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juushirou ukitake

  1. Discussion Remaining Bankai

    Bleach is in its final arc and Soon to be final fight scenes...Yet we still have some unseen bankia's lingering around..Who's gonna be next? Who's Bankia will go unseen?? Love- Bankia ??? Shinji- Bankia ??? Uraharra- Bankia?? Ichigo - New Bankia ?? Ukitake- Bankia Good Guys Cnt Die Yourichi-...
  2. BleachOD

    Discussion Wait wait...are these forms canon?

    Long story short, I was thinking about the rest of the "royal limbs" and I had a thought...Ukitake zanpakuto’s Sogyo No Kotowari name meaning “TRUTH of the Pisces” and it being styled after the symbols for Pisces which is a doubled bodied, 2-IN-1, I-split-in-2, zodiac sign….so his Zanpakuto...
  3. MBVC

    Discussion The empty throne

    When Aizen and Ukitake chatted about the empty throne, I wonder whether Kubo had had his idea about the soul king in mind or it was just randomly showing off some mystery.
  4. Sanadan

    Predictions How do you figure their bankais will look?

    There are still a bunch we have not seen. The ones I am expecting to see is Shunsuis and Uhitakes. With them, well I have no idea what they would look like. Same with Shinji, his shikai is already better than Tosens Bankai. Aizens....how do you go up? Turns everyone into a comatose state...
  5. Discussion Extrapolating Isshin's, Shunsui's and Ukitake's bankai

    - Shunsui : The theme seems to be a duality between childish, nice guy behaviour (his usual apparent personality, and the first half of the release chant : "the petal storm swirls, the flower god sings") and a darker side (his ruthlessness in combat, the second part of the release chant : "the...
  6. Quantized

    Discussion Ichigo's role in future SS

    There really are so many possibilities, that it's sort of making one dizzy thinking about all the different possible outcomes... One has to pick one to believe in, and that is what this thread is for, what do you think will happen to Ichigo in the future Soul Society? What role will Ichigo's...