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royal dimension

  1. kkck

    Discussion Rules behind travelling between the royal and anywhere else

    I thought this deserved a thread In the manga so far we have seen people travel in and out of the royal realm a few times. The royal realm is a separate dimension from everywhere located seemingly on top of sereitei. It has 72 barriers which protect it. Apparently the royal key works by...
  2. Quantized

    Discussion Urahara's Shady Character To Be Revealed In The Final Arc

    Urahara is a shady character, he always has been, since some of the very first chapters of Bleach. He's been eluding us readers for many years, we never can be sure on this guy, just who is he? Picture Source The moment it was made clear that he once was a regular captain in Soul...
  3. thornofcarrion

    Discussion Under what circumstances Aizen and Urahara saw or knew about Soul King?

    One theory could be, simply being a captain they had access to confidential information. However, I was wondering if they went to King's realm in person? The discussion between Urahara and Aizen at the end of HM arc was intriguing: Chapter 421 Panel 21 Chapter 421 Panel 22 Especially...
  4. Quantized

    Discussion The number 5 - Play of numbers or does it have a meaning?

    Hey :verily I'll go straight to the details & theme for this discussion leaving out my own private thoughts. 5 Floating cities in the Royal Dimension. 5 Noble families (4 at the moment). 5 Royal Guards 5 War potentials maybe in relation to the Royal Guards. 5'th Squad had Aizen who...