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  1. Discussion How to determine a Powerful Pirate.

    Strength is one of the key pieces in the world of One Piece. How can we exactly determine if a pirate is exactly string or not?Considering they are the main fighters in the world. Let's start with the Yonkou. They are the four strongest pirates in the world. But how. Here's how. Big Mom. She...
  2. oxtopus

    Theory Ichigo's final power

    ichigo is going to face yhwach in the last fight and i dont see how its possible that he'll win, but i think i might know how,my theory is that ichigo might unlock a power similar to the soul kings,because i think the soul king might be an entity that contains aspects of all the realms or races...
  3. Fox666

    Theory Explaining Yhwach ability

    Yhwach was born with the innate ability to distribute his soul and fill the void within the soul of other individuals. The individuals will have their power increased, but that piece of soul may return to Yhwach. The process is lethal to these individuals, and their innate or learned talents are...
  4. Jabman

    Theory Ichigo's new BANKAI ability hinted in color page

    When bleach resumed its weekly chapter series at the beginning of this month there was an amazing colour page at the beginning. Often we see that authors love to include hints and messages in these types of spreads. I tried reading into it and noticed that Ichigo is engulfed in a black...