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[Vato Loco] attempts challenge #3

Vato Loco!

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Sep 15, 2006
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Well this is it. I cleaned it, re-did the grays (lot's of trial and error/ experimentation), and all that other stuff. I also gave up on doing challenge 2 (for the time being) because I didn't know how to do most of the things it needed (the gradient fades, and the fire in the back).

A few notes;

1: I under-leveled the whites, which lead to a lot of white cleaning, so I probably missed some things.

2: I experimented with the gray fading. In Kains hair I did a gradient fade, on th e floor in the big panel I tried the white layer fading Silveril suggests in another thread (but I didn't do it right because it didn't fade well, so some help on that would be appreciated).

3: I left her eye in the bottom frame unaltered because I couldn't do anything to it that would make it look better.


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Jul 24, 2006
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Hello again. I got some time to spare and looked over your clean. You are definatly improving. You have reached the lower ends of HQ with this clean in my opinion.

There is one area that stands out a bit and that is panel five. There are faded and broken lines in particular on the girls hand. I am assuming this is a girl.

To make it even more HQ make sure your straight borders have no anti-alias on them.

As to your question about the faded area... I'm not very experinced with this sort of thing so I have been experimenting a bit. I still can't make much sense of the gradient tool but I believe that might have some possibilities for aiding in this. As for white layer fading...

I don't know if this really what they are going for but I selected the area with the pen and made that selection I added a little noise around 6 to 8 percent I think. Than I made a new layer on top which I painted white over the section then I reduced the opacity of that layer to around 20 percent. You will have to play with the opacity of the layer to get a good match. You don't want it to be to obvious but you also want it to make a difference. For the example I did it down and dirty if I were doing this for a release I would be more careful with my selection and erase bits that shouldn't have fade applied (such as the white fade over the soldiers feet).

As for the eye. You can use pattern overlay instead of pattern fill to add gray pattern and play with the opacity of the pattern overlay until you have something close. By reducing the opacity of the pattern overlay you let some of the original texture and shade come through.

Here a couple of images to help.

I hope this helps.