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sadaharu inui

  1. ybr99

    Match Tournament

    Small 4 person tournament split into groups. Speed Eiji VS Kamio Shishido VS Kenya Winner VS Winner Power Tetsu VS Tanishi Momoshiro VS Takeshi Winner VS Winner The Unknowns Shinji VS Yuuta Wakashi VS Krauser Winner VS Winner The Pairs Inui VS Kaidou Bunta VS Jirou...
  2. Kaoz

    Beach Volleyball Tournament - Ohmagari/Inui vs Tokugawa/Kadowaki

    Round 1 - Ohmagari/Inui vs Tokugawa/Kadowaki Kadowaki serves first. Please make sure you've read the rules before posting. This round ends in 48 hours on Friday, September 12 at 12:20 PM GMT.
  3. Kaoz

    Doubles Round 1 Block B - Chitose/Inui vs Marui/Kaidou

    Doubles Round 1 Block B NameInui SadaharuGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayJune 3rdHeight184 cmWeight62 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleServe and Volley NameChitose SenriGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayDecember 31stHeight194 cmWeight81 kgHandednessLeftPlaystyleAll Rounder VERSUS...
  4. Kaoz

    High Tier Singles Round 1 Block B - Inui Sadaharu vs Yamato Yuudai

    Singles - High Tier Round 1 Block B NameInui SadaharuGradeMiddle School 3rd YearBirthdayJune 3rdHeight184 cmWeight62 kgHandednessRightPlaystyleServe and Volley VERSUS NameYamato YuudaiGradeHigh School 2nd YearBirthdayAugust 8thHeight182 cmWeight68...
  5. Kaoz

    Theory Kaoz' Random Theories

    Basically at some point a few weeks ago, while going through the manga and discussing some aspects, I started theorizing that some additional parts were planned, but removed from the final product for whatever reason, but hints as to what could have been there still exist. There are two (major)...
  6. ashore

    Character Seigaku players full of copiers?

    out of all the middle schools, what do you think about seigaku having the most players of any other major jr high tennis club to copy and evolve other people's special moves.?
  7. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Doubles 1

    Determine the strongest Doubles pair of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  8. Kaoz

    [Round 1 - Team 7 vs Team 9 Doubles 1] Inui/Yanagi vs Oishi/Kikumaru

    Doubles 1Inui Sadaharu Yanagi RenjiOishi Shuuichirou Kikumaru EijiTitle - MasterSeigaku's Golden PairSchoolSeishun Gakuen Rikkai Dai FuzokuSeishun Gakuen Seishun GakuenHeight184 cm 181 cm175 cm 171 cmWeight62 kg 67 kg55 kg 52 kgDominant HandRight RightRight RightPlaystyleServe and...
  9. perroloco

    Theory What do you think are the team line-ups one year from the series start and one year after the series

    I.e. since Prince of Tennis began in 1999 (IIRC) then the year the series events occurs is 1999 (If stated to be other year please say so). In your opinion what would the teams line-up look in 1998 and 2000? (If you want to especulate about other years like.. Dunno 1996 or 1997 Seigaku, please...
  10. Sherlock Holmes

    Character Characters that should be playing other sports.

    There are some characters that seem to have abilities that would be great in other sports, but only adequate in tennis. Which characters do you think should be playing something else? Kikumaru and Cancer= Gymnastics. They rape physics so much they would win quite a few medals for Japan...