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The Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2 Thread

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Aug 18, 2007
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I have been playing this awsome first person shooter game for the PSP.

The story is pretty good and the game is a challange for any level player. If you have never played a first person shooter game this is a good game to learn and start imporving.

The best part about the game is playing online. But i didnt start playing online until i finished the campaign, so i could develop my own style of killing and to see what weapons worked best for me.

In the end i chose to use the SR-22 for mercinaries and M4A1 for the Seals. As a strategy i begin by sniping at a certain stop in each map and after i see where the enemies are (after they kill my teammates:p ) I go in for the kill. I have had my ups and downs but Online my name is: GaRdEn.WEASEL i am ranked a Chief Petty Office. and i have 367 total kills and i have 359 deaths.(This kind of a hard thing to do for me since i had to battle agaisnt Glitchers and Hackers). That is also a challange for online you have to watch out for the glitchers..casue the Hackers i can kill;) .

Anyone else got the game, wanna add me, got any good clans i can join casue all the ones i join are so inactive. Or if you buy the game and need someone to show you the maps just add me and send me a PM i would be glad to help.
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