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souma yukihara

  1. Chingaruna517

    Yukihira Genius Another Infamous Speech

    OK folks of the forum, today we are (will) going to discuss Soma's newer infamous speech but this time, he is making an even bolder statement which we believed to be even more darker than his previous Ambitious Speech. Whilst waiting for the manga's translation release, lets discuss briefly...
  2. Chingaruna517

    Yukihira-EIzan Shokugeki:: How would it end and why?

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum, since the latest chapter is heated up in this forum and I decide to discuss it anyway. Previously, we learned that with the combined troubles of corrupted judges and threats of Eizan's goons to the PSD, stacks are obviously against our young hero but the...
  3. MiyamotoMusashi

    Theory Soma And Erina's Mothers

    Soma´s mother has been left out of the story completely so far except a picture that has been purposely obscured. What do you think her identity might be? Do you think she will play an important role in the future?
  4. Chingaruna517

    Yukihira Genius's Perseverance

    OK, since everybody is heating up for the possible finale (or is it?) of the Autumn Election Arc, how about we discuss about Soma's sudden popularity rise. Now you may (or may not, especially for newcomers) know that from previous chapters, Soma was deeply scorned by the Tootsuki since his...
  5. Chingaruna517

    Three Way FInals

    Ladies and gentlemen, today are talking about three-way battle in the Autumn . This is it everyone, the finals has finally arrived! But this time it would three battle chef fight against each other for victory. So we have Three Battle Chefs, Two Rematches and One Winner in the finals! The grand...
  6. Chingaruna517

    Who will enter the finals against Soma?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are going to talk about the final Semifinal match in the Autumn Election, it's the Kurokiba-Hayama Semifinal match. This is it folks, the last Semifinals match that drawn to the Finals! This time it is the battle between Hayama the curry expert and Kurokiba the...
  7. Chingaruna517

    What is Soma's biggest challenge in Tootsuki?

    For 2 years since the manga title has been published, I have found the series is more interesting. As the 2 year anniversary of the manga, I begin this thread about Soma Yukihira, the Yukihira Genius and our hero in this series, and his journey and rigors he had endured in the Tootsuki. Although...
  8. Chingaruna517

    Main Tournament Semi-Finals!

    OK folks, now we have 4 Quarterfinals winners entered the main tournament. Since decision of the battle are shuffled, nobody can tell who will fight who within the Main Tournament. The prize for the Autumn Election is almost on the reach and only 2 will advances to the finals. Which of these...
  9. MiyamotoMusashi

    Yukihara Soma

    Everything regarding the main character Soma, your opinions about his personality, design and behavior, your theories about his future fate and so forth, post them in this thread.