoenix

v. Ⅺ riki

v. Ⅻ [user]After_Image[/user]

v. 零 [user]Organizized[/user]

v. 一 [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v. 二 Charlie

v. 三 Iceiphoenix

v. 四 [user]digitaldude[/user]

v. 五 [user]Organizized[/user]

v. 六 Bugzee

v. 七 [user]After_Image[/user]

v. 八 [user]Imperium[/user]

v. 九 Bugzee

v. 十 [user]Organizized[/user]

v. ० [user]Akiyama[/user]

v. १ [user]After_Image[/user]

v. २ Iceiphoenix

v. ३ Iceiphoenix

v. ४ [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v. ५ riki

v. ६ Bugzee

v. ७ Bugzee

v. ८ Bugzee

v. ९ [user]<.Haruka.>[/user]

v. -10 Bugzee

v. -9 Bugzee

v. -8 [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v. -7 [user]Imperium[/user]

v. -6 Bugzee

v. -5 scav

v. -4 [user]Imperium[/user]

v. -3 [user]dark lord[/user]

v. -2 Roflkopt3r

v. -1 Iceiphoenix

v. 0 riki


v. 둘 Googlez_kun

v. 셋 [user]Organizized[/user]

v. 넷 [user]CBlitz[/user]

v. 다섯 [user]BBB Banana[/user]

v. 여섯 [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v. 일곱 Arrogance

v. 여덟 riki

v. 아홉 [user]After_Image[/user]

v. 열 Bugzee

v. Alpha [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Bravo [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Charlie [user]CBlitz[/user]

v. Delta Googlez_kun

v. Echo riki

v. Foxtrot Googlez_kun

v. Golf [user]good_boy[/user]

v. Hotel [user]digitaldude[/user]

v. India [user]kakashi919[/user]

v. Juliet [user]Imperium[/user]

v. Kilo [user]CBlitz[/user]

v. Lima scav

v. Mike [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v. November [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Oscar Farfalla

v. Papa Bugzee

v. Quebec [user]CBlitz[/user]

v. Romeo Bugzee

v. Sierra Charlie

v. Tango [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Uniform [user]Zeltrax[/user]

v. Victor [user]good_boy[/user]

v. Whiskey Bugzee

v. Xray [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Yankee [user]dark lord[/user]

v. Zulu [user]dark lord[/user]

v. Enero [user]Evil3ye[/user]

v. Febrero [user]Akiyama[/user]

v. Marzo [user]good_boy[/user]

v. Abril Farfalla

v. Mayo [user]dark lord[/user]

v. Junio Farfalla

v. Julio [user]Hystzen[/user]

v. Agosto [user]Imperium[/user]

v. Septiembre [user]jorped[/user]

v. Octubre alphabeta

v. Noviembre [user]CBlitz[/user]

v. Diciembre Ustegius

v. Apocalypse [user]After_Image[/user]

v. Abu Dhabi Googlez_kun

v. Afghanistan [user]jorped[/user]

v. Portugal Charlie

v. Female Trolls [user]dark lord[/user]

v. Big Buns [user]After_Image[/user]

v. I've Been Jorped [user]After_Image[/user]

v. A is for Akira Googlez_kun

v. B is for Berserk Charlie

v. C is for Cowboy bebop [user]kakashi919[/user]

v. D is for Death Note [user]good_boy[/user]

v. E is for Eyeshield 21 Bugzee

v. F is for Fullmetal Alchemist [user]jorped[/user]

v. G is for Gantz [user]jorped[/user]

v. H is for Hikaru no Go [user]jorped[/user]

v. I is for Id, Ichigo 100%, AND I Am a Hero! Bugzee

v. J is for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [user]jorped[/user]

v. K is for K is for Kara no Kyoukai ~The Garden of sinners~! Charlie

v. L is for Liar Game Naomidee

v. M is for Mahou Sensei Negima! & Monster! [user]dark lord[/user]

v. N is for Noblesse! BOOM. Roasted. [user]Zeltrax[/user]

v. O is for One Piece [user]digitaldude[/user]

v. P is for Planetes [user]kdowns [/user]

v. Q is for Q and A Googlez_kun

v. R is for Rurouni Kenshin naruto-niichan

v. S is for Samurai Champloo [user]kdowns[/user]

v. T is for Tegami Bachi alphabeta

v. U is for Until Death Do Us Part and Usagi Drop alphabeta

v. V is for Vagabond [user]dark lord[/user]

v. W is for Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan Ustegius

v. X is for xxxHolic [user]jorped[/user]

v. Y is for Yu Yu Hakusho [user]kdowns[/user]

v. Z id for Zetman [user]kdowns[/user]

v. The Bachelorette : Naomi Edition [user]Zeltrax[/user]

