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About njt

Personal facts

eHandle(s): NJT / Nihonjintaylor
Name: Taylor
Date Of Birth: April 18th 1984
Nationality: American
Currently living in: Gunma, Japan
Languages spoken: English(Native), Japanese (Fluent)
Currently taking requests? Only if it's from the list of manga I'm reading ^^; and expect a bit of waiting between translations >.>

Japanese proficiency

Japanese studies:
Started studying in HS in 1999. First teacher was great, following two teachers sucked, so pretty much after the first year I'm completely self taught.

Time spent in Japan:
I've lived in Japan for 3 years 5 months (as of October 06) Still here. Before moving here I visited Japan 3 times for 3 months each time.

For more info about the JLPT 1 and a practice test:

The examinee has mastered grammar to a high level, konws around 2,000 kanji and 10,000 words, and has an integrated command of the language sufficient for life in Japanese society. This level is normally reached after studying Japanese for around 900 hours.
Practice test: http://www.kanjistep.com/en/online/weeklytest/intro.html (for grades 2-4)

Additional qualifications:
I've been translating for a little over two years.

Manga translation curriculum

Manga translated:
Naruto: Index (39)
Naruto Doujinshi: Thread (3)
Bleach: 153 (1)
666 Satan: 37 - 39, 51(will post once permission is given^^; ) (3)
One Piece: 410- 411 + 440 & special(4)
Tenjou Tenge: 78-80 (3)

Total chapters translated: 54

**Stuff corrected:**(that required more than just a few lines of help)
Naruto: Index 127-133, 144, 148, 158, 217, 222, 238 (13)
Beshari Gurashi: 1 (1)
Ueki no housoku: 3 (1)
Mr. Fullswing: 27 (1)

Total chapters checked/re-transed: 16

Currently translating:
666 Satan
(and any other manga I can when I have the time :p.)

One piece
666 Satan
Samurai deeper kyo

Manga read in Japanese:
Naruto: 1-36 (on going)
One piece: 1-44 (on going)
Samurai deeper kyo: 1-38 (Completed!!)
Ganso Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku: 1-13 (on going)
Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku: 1-3 (still lots to read)
Ueki no housoku plus: (chp 1-3)
Dragonball: 1-42 (complete)
Bonbonzaka koukou engekibu: 1-3 (till 12? I believe)
Mr fullswing: 1-9
Darlin wa gaikokujin: 1-2 + extra
Sakura ganbaru!: (doujin :p) 1
muhyo to rouji-: 1
666 satan: 1-13
D.Gray man: 1-7
Until death do us part: 1-1 (on going)
Baki: 1-2 (42volumes)

Total volumes read: 213

Favorite genre:
Shounen~~(Action / comedy)

Type of series likely to translate for scanlation:
Any series that I'm reading / have read~

Current availability:
Currently overloaded with requests and jobs^^; suman~

Sample work

Other various info
Used to tutor Japanese online.
Created Mangahelpers to help make sure translations were and stayed accurate (it's grown too big to check all translations now, but I still strive to make sure translations are accurate if I can help it^^;.)
Was Japanese club president at my high school for two years.

Got questions?
Ask here: NJT's Ask thread Closed until further notice^^

Update: (Nov 14 )
SDK + 3
Update: (Dec 08 )
Baki 1
Update: (Dec 20 )
Baki 2


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