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    im a veteran 8 DPS sorcerer and i play on PS4 in the daggerfall convenant i play both pvp in cyrodiil and veteran and non veteran dungeons i can craft light armor and staves
  2. [In Development] New Fairy Tail MMO (Community creation)

    Hi everyone, As you might imagine from the title of this post, I am taking on a personal project of creating a free to play Fairy Tail MMO. This process is very long and time consuming, and I was wondering if any of you guys might want to help me create a Fairy Tail world, where all the fans...
  3. Tranquil Rain

    Games Fire Emblem Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone, I tried to find a discussion thread for the Fire Emblem series but it seems there isn't any thread created for it yet. So, I thought that it would be nice to have a specific thread to discuss anything related to this great game series. ^_^ As a brief introduction, Fire...
  4. New game Queen of the Hill

    There's a new game on Kickstarter that seems very promising with all the good reviews from those who reviewed it. Sharing it here with folks. Seems very cheap too! But shipping will cost $5 since I am a student living outside of USA. Anyone else likes anime tabletop games? (Tanto Cuore expert...
  5. SharkBait

    Games Tales of Zestiria

    Anyone else get it (Europe had it last week) America on today. Im about to boot it up to see how the first tales on ps4 is. Bought the male swimsuit dlc.
  6. Zasz

    Games The Game Recommendation Thread

    Since there wasn't such a thread before and riki gave me the green light to open it, here we go! Basically, if you're looking for new games to play and want to get some recommendations, this is the perfect place to do that. So ask to your heart's content and you can be sure that you will be...
  7. Nuno

    Games League of Legends

    MH 5v5 EVENT SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 28TH! 12PM EDT, 6PM EU TIME. ---------------------------------------------------------------- PLAYER LISTS
  8. Faust

    Games Dota 2

    Developer and Publisher: Valve Corporation Producer: Erik Johnson Designer: IceFrog Writers: Chet Faliszek, Ted Kosmatka, Marc Laidlaw Composers: Jason Hayes, Tim Larkin, Chance Thomas Engine: Source Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  9. Blur

    Games Mirror's edge catalyst

    I'm so excited!!!! It's coming out soon, and I really liked the first one! It's gonna be open world too. I like games where you get to run around beating up figures of authority, and this is pretty much the pinnacle of that.
  10. Holt

    Games Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Injustice mobile version uses a collectible card-based battle system, has a multiplayer funtionality and a challenge mode to unlock exclusive new characters. The roster is comprised of various DC characters as well as different versions of said characters. Cards are ranked between Bronze, Silver...
  11. Copy Panda

    Games Guild Wars 2

    Anyone play it? New expansion coming soon~
  12. Doraku

    Games Fighting Game

    I was kind of hesitant to start this thread, mainly because fighting game is a niche community and rarely discussed, but considering that there are some “new” fighting games that are going to be released in the next few years, I am hoping that this thread would attract people who are interested...
  13. BobobVanBlob

    Games Demon Souls / Dark Souls I / II, prepared to die ?

    Because well, I don't want to spam the RPG thread and well, there is no "Souls" serie thread in there, I'm creating one. Plus we have the next one coming up in a few weeks (months ?), so maybe people want a place to talk about it ? And well, did some person try the beta on the PS3 ? (I...
  14. Doraku

    Games Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft

    Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft Another new game from Blizzard, it is a fast-paced online trading card games. If you love Magic : The Gathering or Yugi-Oh, you'll love this one. It is free to play - although I need to admit it's pretty difficult if you don't spend some money to join the...
  15. Hangout The Games Hangout Thread

    What games do you like?? Post it here!! :thumbs
  16. Hystzen

    Games The Assassins Creed series Discusion

    Not sure we got a thread bout this but wanna see if people like me like the saga of Assassins Creed. this be good thread to discuss plot theories, what you like about it, what your fav experiance, what you hate about would you improve it...what do you want the next sequel...
  17. benelori

    Games The RPG thread

    They are few RPG's posted here, so I thought gathering them here would be a good idea. So info, news, or discussions or any sort about RPG games from the ancient Diablo series until Assassin's Creed 2, featuring titles like Gothic(which is my favorite) and even MMOs. Knock URselves out, it's a...
  18. blai

    Games The Pokémon Thread

    Discuss your favourite Pokemon, favourite character, favourite game, and rant at GARY M**HERF**KING OAK. Let's face it, you can't catch them all
  19. vintagemistakes

    Info PSN, Wii, and XBOX Live gamertag exchange extravaganza!

    Welcome to the PSN, Wii, and XBOX Live gamertag exchange extravaganza! Do you want to showoff your SF4 fighting skills or play some co-op Uncharted2 with your fellow MHers? Well here is the place to do it. All you have to do is post a message in this thread that includes the...
  20. Weapon_X

    Games Hardest Boss you've ever fought in a game?

    So who are those bosses that really kicked your butts a lot of times??? The bosses who made you loose even when you were like 1% away from killing him?The bosses who made you reset your game a numerous times?? My hardest boss I've ever fought is in FF12 the last hunt Yaizamat. It takes like 2...