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kisuke urahara

  1. Discussion Aizen's Bankai

    By Far...I Had read.....A LOT of Forums about Aizen's Bankai, but I think there are too much imagination... My simple theory is there is no bankai.....I remember Urahara's interview to becoming, he has to show it......I think Aizen releases Kioka Suigetsu and fool everybody...
  2. danzouismadara

    Question Where the hell is Tessai?

    Where the hell is Tessai? How come he never fights? Has kubo been saving his epic fighting for the holy war? He could be so useful in so many ways, which why I don't get why he never participates... Do you think he hesitant to fight because he might feel that he failed when he couldn't stop aizen?
  3. Discussion Has Kubo been inconsistent with Isshin's portrayal?

    After reading the latest chapter, it seemed to me like Isshin acted like a complete dumbass by trusting Urahara so quickly, given the events that lead up to that point. Let's look at what has happened so far in this flashback: - A strange Hollow appears in the Human World and Isshin goes...
  4. Quantized

    Discussion Urahara's Shady Character To Be Revealed In The Final Arc

    Urahara is a shady character, he always has been, since some of the very first chapters of Bleach. He's been eluding us readers for many years, we never can be sure on this guy, just who is he? Picture Source The moment it was made clear that he once was a regular captain in Soul...
  5. Senshumuru Shutara confusion.

    There's one thing about the recent developments that has been bugging me for quite a while, namely this part of chapter 517: The way I see it, she's saying that the lock was much easier to break into now, compared to when "she was there", i.e. compared...
  6. thornofcarrion

    Discussion Under what circumstances Aizen and Urahara saw or knew about Soul King?

    One theory could be, simply being a captain they had access to confidential information. However, I was wondering if they went to King's realm in person? The discussion between Urahara and Aizen at the end of HM arc was intriguing: Chapter 421 Panel 21 Chapter 421 Panel 22 Especially...
  7. dex

    Predictions Final antagonist in Bleachverse ??

    while going through bleach again and again its still not clear that who could be the final villian of this manga... considering the latest events and what happened in past i can come up with few choices for final villians of the story...ill add most obvious choices and the rare ones i have heard...
  8. devstauk

    Aizen Sōsuke Discussion Thread

    Basically only making this thread so everyone who wants to say what they think on Aizen's strengths and weaknesses.... Hopefully now we can keep it to a minimum in the recent chapter discussion/prediction thread. Okay I'm going to start this by saying that i was never really a mega Aizen fan...
  9. devstauk

    Theory The 5 War Potentials

    Okay so i got to thinking and based on my theory that the 5 war potentials are based on the amount of reistu produced, being some kind of deterrent to the quincy's bankai steal/sealing process, my reason for thinking this is when Ivan couldn't steal/seal ichigo's bankai it was due to the sheer...