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    Fantasy Jellal Runs Gauntlet

    Stop at 9.
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    Fantasy Erza runs a gauntlet

    But she already lost against Ajeel (excluding Bisca help)
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    Fantasy Erza runs a gauntlet

    How strong really is Erza by herself? without the help of Wendy or Bisca. No restrictions, Erza and his opponents at her full power. R1 : Hades R2 : Celestial Spirit King R3 : Mard Geer R4 : Mirajane Strauss R5 : Ajeel Ramal R6 : Bloodman R7 : Gajeel Redfox R8 : Gray Fullbuster R9 : Laxus...
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    Fantasy Elfman runs a gauntlet

    How strong do you really think is Elfman? R1 : Seilah R2 : Silver R3 : Makarov R4 : Jura R5 : Hades R6 : Mard Geer R7 : Ikusatsunagi R8 : Marin R9 : Erza R10 : Ajeel
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    Fantasy Dream Fight

    August vs Zeref August vs human Acnologia Jura vs Makarov
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    Fantasy Cobra runs a gauntlet

    Could stop at Historia Wahl or Rogue but he's definitely better than Elfman
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    Fantasy Sting Runs Gauntlet

    1) Sting one-shot 2) Sting low/mid-diff 3) Sting one-shot 4) Sting low/mid-diff 5) Gajeel high diff 6) Gray mid-diff 7) Erza high-diff 8) Jellal one-shot 9) Natsu one-shot 10) Laxus one-shot 11) Gildarts one-shot
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    Conditional Gray vs Sting (with conditions)

    Gray all rounds. Erza without Wendy is not above Ajeel.
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    Fantasy Kyria vs Jacob

    Laxus low-diff Kyria, i'm pretty sure Jacob could give him more difficult.
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    Fantasy August Dragneel vs Diabolos Guild

    Participant 1 : Wizard King August Dragneel Participant 2 : Diabolos Guild Wraith, Kiria, Madmole & Skullion Raider Conditions • Death battle • No time limit • No restrictions The members of Diabolos have to go through Alvarez to find one of the five dragons but August is on their way...
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    Fantasy God Serena vs Skullion

    God Serena destroy for now. The only one Serena that Skullion can beat is his Historia.
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    Fantasy Kyria vs Jacob

    Jacob for now.
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    Fantasy Jellal vs Madmole

    Jellal, Madmole should be at best Gajeel tier. Diabolos wank is insane, i'm just waiting to see team Natsu one-shotting all of them like they do everytime.
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    Fantasy Mirajane vs Kyoka

    At this point, Mirajane is above Mard Geer. Mirajane low diff.
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    Fantasy Jacob vs Wraith

    Jacob one-shot.