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Info Welcome to MangaHelpers Academy!!!

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Welcome, students!

I greet you in the MH Academy. This is the place, where the talents are discovered and skills improved. A place, where those, who have reached the heights of knowledge and skill, pass on their mastery to the others.

OK, that was a bit exagerated, but it was the truth. Proposed by some people, whose opinion we respect, and thought over by many of the staff, we have decided to create a sub-forum dedicated to learning and teaching things about manga. Things like cleaning, typesetting, coloring, drawing aso.aso. From now on, this place shall be the fountain of knowledge for all, who'll want to learn, how to, for example, make HQ Edited Mangas.


Now, I'll explain some things, of how have we intended to go on from here. In case of necessity it's bound to change.

First of all, this won't be a typical academy, but we've thought that we might stick to the backbone of that system.
For those, who don't go to university yet, I'll explain, that means courses and tasks with free attendance. Not that we can force somebody... XD. About once a week, we'll publish some tasks and then, those, who'll want it will be able to try doing the task by themselves. After showing the results, there will be comments and advices by those, we consider experts. When someone thinks, he's ready to proove his skills, he'll be able to ask for a "Chuunin Graduation test" in which, we'll test the skills of the participants. When the participant shows good enough skill, he's added to the "Graduation List". That list will be available for everyone to see, but I guess you understand, that this list will be more important for the Manga Editor groups, who'll now have a lookup list of skilled people to ask to join their team. That way everybody will be happy.

Most of the things told above might sound..... wierd .... but that's the truth of educational system


This is the list of the experts that help MH Academy:
  • Fnuckale - Founder and Head Cleaner of Rush Edited Manga group
  • Shinwei - Founder, Translator and Editor of Rush Edited Manga group
  • Xallisto - Cleaner, and Moral Support of Rush Edited Manga group. Ex Hell Fansubs Timer, Typesetter and Karaoke Typesetter.
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