Who will Enter the Main Tournament Finals

  • Soma Yukihira

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Ryo Kurokiba

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Akira Hayama

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Subaru Mikasaka

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Nov 7, 2013
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OK folks, now we have 4 Quarterfinals winners entered the main tournament. Since decision of the battle are shuffled, nobody can tell who will fight who within the Main Tournament. The prize for the Autumn Election is almost on the reach and only 2 will advances to the finals. Which of these the big 4 will qualified to the finals?

THE 4 92nd Gen. Semi-Finalist:

1.Yukihira Genius (Soma Yukihira)
-The Yukihira Genius has create surprises again in the Tootsuki. Not only his past accomplishments, from Chapelle's high scores to the Breakfast Buffet Challenge close call, has earned his entry to the main league, the Yukihira Genius also beaten Alice Nakiri, one of rarest talent within the Tootsuki Grounds. These very achievements not only made him the only 92nd Gen. Polar Star student to advances into the next round, this also made his ambitious speech more realistic than anyone could expects. With his fellow strong rivals who also joined him into the semi-finals, Soma had to do whatever he could to enter the rivals and can't let his guard down since all 3 are the among the few who either matched or surpass his skills. Can his success proceeds the legacy of the legendary Cooking Asura?

2.Two-Faced Mad Dog (Ryo Kurokiba)
-Alice's enforcer made his wins as a valid point that his experience tells everything beyond words. Being the youngest head chef and the owner of the Danish Pub, Kurokiba claims that a kitchen is battlefield where the strong devoured the weak and mercy is just a plain weakness for most chef. He also claimed that friendship are for losers, especially for those who are his/her supporters (ironically, Alice is his only friend). While his intimidation has dominates and intimidate everyone, even the judge had to praised him, one thing for sure is he will relied only alone to rule the culinary world . And if he ever faced Soma in a shuffle match, can he find retribution and avenged Alice's lost on her behalf?

3.Curry Expert (Hayama Akira)
-Once again, the Curry Expert made his surprising win with his fantastic dishes, with spectacular aroma as his weapons. Beat both Soma and Kurokiba during the Tootsuki Preliminary Rounds, his curry dish bring the magnificent results that promptly flawless. His further accomplishments extended by defeat Hisako and his nose is so sharp that it could rivaled with Erina's God Tongue. Also, Hayama made his statement crystal clear that his ambitions for the top shall not be stopped and losing is never part of this option. And if he ever faced Soma in a shuffle match, could thieir battle as a rematch clause from the preliminary rounds to see who is the strongest chef once and for all?

4. Detailed Psychic Freak (Unnamed Student)
-The scariest bully among the 92nd Generation students , this dude is definitely no push over. With his strange stalking and his psychic mind reading, Subaru is capable to crush anyone both mentally and physically by copying their cooking and take his rival's treasured cookware as his prized collection after his Shokugeki victory. Even with his plagiarized dish, it usually ended Subaru's victory with a little modification from his rival's original counterpart. To add further the insult, he intentional mocked every rival into a Shokugeki and break them one by one by using their forte as their weakness. Now with Takumi joined the other 99 unlucky victims under his wining streak, one would wonder who else is next to be added into his sadistic yet flawless Shokugeki. Is there anyone else in the Tootsuki is daring enough to break Subaru's stalking secret and crush his streak once and for all? And if he able to faced Soma in a shuffle match, can he be the one who ended the Yukihira Genius's rise like Eizan's planed? Or Soma would the first to counter Subaru's mockery and stalking by creating something that not even him would expect?
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