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  1. Discussion Luffy Next Animal-based Villain

    Nearly all villains Luffy has face or the villains of arcs have been mostly based off animals. While not all are animals the majority are. Buggy-Clown Kuro-Cat Don Kreig-Knight Arlong-Saw tooth Shark Smoker-Not being counted Wapol-??? Crocodile- Is named Crocodile Enel-God Rob Lucci-Has Leopard...
  2. Theory Luffy is Roger Reincarnated

    Just read up on about everything Gold Roger. Him and Luffy have so much in common. First Luffy and Roger made allies nearly everywhere they went: Skypiega, Water 7, Lougetown(Yes i know Roger was born there), etc. The straw hat. Just like all other D, they smile at death. People also tend to...
  3. kkck

    Discussion How will luffy fight Blackbeard?

    Hi everyone! I wanted to discuss how luffy would eventually fight and defeat good old blackbeard. I think this is a particularly interesting case due to BB having multiple fruits but specially the yami yami fruit. So far luffy has developed a fighting style entirely around his devil fruit...
  4. Fuuji Genichiro

    Explaining the gears

    Ok i said i would do this a while back. GEAR SECOND: This is an acceleration of luffy's bloodflow using peristalsis in his veins, This is effectively an 'adrenaline rush' but only to the extreme. A Normal person, well.......there heart would explode :D, but the elasticity and durability of...