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weakness magic

  1. Hermit

    Fantasy Wahl Icht vs Yura Invel

    How would a fight between these two Spriggan 12 members play out? Participant 1: Wahl Icht Magic:Weakness Magic, Alchemy Participant 2:Invel Yura Magic:Ice Magic
  2. BluePegasus

    Conditional Wahl Icht & Draculos Hyberion vs. God Serena & Wolfheim

    Place: Hargeon battle field. Intend: To defeat. Team 1 Wahl Icht: - Weakness - Alchemy Draculos Hyberion: - Vampire Magic Team 2 God Serena: - Dragon Slayer Magic Wolfheim: - Beast Transformation Rules: - Wahl may use his Assault Mode. - Wahl is using his main body. - God Serena can use...