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  1. Westfield

    Discussion Remaining Sternritter Schrifts

    Something I've been thinking about the fact that we still haven't seen Quincy power of a number of Sternritters. So far the list is: B (Haschwalth), K (BG9) and N (Accutrone), What do you guys think, will this power ever be shown in any way? And what do you think the remaining Schrifts stand...
  2. BLEACH Video Reviews

    hello everyone i made a video about the most 5 stronger shingami, and i need to know do you agree with me or not ? and why ? here is the video
  3. rocklee87

    Discussion Bleach: Hate to Love to Hate (Spoilers if you aren't up to date)

    I apologize in advance if I am going about this incorrectly, I have been coming here for years but never really post goes: I've been reading Bleach for a while (started in summer 04 along with Naruto) and I have to say I love it. It has been a constant for me in an ever changing...
  4. Discussion Combat experience : quincy vs Gotei 13

    I guess this is really a pointless topic, since in shonen manga people get magically strong very conveniently for the plot, but anyway. Since quincies are humans (presumably except for Yhwach) one should expect that the Stern Ritters have a human life span. Moreover, since they were hiding from...
  5. Zeta42

    Uryu as a Stern Ritter

    So... Do you think Uryu is powerful enough to become a Stern Ritter, not a Jagdarme or a regular Soldat? Which letter will he receive? What would be his special power?