1. Brandish

    Shounen Bloom into You by Nio Nakatani

    Bloom into You (Yagate Kimi ni Naru) by Nio Nakatani Genre - Shoujo Ai Yuu Koito has always wondered how it feels to fall in love since she hasn't experienced even a pinch of that emotion. When she enters high school, she witnesses a beautiful second year - Touko Nanami - reject someone with...
  2. Brandish

    Shounen The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil, A Run by Nagabe

    The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil, A Run aka Totsukuni no Shoujo by Nagabe Shounen, Fantasy Serialised in Comic Garden Synopsis - A human girl, Shiva, lives with a cursed being who she calls 'Teacher', in a land referred to as 'The Outside World'. This story presents as a fairy tale of a...
  3. Brandish

    Shounen Marry Grave by Hidenori Yamaji

    Marry Grave by Hidenori Yamaji Shounen, Fantasy Shonen Sunday Magazine (first serialised Dec 13, 2017) Synopsis The lonesome vagabond, Riseman Sawyer, is following the trail of myriads of ingredients required for a peculiar magic.
  4. Kaoz

    Shounen Full Drive

    Full Drive Mangaka - Genki Ono Demographic - Shonen Category - Sports Premise - After being trained in Germany, Dan Tadatoshi aims to conquer the world of Japanese table tennis..
  5. Sky

    Shounen Love Rush! by Yamamoto Ryohei

    Love Rush! by Yamamoto Ryohei This is a fairly new series published in 2015 in Shuukan Shonen Jump. Synopsis Reiji Hakuba has a genetic condition that makes girls go crazy for him. It's called the Ubermale Gene, and whoever has it appears like the hottest guy ever to all the girls he...
  6. Sky

    Long Running Naruto: Shippuuden

    Naruto: Shippuuden Episodes: ? Airing Date: Feb 15, 2007 to ? Producers: TV Tokyo, Aniplex, KSS, Rakuonsha, TV Tokyo Music Genres: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power Synopsis Naruto: Shippuuden is the continuation of the original animated TV series Naruto. The story revolves...
  7. Demonspeed

    Multi Season Dagashi Kashi

    Dagashi Kashi Episodes: 12 Airing Date: Jan 8, 2016 Producers: Pony Canyon, TBS, BS-TBS Genres: Comedy, Shounen Synopsis Shikada Kokonotsu's father owns a rural sweets shop, and his plan is for Kokonotsu to take it over one day. However, Kokonotsu wants to be a manga author instead! One...
  8. AleTheSennin

    Shounen Buddy Strike

    Buddy Strike, the new WSJ series about Baseball! You can find here all the informations! Chapter 1 Italian by Hollow Generaion Team & Digital Team: Kaito draws really well! I like also the story! I didn't like baseball but now I'm starting to like...
  9. imhungry4444

    Shounen Radiant by Tony Valente

    Author: Tony Valente Artist: Tony Valente Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen Type: Manga (French) Status: Ongoing French artist Tony Valente is joining the small club of foreign manga artists published in Japan. Valente's work Radiant was made in France and is being brought over with...
  10. AleTheSennin

    Mononofu by HARUTO IKEZAWA

    This is a new manga serialized by WSJ. I read many opinions online and they said that the manga can be cool. I researched some chapters but I've only found chapter 1:Here If someone reads it and if you want to add some informations, please reply on my post. I heard that this manga is really...
  11. dark123

    Shounen Platinum End by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

    Author: OHBA Tsugumi Artist: OBATA Takeshi Genres: Shounen, Supernatural Type: Manga (Japanese) Status: Ongoing We have done chapter 0 so here is link
  12. Demonspeed

    Multi Season Ushio to Tora (Season 1 & 2)

    Ushio to Tora Episodes: 26 Airing Date: Jul 4, 2015 Producers: Sentai Filmworks, MAPPA, Studio VOLN Genres: Comedy, Demons, Shounen, Supernatural Synopsis Ushio thinks that his father's talk of an ancient ancestor impaling a demon on a temple altar stone with the legendary Beast Spear is...
  13. SViper

    Shounen Pokémon RéBurst

    Pokémon RéBurst is Manga about Pokémon for Teenagers, Adults. It's similar to Digimon Frontier, because humans transforms into Pokemon. Synopsis: Pocket Monsters Réburst ( ポケットモンスター RéBURST) was first printed in the March 9th 2011 issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday. The comic follows the story of a...
  14. Demonspeed

    Shounen Dragon Ball Super

    Dragon Ball Super By: Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power Published in: V Jump Synopsis Reuniting the franchise's iconic characters, Dragon Ball Super will follow the aftermath of Goku's fierce battle with Majin Buu as he attempts to maintain...
  15. Demonspeed

    Multi Season Kyoukai no Rinne (Season 1 & 2)

    Kyoukai no Rinne Episodes: Unknown Airing Date: April 4 2015 Producers: NHK, Brains Base, NHK Enterprises Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen, Supernatural Synopsis As a child Sakura Mamiya mysteriously disappeared in the woods behind her grandma's home. She returned whole and healthy...
  16. KageTrigger

    Hangout Black Clover Hangout Thread

    Black Clover Genre: Action, Fantasy By: TABATA Yuuki Serialization: Weekly Shonen Jump Publisher: Shueisha Summary: In a world where magic was everything, there was a boy born unable to use any magic, and he had been abandoned to a poor church as a child. His name was Asta. To prove...
  17. Hunt

    Shounen Jitsu wa Watashi wa [MASUDA Eiji]

    Jitsu wa Watashi wa Old Art New One: Original Publisher: Akita Shoten Serialised in : Weekly Shounen Champion Genre : Comedy (ROMCOM), Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural ( Vampire, demon, angel, future travele, alien and more) Status : 105 Raw and still ongoing, 74...
  18. Koen

    Shounen Kagamigami by Iwashiro Toshiaki

    Kagamigami by Iwashiro Toshiaki A serial killer is on the loose and authorities are baffled! What they do not know is that this case requires non-traditional research methods. That's where Mako Miyoshi the detective and Kyosuke Kagami the Shikigami user enter the picture. Together they...
  19. Hunt

    Shounen Dagashi Kashi [Kotoyama]

    Dagashi Kashi Original Publisher: Shogakukan Serialised in : Weekly Shounen Sunday Genre : Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life, Candies Status : 1 Volume (Ongoing) and 4 chapter translated Mangaupdates Description & Synopsis Volumes Random pics (the last one by the author of Hero...
  20. Eru13

    Discussion Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile Thread

    This thread is to discuss the Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile spinoff serialized in Shounen Jump+ (The first chapter has been already scanlated by Casanova and can be read in Batoto too) I personally liked the first chapter quite a lot more than I first expected, while it has a very similar...