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Oct 31, 2015
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It must be hard to compare this to the novel. From that perspective I could totally see how this would be rough.

For me I'm coming at it from the opposite direction. I just want to have things going on I can understand, as a starting point. The big appeal of the first season of the anime was that, despite the convoluting setting, it delivered simple but powerful emotional moments. When it gets down to it, that's what I want from an Index anime. Like the moment right after Touma loses his memories. That was awesome.

Which has been one of the major frustrations with this season. They haven't been unable to deliver that. All the psudo-scientific religiosity in the world means absolutely nothing if it isn't in the service of telling a story and setting the stage for those big emotional moments.

And the character moments with Touma here are the first even semi-successful attempt this season has had, IMO. I'm guessing the Accelerator and Hamazura were supposed to provide those but frankly, as somebody without knowledge from the books, I felt they just weren't able to make it coherent enough.

Like I'm really interested in what your said before @Arjuna about Mugino being Yandere toward Hamazura. I had no hint of that. Until you said that I didn't have the slightest clue why she's fixated on him. Don't really understand why Accelerator was suddenly freaking out in last episode either.
After her defeat against Hamazura she came to love Hamazura in a twisted manner.

She turned Yandere.

And this from Razorhead might help you

"While in the anime Worst was somehow angry at Accelerator saving her, this didn't happen in the novel. In fact she couldn't even stand up from the damage she took, but felt a "comfortable feeling" spreading through her as she finally went silent, unable to pick up on any negative emotions as she wasn't sure what just happened. But just as she was getting used to this feeling it was shattered by Accelerator’s mad cackling.

She was made to easily pick up negative emotions from the network, but what had happened was difficult for her to pick up. However, the reality was that Misaka Worst had survived a situation where she was supposed to have died no matter what. And it had happened by the hands of a third party.

She remained silent for a bit.

As she was created to take in only negative emotions, that silence was out of bewilderment but also somehow comfortable.


“Gya ha.”

She heard an unpleasant noise.

It sounded like whatever it was she was finally bringing inside was shattering.

Worst speculates that even Accelerator had been feeling that way, but that her actions have caused Accelerator to break down mentally. And when this realisation dawns on her it terrifies her.

What Misaka Worst had been starting to hold inside a bit before may have not been wrong.

That same warm thing may have been flowing through Academy City’s #1 Level 5 as well.

However, it had been shattered.

She may have pulled some sort of trigger. As Misaka Worst finally began to realize that, she started to tremble uncontrollably."


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Apr 30, 2012
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I am not up to date with the LN but I never got the impression that Mugino loved Hamazura really. I still don't get why so many people apparently(?) think that. Maybe because of the girl who was teasing her in NT.

AFAIR Mugino never acted as someone in love. She likes him as a friend of course but love, I never saw it. I'd say that maybe Kinuhata ended up falling for him and that's a maybe, but not Mugino. Hamazura only has eyes for Takitsubo anyway.


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Oct 31, 2015
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I am not up to date with the LN but I never got the impression that Mugino loved Hamazura really. I still don't get why so many people apparently(?) think that. Maybe because of the girl who was teasing her in NT.

AFAIR Mugino never acted as someone in love. She likes him as a friend of course but love, I never saw it. I'd say that maybe Kinuhata ended up falling for him and that's a maybe, but not Mugino. Hamazura only has eyes for Takitsubo anyway.

1)From New Testament

2)From New Testament vol 6 her speech

Keeping it in spoiler tag

"As long as I have Hamazura, this is fine. I'll get into trouble and into fights. There will even be deadly fights. But it will all work out in the end. No matter how many people I kill and how much I destroy, everything will be resolved in the end somehow and we can all be happy. All my past experiences have shown that to be true. That's how it was during the fight between ITEM and SCHOOL. That's how it was when we fought underground in District 23. That's how it was when we met during the fierce fighting of World War 3. And so I know it will be fine as long as I have Hamazura. No matter what happens, he will forgive me in the end."

There are few more evidences which reveals she loves Hamazura.

Also Kinuhata even called her "Yandere" for her feelings towards Hamazura.