v. Naomi X Kdowns Bugzee

v. Ustegius X Beer Charlie

v. Lawlett X Alpha - The Bachelor: Kdowns Edition! Bugzee

v. Kdowns X Pokémon - The Bachelor: Niichan Edition naruto-niichan

v. Niichan X Jorped - The Bachelor: xi0 Edition! (Unendorsed) Ustegius

v. xi0 X thornofcarrion - The Bachelor: Jorped Edition! naruto-niichan

v. Jorped X Naruto - The Bachelorette: Phio Edition! scav

v. Phio-chan X Yukihime03 - The Bachelor: Scavenger! [user]Kdowns[/user]

v. scav X The Breaker - Charlie Edition...:3 benelori

v. Charlie x Noblesse + author and artist's mum(s) Farfalla

v. The Last person to post wins! _____ x _____ we need a new theme? xi0

v. Shawshank Redemption [user]Kdowns[/user]

v. The Godfather Shinsatsu

v. The Godfather Part II [user]Kdowns[/user]

v. The Rocky Horror Picture Show [user]Kdowns[/user]

v. Pokemon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back 3c

v. Warrior - naruto-niichan

v. Dark Knight benelori

v. Hard Candy Ustegius

v. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [user]Organizized[/user]

v. The Room- Shinsatsu

v. Lord of the Rings - xi0

v. Blade Runner - Charlie

V. Vampire Hunter - [user]Teubier[/user]

v. The Taste of Tea - [user]TheMoa[/user]

v. Cidade de Deus- Shinsatsu

v. The Last Samurai [user]Organizized[/user]

v. Dan Osman- Ancy

v. Anuradha Koirala- goldb

v. Jack Donaghy- xi0

v. George R. R. Martin- naruto-niichan

v. Tyrion Lannister- goldb

v. Regina Phalange - Naomidee

v. Albert Einstein- naruto-niichan

v. Martin Luther King (jr.) Ustegius

v. Georges Méliès [user]Teubier[/user]

v. Chris Hemsworth scav

v. LeBron James- naruto-niichan

v. Justin Bieber- Iceiphoenix

v. Tom Hiddleston Bugzee

v. Don Kanonji Ustegius

v."There are no men like me. There's only me."- naruto-niichan

v. "I start where the last man left off."- [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. "My love for you is the sort of love where I want to marry you" - Bugzee

v. "This is it" - [user]wizzard[/user]

v. "May the force be with you" - naruto-niichan

v. "Fear cuts deeper than swords" - Charlie

v. "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak." naruto-niichan

v. "A reader lives thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives one." [user]Teubier[/user]

v. "My vadudium is pointing at your phenungulator, the race must continue!" - [USER]wizzard[/USER]

v. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." - naruto-niichan

v. "I don't know how I know, I just know that I know, y'know?" - naruto-niichan

v. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” - Ustegius

v. ... xi0

v. The Last Person to Post Wins - Ustegius is forgetful xi0

v. The Last Person to Post Wins - xi0 is self-effacing...or used to be Charlie

v. Oh my! What Great Fur you have there Gar Bear!! Hurr My Furrrt!!-[USER]Imperium[/USER]

v. "Charlie welcomes everyone to Zatono Trump day" - naruto-niichan

v. "Imp is like black chocolate. Sweet as that which is forbidden, burning bitter like an after"- [USER]Imperium[/USER]

v. "naruto-niichan is like a long german wiener"- scav

v. "scav likes composing love songs" - xi0

v. scav has no rhythm and is afraid of women [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. Gary is an awesome Mafia Player - [USER]kdowns[/USER]

v. Pedo Jr is in his van again - Bugzee

v. kdowns is a pikachu rsrsrsrsrsrs - [user]jorped[/user]

v. Bugzee one of the best members i have ever met - naruto-niichan

v. Jorped is the best friend one could have - [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. If i was Naruto, Niichan would be my Sasuke Bugzee

v. Shamaco has finally found inner peace with himself scav

v. Bugzee is a good_boy scav

v. scav is awesome xi0

v. scav has JAZZ HANDS~~~ riki

v. 1986 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off- goldb

v. 1988 - Summer Olympics, Seoul [USER]wizzard[/USER]

v. 1992 - George Bush gets sick & vomits on Japanese prime minister's lap scav

v. 1988 - N.W.A release Straight Outta Compton-[USER] lawlett-kun[/USER]

v. 1991 - is when god made a very crucial mistake- scav

v. 1988 - first die hard movie -Googlez_kun

V. 1994 - Kurt Cobain commits suicide-xi0 [Jin got robbed! T^T]

v. 1986 - Chernobyl meltdown occurs- scav

V. 1988 - Michael Jordan win his first MVP award- Charlie

v. 1982 - The word "Internet" first used to describe the connected pieces of ARPANET- Zatono

