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Rules Welcome to Fanfics & Stories

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~Fanfics & Stories~

Welcome to the Fanfics & Stories section here at MH. This is where, as a writer, you can express yourself and interests by writing fanfics about any manga that you enjoy reading or by sharing some of your original works with us.

P.S. Try to put the title of the manga that you are covering in the thread title if you are just writing about that one manga.

Some things to consider -
  • Writing Fanfiction- Remember to be considerate of your reading audiences, and mention beforehand that it has mature themes if there are any. Maybe consider including a little summary of the time, the characters, places, story-arcs that your fanfic might involve.
  • Posting Fanfiction- If you didn't write it, don't forget to credit the author and link to the original page and site.
  • Writing Columns - If you like to write essays or columns about anything in particular like your favorite manga for example, you can post them here too. Do try to include an introduction that will let the readers know what manga you'll be talking about, what points you'll be making and what stand you'll be taking on your topic - just for clarity's sake.

You can link to your favorite fanfics here and you're also free to link to your blogs if you like.

Enjoy yourself here. :)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Art Mods or any of Globals or Admins. A list of them can be found here.
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