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Apr 30, 2012
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1)From New Testament

2)From New Testament vol 6 her speech

Keeping it in spoiler tag

"As long as I have Hamazura, this is fine. I'll get into trouble and into fights. There will even be deadly fights. But it will all work out in the end. No matter how many people I kill and how much I destroy, everything will be resolved in the end somehow and we can all be happy. All my past experiences have shown that to be true. That's how it was during the fight between ITEM and SCHOOL. That's how it was when we fought underground in District 23. That's how it was when we met during the fierce fighting of World War 3. And so I know it will be fine as long as I have Hamazura. No matter what happens, he will forgive me in the end."

There are few more evidences which reveals she loves Hamazura.

Also Kinuhata even called her "Yandere" for her feelings towards Hamazura.
I did read that far and I remember that. And for me it doesn't mean that she loves him at all. Especially considering her reactions in general. Kamachi likes teasing in general and but not all teasing is because of a romantic attachment. Excepted with Touma maybe because he really is something else .


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Oct 31, 2015
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I did read that far and I remember that. And for me it doesn't mean that she loves him at all. Especially considering her reactions in general. Kamachi likes teasing in general and but not all teasing is because of a romantic attachment. Excepted with Touma maybe because he really is something else .
Well it is upto personal interpretations.

These are no doubt teasings but I personally feel she loves Hamazura especially after their encounter in the WWIII which we will see in a few episodes.


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Sounds like a Yandere to me.

Which is a weird motivation but it is a motiviation. So I wish they would have played into it more.


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Oct 31, 2015
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Mar 16, 2006
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I don't want to jinx anything but.. a complicated story I could actually understand, Misaka's everywhere, generally fun stuff going on.

Is Index finally back to being Index?!:zomg


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Compulsory Razorhead addition from Reditt


