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devil fruits

  1. Theory Big Mom is a witch

    Hello dear OP fans. I hope you're enjoying this new arc. So while reading the last few chapters, and with BM's official reveal, everyone is speculating about the kind of power she has. Without getting too technical about the name of the DF and whether it's a paramecia or a mythical Zoan, I want...
  2. zetsu banned

    Discussion One Piece - Rock Paper Logia

    So... does anybody thing we'll have another Rubber > Lightning surprise weakness? I for one want to see Kizaru fight Blackbeard for this reason. Obviously BB's plot armor is thicker than Kizaru's, but it'd be fun to see the next "BB is on the ropes like the protagonist" moment we so often see...
  3. Hannibal Psyche

    Discussion Ability Affinity with Armament Haki & Awakening

    Armament Haki Armament Haki is a suit armour equipped for 2 purposes; to force the body of a Logia into solidity, and to amplify destructive power & defensive durability through the Hardening of specifically solid-structured objects (meaning nothing fluid, gaseous or ethereal). This attribute...
  4. c0nflikt

    Discussion Awakened Devil Fruits

    Well i was reading from 540 on again when i got to 544 i read what crocodile said again, and it hit me with this information it reveals a lot about the one piece world, So long the lines of awakened zoans we pretty much know of four Bepo (Polar bear) and the Four guardian beasts.(minotaur...
  5. weixiaobao

    Discussion Akainu's Ability

    Busoshoku Haki granted the user the ability to touch Devil Fruit user's true body but it doesn't cancel out the Devil fruit's effect. So having Busoshoku Haki doesn't meant automatically ownage against Logia users and or having the upper hand against Logia users still because of their Devil...
  6. Discussion Devil Fruit Discussion Thread

    I wonder, how do people know which fruit to eat? I mean, is it possible to know what exact abilities are provided by a perticular fruit? Or you learn this only after you've eaten it?