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  1. Kaoz

    Character [Fanfiction] 1st Court Profiles (and others)

    I've been trying to think of ways to pass this stuff as theories, but I don't think I can get away with that, so in the end I settled on labeling the thread as fanfiction after all. Now, what is this? Basically this is going to be a mini series of five profiles for the five gentlemen that made...
  2. Bdoug

    Theory Kiritani will play for China

    Was going through Sai the Shamans website to see if maybe some of the new chapters had been translated (Im impatient) and I decided on whim to go re read 173-174. In the translations it says - "he easily and completely defeated - The No. 4 of the Genius 10, a man called Kiritani." Now we know...
  3. ChinkyCandie

    Character G10 in Middle School

    Continuation from the Spoiler thread. Theory time: What do you think G10 was doing during MS? We know Byodoin was travelling the world during MS. He was aiming for the world, not the top of one country. We know Mouri was skipping practice because he was that good. What are everyone else's...
  4. Character Saddest original G10 member?

    I think there are only two possible candidates, either #4 who most likely died overseas, or #5, Kaji, who was clearly being set up for a cruel joke by his peers. I'd go with Kaji because at least #4 can argue it's an act of god someone from the Anime series showed up and defeated him. Kaji...