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lisanna strauss

  1. Asorx

    Fantasy Levy vs Lisanna

    Who would win ? No restriction. :cheez :wtf
  2. goldb

    Team Mirajane & Lisanna Strauss vs Angel and Yukino Aguria

    The battle for best sisterhood; Takeover magic vs Celestial magic. How will these two pairs fair against each other? The fight lasts until there remains only one team; there is no time limit and the mages are all at full strength. Place your bets for hottest pair winners.

    Question are you dissapointed in lisanna's return or her as a character?

    after all of the build up about her and natsus freindship as children and the entire efolas arc that brought her back she has dissapeared she is less relevsnt than jet and droy i dont understand why mashima bothered bringing her back if she was going to be such a minor character