v. 1992 - Bill Clinton wins the election- Mr. Prince

v.1988 - Akira and Totoro hanging out at the Grave of the Fireflies- Bugzee

v. 1990 - Microsoft introduces Windows 3.0- [USER]wizzard[/USER]

v. '92 - Aladdin by Disney: Jafar:"You are late.", Gazeem:"A thousand apologies,O Patient One- naruto-niichan

v. 1990 - East Germany and West Germany reunify into a single Germany- naruto-niichan

v. 1990 - The Super Nintendo is released- [USER]Imperium[/USER]

v. 1959 - The day the music died. - [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. 1993 - José Ignacio San Sebastián was born- [USER]Imperium[/USER]

v. digitaldude: "We always take about homosexuality." - naruto-niichan

v. BBBBanana: "I'm a misanthropic guy by nature" - [USER]wizzard[/USER]

v. lawlett-kun: "I can't resist Gary, he's just too charming and attractive"- [USER]lawlett-kun[/USER]

v. Evil3ye: "I'm too old to be considered a twink. "- [USER]wizzard[/USER] and 3c [xi0](Whatever, just stfu about it)[/xi0]

v. Hardy: "Let's do it my way: no one wins, 3c and Wizzard get angry, I'm happy."- naruto-niichan

V. xi0: "A bra can be nice...but ultimately it's an obstacle regardless of how 'nice' it is"- [USER]Evil3ye[/USER]

v. v. Evil3ye: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how hot is your brother?" - scav and Googlez_kun

v. Evil3ye: "Ehhh, BUT THAT'S HOW I FLIRT!"- Mr. Prince

v. Mr. Prince: An A-rab fella who's working the register at Kaufhof... - [USER]Mazino[/USER]

v. No Title - Charlie

v. Charlie: Sandy who is recovering at the hospital, get well soon - scav

v. Scav: Adriana and Lush - [USER]Evil3ye[/USER]

v. Evil3ye: A handsome, mid-thirties dude in Citizens Advice Bureau. - Miyagi

v. Miyagi: Girlfriends love to talk on the phone . - Googlez_kun

v. Googlez_kun: My girlfriend - lame, I know - [USER]Imperium[/USER]

v. Impy: African girl speaks with an English accent - [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. Hardy: Mum said I spend too much alone time with ma dog Pancha~! - [USER]Mazino[/USER]

v. Mazino: Turkish fellow with a hammer in his pocket wants his money back for worn shoes - [USER]Xadyu[/USER]

v. No Title - naruto-niichan

v. Niichan: My very cute, adorable girlfriend. I feel you, Pat and Googlz - [USER]Evil3ye[/USER]

v. Evil3ye: My parents via Skype - Mr. Prince

v. Mr. Prince: Yo mama - Naomidee

v. Naomi: Not Nii-chan. - [USER]Xadyu[/USER]

v. "And We Danced" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - [USER]wizzard[/USER]

v. "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus - Iceiphoenix

v. "The Chaser" by Infinite - scav

v. "Painkiller" by Pendulum - xi0

v. "Roygbiv" by Boards of Canada - [user]Hardy[/user]

v. "Teddy Picker" by Arctic Monkeys - [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. "Waiting for the End" by Linkin Park - [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons - [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. Cake is lie, there is only pie - [user]Imperium[/user]

v. "Hey It's OK" by Lilly Wood and the Prick - [USER]FaustXIII[/USER]

v. "If I Lose Myself" by One Republic - naruto-niichan

v. niichan doesn't listen to music - naruto-niichan

v. "Corner" by Blue Stahli- [USER]Mazino[/USER]

v. "Ass like that" by Eminem - naruto-niichan

The Last Show You Watched

v. "The Walking Dead" - naruto-niichan

v. "Sherlock" - xi0

v. "Fraggle Rock" - Farfalla

v. "The Apprentice" - Bugzee

v. "Panorama" - [USER]Mazino[/USER]

v. "Heroes" - [user]wizzard[/user]

v. "Dr. Who" - [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. "Spartacus" - [USER]Evil3ye[/USER]

v. "Modern Family" - [USER]digitaldude[/USER]

v. "The Blacklist" - [USER]Xadyu[/USER]

v. Ringringringring Banana Phone - [USER]Imperium[/USER]

v. Xadyu Sucks - [USER]wizzard[/USER]

v. Police Telephone Box - Ustegius

v. Nokia 3310 - [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. Motorola C115- [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. Nokia 1100 - [USER]Adorien[/USER]

v. Samsung S5230 Star - [USER]Hardy[/USER]


v. つ ◕_◕ ༽つ THEME OR RIOT ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ riki

v. I pity da fool! [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. Ape Escape [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. Banjo Kazooie [USER]PatinhoTonto[/USER]

