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tootsuki culinary academy

  1. -Ken-

    What would happen if Azami reign last until the next year?

    Well, I'm not sure what would happen in the manga, but I think it would be interesting to discuss. First of all, the most obvious would be that 4 of his elite 10 supporter would be gone. If Kuga, Isshiki, and Erina doesn't change their mind, there would be a 3:2 supporter, with Azami losing...
  2. Chingaruna517

    Discussion The Dark Regime of Azami?

    Ladies and Gentle of the forum, this is it. The dark regime of the Exiled One, Azami Nakiri is finally begin and change is certainly coming, under his rules of course. With Erina's brainwashing via 1984 style and E10 now really becaming the Exiled One's cards, one could ever wonder if anyone at...
  3. xbluejayz

    Discussion Is Tootsuki the only cooking school?

    I have been thinking, is Totsuki Academy the only cooking school? And what if there are cooks that are the same level as Souma and peers, who didn't join the Academy? Remember Souma didn't seem to know about the Academy so can there be more rivals? Please tell me your ideas guys!
  4. Chingaruna517

    Three Way FInals

    Ladies and gentlemen, today are talking about three-way battle in the Autumn . This is it everyone, the finals has finally arrived! But this time it would three battle chef fight against each other for victory. So we have Three Battle Chefs, Two Rematches and One Winner in the finals! The grand...
  5. Chingaruna517

    Main Tournament Semi-Finals!

    OK folks, now we have 4 Quarterfinals winners entered the main tournament. Since decision of the battle are shuffled, nobody can tell who will fight who within the Main Tournament. The prize for the Autumn Election is almost on the reach and only 2 will advances to the finals. Which of these...
  6. MiyamotoMusashi

    Discussion Elite Ten Council

    We have already been introduced to two of them, namely Erina and Isshiki, and both are very special and excellent in their own right. What do you expect from the Elite Ten in the future? Is Soma going to take them down one by one, which would be rather clichéed, or will he even be able to...