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god serena

  1. Brandish μ

    Team Real Historia Gauntlet

    Remember how this was hype af... Now imagine that God Serena, Wall and Bloodman are NOT Historia's!!!! Finally we get the chance to troll Isghal with the troll bros (Wall and Serena) + the Reaper of the Underworld (Bloodman). They have a mindset to stomp all in their path. The best trio that...
  2. Doughboy

    Team Larcade & Brandish vs. God Serena & Bloodman

    Only restriction is Brandish can't blow up either of them and Bloodman's MBP can't kill them but it can contaminate them, everything else is on. Larcade's magic makes people feel pleasure until their souls are taken out but I got both of them having good mental endurance so their souls won't...
  3. MonkeyD-Dragon

    Team Irene and August vs All other Spriggans

    Participants : August & Irene vs All other Spriggans minus Larcade Location : Where Acno one-shot Serena Distance : 40m Conditions : The Spriggans are in a perfect formation with teamwork equal to that of Fairy Tail.Neinhart's power is equal to that of enchanted Neinhart (so that he doesn't...
  4. Arjuna

    Canon God Serena VS Gildarts

    This thread may raise huge debate due to Acnologia.Who do you think wins?I am going with God Serena Intel:Full Serena can use 4 Lacrimas Situation 1:Serena in base state Situation 2:Serena uses Dragon Slaying Magic This part was suggested by Orgastthemage Note: take into account the possibility...
  5. JamieF!

    Team God Serena & Ichiya vs. Sting, Rogue, Wendy and Gajeel

    Sting, Rogue and Wendy may all use Dragon Force. Gajeel may use Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.
  6. Orgastthemage

    Team August vs god Serena, wahl, and invel

    Who will win if the king of magic takes on ishgar's strongest wizard, and 2 of his co-spriggans. I'd say August takes this with mid-high difficulty. Not just because he is stronger but because he seems wiser. Hit vs Vegeta in my opinion. Better moves, more intelligence, more experience, better...
  7. Nemispelled

    Discussion Proven Slayers vs. False Slayers (Official Character Profiles) [UPDATED w/ New Poll]

    ** List easily subjected to change ***I do not own any of the images, credit goes to their owners Official Slayer Character Profiles Proven Slayers Slayer #1: Acnologia Type: 1st Generation Dragon Title: Proven Dragon Slayer Status: Accomplished Reason: Proven worthy of being called...
  8. BluePegasus

    Conditional Wahl Icht & Draculos Hyberion vs. God Serena & Wolfheim

    Place: Hargeon battle field. Intend: To defeat. Team 1 Wahl Icht: - Weakness - Alchemy Draculos Hyberion: - Vampire Magic Team 2 God Serena: - Dragon Slayer Magic Wolfheim: - Beast Transformation Rules: - Wahl may use his Assault Mode. - Wahl is using his main body. - God Serena can use...
  9. Ice devil slayer

    Fantasy Laxus dreyar vs God serena

    Participant 1 God serena : Dragon slayer magic Participant 2 Laxus : Lightning dragon slayer magic Who wins ?
  10. Nemispelled

    Discussion Spriggan 12 General Thread

    This is just a theory. I am a little late on this, but after re-reading the chapter several times in which some of the Spriggans were revealed, I kinda suspect that Inbel is Ur's husband. Lol. According to the plot, the only thing we know about Ur's husband was that he abandoned Ur at the time...
  11. Holt

    Discussion Spriggan 12 Magic

    So we've been introduced to one of the Spriggan 12 and got details regarding her type of magic. According to Erza, her ability is to change mass and just like Erza said, that's pretty high class stuff. It's possibly one of the most powerful types of magic. It's quite similar to Gildart's Magic...
  12. Fantasy END vs God Serena

    Who would win straight up?
  13. Question Is God Serena his real name?

    Really "God" serena? ... or is it just a nickname or a title given to the strongest of wizard saints?
  14. Mystic Mistral

    Predictions Spriggan 12 battles

    Hi there , Who do you think will battle the Spriggan 12 in the Alvarez arc and why do you think so ? Heres some of my favourites Erza vs Dimaria Mira vs Badd Gray and Juvia vs Inbel Laxus / Gildarts vs August
  15. FirenX

    Stongest God Of Ishgar, God Serena - Yury Dreyar?

    As I said in a post of mine regarding the 10 Wizard Saints, I'd say that the Top Ranked Saint, now known as God Serena, is definitely Yury Dreyar, wich isn't great of a shock because the Dreyar Lineage consists of really powerful and capable Wizards...
  16. kkck

    Discussion Official Dragon Slayers Thread

    I have been thinking about this for a while; why did the dragons teach a bunch of kids the dragon slaying magic? On a first impression it would seem kind of dumb for a dragon to teach someone the magic that would be specifically serves the purpose of killing dragons. Another thing I find...