v. Crazy Taxi naruto-niichan

v. Dead Space Farfalla

v. Etrian Odyssey benelori

v. Fallout [USER]Adorien[/USER]

v. Grim Fandango [USER]Hardy[/USER]

v. Heroes of Might and Magic III [USER]Ancy[/USER]

v. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Charlie

v. Just Cause scav

v. Killer Instinct [USER]jorped[/USER]

v. League of Legends [USER]Lovemagi[/USER]

v. Mario Kart Charlie

v. Ni no Kuni [USER]Lovemagi[/USER]

v. Ocarina of Time: Master Quest [USER]Mazino[/USER]

v. Persona [USER]gnut[/USER]

v. Q*bert Naomi

v. Rayman Legends [USER]g01[/USER]

v. Star Ocean [USER]gnut[/USER]

v. Tetris Naomi

v. Uncharted @Lovemagi

v. Virtua Fighter 5 @Kat

v. Witcher @scav

v. Xenogears @Totinona

v. Yoshi's Island @GrySun

v. Zenonia @GrySun

v. Arcanine kira

v. Bellsprout Hardy

v. Charmander EmptySoul

v. Dragonite GrySun

v. Eelektross Farfalla

v. Flaaffy GrySun

v. Gothitelle GrySun

v. Happiny Farfalla

v. Infernape GrySun

v. Jigglypuff GrySun

v. Kingler Knightmare of heaven 0

v. Lugia Organizized

v. MissingNo. GrySun

v. Nuzleaf Purity of Magi

v. Onyx Grysun

v. PC 4S H YumaKuga

v. Qwilfish Organizized

v. Raichu Grysun

v. Serperior @Hardy

v. Totodile Grysun

v. Unfezant Grysun

v. Volcarona Organizized

v. Wartortle @GrySun

v. Xatu @GrySun

v. Yamask @GrySun

v. Zekrom @GrySun

v. Agni Shobu_Yoruichi

v. Balius Vandred

v. Chimera Farfalla

v. Dryad GrySun

v. Erinyes Lady pompom

v. Fada Battou

v. ₲ᶏᶉᶙȡᶏ GrySun

v. 白龍 Battou

v. Inanna GrySun

v. Jörmungandr GrySun

v. Klabautermann Shobu_Yoruichi

v. Leprechaun Hardy

v. Minotaur GrySun

v. Níðhǫggr GrySun

v. Ouroboros Farfalla

v. Pixie GrySun

v. Qliphoth Hardy

v. Raijū Elusia

v. Sarimanok GrySun

v. Taimatsu-Maru uberfayt

v. Ukko Ylijumala GrySun

v. Vampire Darky

v. Wendigo GrySun

v. Xecotcovach Lambu

v. Yatagarasu GrySun

v. Zlatorog GrySun

Food theme

v. argeta chicken pâté Hardy

v. Bread Hardy

v. Choripán Evil3ye

v. Döner Farfalla

v. Empadão de Frango GrySun

v. Farofa GrySun

v. Gyoza Evil3ye

v. Honey GrySun

v. Jäätelö Organizized

v. Jelly Babies Knightmare of heaven 0

v. Kimchi GrySun

v. Lasagne Knightmare of heaven 0

v. Macaron Raven

v. Suck on deez N(uts) scav

v. Onigiri GrySun

v. Pancake GrySun

v. Queen of Puddings Farfalla

v. Ravioli (for Poopie) SirSamuel016

v. Scotch GrySun

v. Tofu GrySun

v. Udon Sakura Taichou

With their winning post:


1st GrySun - 34 wins

2nd Nii - 24 wins

3rd Bugzee - 23 wins

5th jorped + scav - 16 wins

6th Hardy - 15 wins

7th After_Image - 14 wins

10th Charlie + Imperium + Evil3ye - 13 wins
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Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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Abu Dhabi
Do i send PM with food name?
--- Double Post Merged, , Original Post Date: ---

Or just say it here
--- Double Post Merged, ---

Thank you z.-sama hope we did not interrupt your twa time

Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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Abu Dhabi
ok so I missed the thread end, BUT i went to buy pancake ingredients and had them now after all :zomg

Thank Pompom for my absence, and congrats sakura.
Thanl you lovely pom chwaaann

Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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Abu Dhabi
She did it on purpose xDDD

Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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Abu Dhabi
Omo. You strike me as a potential Argeta lover.
--- Double Post Merged, , Original Post Date: ---

What.s the ar for?

Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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Abu Dhabi
Just the name sounds similar but 2 different things. It‘s something you eat with bread, and was a very popular first thread of the food theme.
oh, i thought you meant a pairing for idk what character in DBZ with Vegeta XD, you know like "gogeta"

mainly why i wanted vegeta :)))) for the reference

Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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Abu Dhabi
Oh come on, no one liking the Vegeta reference?
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