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furuta nimura

  1. Agent Phrank

    Theory Furuta the Sad Clown - Darth Vader - Loser

    A thread like this only comes once every four years~ The Suicidal Clown Thoughts on Furuta's Birthday Poem [Why so joyous?] Translation from makyun: [X] Having spent the majority of his life among V, Sunlit Garden, and the CCG, his outlook on life reflects an authoritarian view. He...
  2. Discussion Furuta knew that touka was a ghoul

    In the volume 5 extras this was included http://1of4-basedanon.tumblr.com/post/135387010714/tokyo-ghoulre-volume-5-omake-7-album-tl-by The possibility of him being souta is seeming more and more plausible
  3. Byron

    Theory How Souta/Furuta is connected to Kaneki?

    To be honest, I don't really know. I have gathered though some interesting connections and I was hoping that I would find something if I discuss it with you guys. So let's state the obvious first: Furuta and Kaneki resemble quite a bit, at least as far as their appearances goes but also for...