Small Facts: Saigon Edition
This news channel is an obvious parody of CNN, although I'm not too sure what the 8 stands for.
The Roman Catholic Church Is Paralysed By Fiamma
The Cardinals are either all in league with Fiamma, corrupt as hell trying to profit from his takeover or trying to finally root out "that damnable science", and the others are just too scared to oppose him. With the cardinals in his pocket and the Pope out of commission Fiamma essentially is the Catholic Church. Nothing that couldn't be inferred, but it's nice to have confirmation.
“…No one can stop Fiamma’s tyranny,” the young priest said as if he were squeezing out the words. “The Cardinals who have seen his power are either overcome with fear or are following him hoping it will be to their advantage. And of all things, some have come forward saying a new pope needs to be selected in the middle of this war. [...] ”​
Italy Has Joined Russia's Side
Once again not a surprise but it's nice to have confirmation.
[...] A few units of the Italian army had actually been deployed to help with the war.​
The Protesters Are Going To Get Themselves Killed
The reason why the priest is so distraught is not because the people are starting to march on the Vatican, but because they are not at all prepared for the Catholic battle mages and will be slaughtered if they try. Hence why the Pope is going to try to calm things down.
“Historically, a few revolutions of the people have succeeded, but those only succeeded because careful preparations were made beforehand! A sudden riot like this will not change history!! At this rate, they will merely end up being slaughtered by the Roman Catholic battle units!!”​
“Th-then, what do we do!?”​
“They are thinking seriously about the future of the Roman Catholic Church. That is why we must hold them in check before this becomes a true riot. We can’t let them die.”​
Why Does The Pope Have A Mental Connection To Vasilisa?
He and Vasilisa secretly exchanged contact info when the Pope visited the Russian Orthodox Patriarch a few times, out of friendship.
During some talks he had gone through with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch, in order to strengthen their cooperative relationship, he had secretly exchanged means to communicate with her.​
Skogsfru Yet Lives
Remember I mentioned a while back that Vasilisa was fighting an Annihilatus magician by the name of Skogsfru, who was ordered to retrieve Sasha? Well, during her conversation with the Pope Vasilisa mentions she's still alive, although crying from her loss. Given the nature of their conversation it's likely Vasilisa won't kill her (or the other mages).
“Do you wanna know what’s going on? I’m in the middle of making a group of rebellious subordinates cry. Ah ha ha. This perverted woman magician named Skogsfru has snot pouring down her face. You’re the type that is moved to tears by hearing that brothers and sisters are fighting, right?”​
The Pope Jumped Out Of The Window
Oh yeah he didn't open that window just to get some fresh air. This is how he snuck out of the hospital.
The pope opened the window of the hospital room and unhesitatingly jumped out.​
A new fight began for that old man.​
How Can Kazakiri Leave Academy City For Russia? I Thought She Needed AIM Fields To Exist?
Well why do you think Aleister spread the Sisters all over the globe? The Sisters, working in tandem, can direct their own AIM fields and those nearby (if there are any) to create a giant belt-shaped AIM field reaching from Academy City to Russia so Kazakiri can come help out.
“So you have begun to think of a concrete plan. But you need not worry if you choose to do it. We tend to prefer this city that is filled with AIM diffusion fields, but by using the Sisters spread around the world as intermediaries and by applying directionality to the AIM diffusion fields, a belt-shaped AIM diffusion field area can be stretched from Academy City to the depths of Russia.”​
Did Kazakiri Turning Into Fuse Kazakiri Force Last Order And The Sisters To Comply Again?
This was also something Kazakiri was worried about. However it turns out the Sisters are more than happy to help out of their own accord this time, given the circumstances.
“Does that…” Kazakiri hesitated and then started again. “Does that mean a virus will be sent to those people’s heads again?”​
“If it is necessary,” responded Aiwass simply. “However, it will not be. It may be hard to understand with Last Order away, but your goal will most likely be in sync with what the Sisters want. Each individual unit may cooperate without an overriding order sent out from the command tower.”​
Our Good Friend The Russian Pilot
Hey, we finally see her for the first time in the anime! Ekalielya's previous scenes may have been cut, but this one made the cut (hah!). Thank you Kazakiri for giving her relevancy.
Fuse Kazakiri Design Differences
Fuse Kazakiri, finally acting of her own free will and not resisting her nature like in the Academy City Invasion arc, has now shown her true colours. While her hair does indeed turn blond, her eyes and halo are supposed to be rainbow-coloured, as you can see in this character sheet.Shame J.C. didn't fully commit, I thought she looked awesome. But then again we didn't get rave sword Ascalon as well in the British Halloween arc. What does J.C. have against rainbows?
Kazakiri Creating A Sword
To show that Kazakiri is now taking action of her own she created a sword while mid-flight. She is gearing up for battle it seems.
But this time, she was not being controlled by a third party. Her eyes held her own will. As she flew through the sky, something extended from her right hand. It was a sword. It gave her a mass of destructive power that did not suit her normal self.​
VV Donald's
Stating this obvious here, but just for completion: this is a reference to the famous fast food restaurant chain McDonald's.
Touma Wanted Some Local Specialities
Looks like Touma was kinda sad VV Donald's didn't have any local variants, such as a borscht burger.
“I never thought I’d end up tasting this familiar flavor here in Russia. Don’t they at least have a borscht burger they only sell in Russia or something?”​
Borscht is a sour soup typical to Russia and Eastern Europe.
Wait, Human Traffickers? I Thought Elizalina Helped Touma Get To Russia!
Yeah, those were Elizalina's people. They disguised themselves as human traffickers transporting war refugees to better blend in and not attract attention.
“Hmm,” said Kamijou as he ate his last nugget. “What do we do about the people who came in the trucks on Elizalina’s orders?”​
“They were just there to play their part allowing us to pretend to be brokers smuggling people out of the country. They have a bit of military experience, but they can’t stand up to top class Russian forces and certainly can’t do anything against professional Russian Orthodox magicians. Now that we’ve made it this far, their role is over. They just have to pretend to have some ‘customers’ and return to the Elizalina Alliance.”​
More Sexual Innuendoes With Lessar
When Touma questioned whether Lessar would be able to fit the XL burger in her mouth, Lessar says she is proud of her ability to fit large things in her mouth.
Ew Lessar, Touma's eating!
“Don’t worry. I take pride in my ability to fit things so large in my mouth that it surprises everyone around me. And I don’t mind if you imagine that scene in an indecent way.”​
How Does Hamazura Know William Is Not An Esper?
Well according to the novel he witnessed William wrecking the privateer base, and noticed William using multiple spells at once. Since a Dual Skill esper is impossible William is clearly not an esper.
However, this was different.​
Even then, spheres of water floated as if in zero gravity around the large man. They were the ones that had protected him from the heat, flames, and shockwave of the attack helicopters exploding.​
An esper could not use two different powers.​
William Has Regained His Full Strength
During the destruction of the privateer base we see William use lots of spells that are too difficult for J.C. to animate, from ice spears to water pillars and water vapor orbs. While this is important to note firstly because it is fucking awesome, the fact that William is capable of using normal spells once again means he has recovered from the damage dealt to him by Kazakiri and the Amakusa in the Acqua of the Back arc and regained control over his Mercy of Mary.
That's right people, Acqua the legendary Super Saint is back.
With each swing of his sword, a large amount of snow melted creating a few dozen tons of water that assaulted the tanks and other armored vehicles. The countless rockets fired from the helicopters were all intercepted by twice as many ice spears. A sphere of water vapor in the middle of the enemy lines exploded out and broke through the thick reinforced concrete fortress like a typhoon blowing through a plastic umbrella.​
A supernatural phenomenon.​
A natural disaster.​
As it ignored gravity and floated hundreds of meters up in the air, that was exactly what the attacking great mass of water was. It was like becoming the prey of a giant snake. The privateers who had been so into the deadly fight before had chills going down their spines at the sight of such a one-sided massacre.​

