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zahard princess

  1. gnut

    Discussion Zahard....#goodorevil

    short & simple..... I think zahard is the true enemy here and playing everyone against each other.... he takes the daughters of the main families and hold contracts over the guardians.... so, far as we know zahard good or evil to you...thoughts :cop
  2. Nii

    Discussion The Zahard Princess Discussion

    Each is very powerful and exquisitely beautiful. They are an existence which, at times, defends the authority of the king by the might of their swords, and other times, they are worshipped by the citizens of the tower - Tower of God chapter 33 So with more Zahard princesses showing up I...
  3. Uriel

    Discussion 13 Month Series Discussion

    I'm interested in these weapons, since they hold more relevance than I originally thought. They seem to hold more power than anything and it's weird that it's delivered only to princess. If they're only deliver to princess why Black March has preferences to males? It's like it was never meant...