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chain magic

  1. Arjuna

    Fantasy Mard Geer VS Master Hades

    Mard Geer Thorn Curse Dea Yggdrasil Momento Mori Etherious Form Hades Bullet Magic Chain Magic Grimore Law Amaterasu Demons Eye Situation 1 Hades doesn't have Heart Situation 2 Hades have Heart My Belief is That Mard Geer Wins Situation 1 but in Situation 2 Mard Geer may defeat Hades many times...
  2. Arjuna

    Fantasy Ajeel Ramal VS Hades (Precht Gaebolg)

    Ajeel Sand Magic Hades Amaterasu Chain Magic Demon's Eye Bullet Magic Grimore Law Demon Creation Dark Magic My Take is Ajeel will win this Mid Difficulty.I didn't include Heart in it as there is no point of Debate when He Continues to get up.