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We Can't Study - Chapter 1 Summary

We Can’t Study debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump #10 with a 54-page first chapter.

The story centres around Yuiga Nariyuki, a third-year high school student. Yuiga has had to work tirelessly to maintain high grades. By understanding the frustrations of not being able to grasp concepts quickly, Yuiga is adept at assisting others.

Enter two geniuses who completely outclass him – Ogata Rizu and Furuhashi Fumino. Ogata is top of the class in math and science, while Furuhashi is peerless in literature subjects.

Their paths intertwine when Yuiga applies for the schools’ Special VIP Recommendation, which apparently bypasses college tuition. Much to Yuiga’s delight, he receives approval from the principal but only on the condition that he tutors none other than Ogata and Furuhashi.

It couldn’t be too hard right, babysitting 2 geniuses? Well as fate would have it Ogata wants to study literature and arts at university, and Furuhashi has her heart set on the sciences… and they are incompetent in these subjects going by third-year standards. After several tutors have failed before, will Yuiga be any different? His task is to turn this situation from We Can’t Study to We Couldn’t Study (to paraphrase Yuiga’s father).

The three main characters were presented well and they had good chemistry. There were quite a few funny moments, and small hints of potential romance down the track. The story is cliché as one would expect in a high school rom-com, but there’s enough fun in the first chapter to get readers of the genre on board.

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