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  1. Kaoz

    Special Move 5 State Theory

    Alright, you can view this thread as kind of a continuation of the Asura thread, so I recommend reading that one first if you haven't already. This time I want to look at a number of states based on my favorite PoT related diagram from Pair Puri 5: First of all, let's take a look at the two...
  2. -Ken-

    Match Kishin Oni vs PoP Oni

    I'm not sure if Kishin is still activated while Oni activated his PoP. This match is also pretty much impossible to physically see in the manga unless someone copy Oni while playing Oni I guess. We knows Kishin Oni completely stomp 10 Ball Kintarou and PoP Oni go 1-1 with PoP Kintarou, with...
  3. ChinkyCandie

    Discussion Inner Selves

    Random question: If more characters could use "Kijin", what do you think other character's "inner self" would be?