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ayato kirishima

  1. Discussion Touka & Ayato

    How about Touka & Ayato? I mean they have been mia since the battle & what did Touka want to talk to Kaneki about? Has she alrdy talked to him if so what did they talk about? I mean even tho this is no shoujo manga but like I would like to see more development between Kaneki & Touka
  2. TheLuffySmile

    Theory Arata Kirishima - Ayato's goal?

    Arata Kirishima, dead... Or victimized? What do we really know about him? We know that he was out scavenging for food to feed his family when he was attacked and subsequently defeated by CCG investigators Shinohara Yukinori and Kureo Mado. It was and has not yet been confirmed that Arata...