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makarov dreyar

  1. Arjuna

    Fantasy Tenrou Makarov VS Tenrou Bluenote

    Pipoco Titan Fairy Law All The Spells He has shown Bluenote Gravity Magic Who do You Think Will Win
  2. Fantasy GMG Jura vs Makarov

    Fairy Law is restricted. Who wins and at what difficulty?
  3. Dranzer

    Discussion The Ten Wizard Saints

    So far in the current arc it is evident that the Ten Wizard Saints are powerless when put in front of Spriggan. Mainly because from what we have heard, the former Highest Rank God of Ishgal is said to be on par with the rest of the Spriggans and that Wizard Saint left the Ishgal forces and moved...
  4. Sky

    Fantasy Gildarts Clive vs Makarov Dreyar

    The battle between the 5th master of Fairy Tail, Gildarts and his successor, Makarov. Who is really the strongest mage in this guild? This fight occurs after the time skip and is held at the Domus Flau Arena. Both mages are at full strength and there is no time limit; the match is only won...
  5. Newkerzy

    Discussion Where does Makarov rank among the Saints?

    As we all know, the Wizard Saints are ranked individually. However, the big question is, where does Makarov rank? We know more about Walrod and Jura in terms of comparing strength. But we never know about Makarov's, who is one of the most prominent characters in the story. Or even Jellal for...