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  1. perroloco

    Theory What do you think are the team line-ups one year from the series start and one year after the series

    I.e. since Prince of Tennis began in 1999 (IIRC) then the year the series events occurs is 1999 (If stated to be other year please say so). In your opinion what would the teams line-up look in 1998 and 2000? (If you want to especulate about other years like.. Dunno 1996 or 1997 Seigaku, please...
  2. Jyten

    Favorites Favorite Team

    So, what's your Favorite Team?? Hikogashima Tsubakikawa Gakuen Echigo Daira Daini Aihara Daiichi Fudoumine Ginka Gyokurin Hyoutei Gakuen Ikari Itoguruma Jousei Shounan Kakinoki Kasumi Daiyon Kyouyou Midoriyama Nashikari Gakuen Ooguchi Minami Rikkai Daigaku...