Hamazura Tells Digurv To Sell Him Out
Since Hamazura knows Academy City will figure out he was there anyways, either through use of sensors or by interrogating the villagers with the help of Psychometer espers, who can either read minds or tell if people are lying (these are, as previously mentioned in the series, commonly used by Anti-Skill and Judgment in criminal investigations), he tells Digurv to tell the truth and exchange the information freely in exchange for security.

“I doubt they know I’m here, but there’s a good chance they’ll figure it out when they use their complex sensors to search the area. I doubt they’ve brought any students out here, but if they do have Psychometer, they’ll figure it out right away. So don’t hide any information. Tell them everything that happened here. Don’t do anything that would make the soldiers suspicious. If you help them, they’ll protect you.”​
“Of course, the Academy City forces are not allies of justice or anything like that. They’re nothing more than a different military force from Russia. But you can use them and make them your allies. Just sell them the information on me and you can get their help.”​
Digurv, being the absolute bro that he is, immediately refuses, until Hamazura tells him not to take this as a sign he is giving up, that he will just flee like he was doing earlier, and to trust in his ability to escape.

What Happened To The Russian Soldier You Told Me About?
Glickin remained with the villagers for now, to protect them in case of need. A true patriot.

Text On The Parchments
While some of you may have assumed that this is just English lorem ipsum, this is in fact genuine text from a literary source.

That source being songs from the musical Miss Saigon.Seriously.

Compare the text on this screenshot with the lyrics below.

Last night I watched him sleeping​
My body pressed to him​
And then he started speaking​
The name I heard him speak was Kim​
Yes I know that this was years ago​
But when moonlight fills my room I know​
You are here still​
I still​
I still believe​
You will return​
I know you will​
My heart​
Against all odds​
Holds still​
Yes, still​
I still believe​
I know as long as I can keep believing, I'll live​
I'll live​
Love cannot die​
You will return​
You will return​
And I alone know why​
Last night I watched you sleeping​
Once more, the nightmare came​
I heard you cry out something​
A word that sounded like a name​
And it hurts me more than I can bear​
Knowing part of you I'll never share​
Never know​
But still​
I still believe​
The time will come​
When nothing keeps us apart​
My heart, forever more​
Holds still​
It' s all over, I' m here​
There is nothing to fear​
Chris, what' s haunting you?​
Won' t you let me inside​
What you so want to hide!​
I need you too!​
For still I will hold you all night, I will make​
It all right​
I still believe you are safe with me​
As long as I and I wish you could tell what you don't​
Want to tell​
Can keep believing, I'll live what your hell must be​
I'll live you can sleep now​
You will return you can cry now​
And I know why I'm your wife now​
I'm yours for life​
Until we die until we die​
- I Still Believe

They're called Bui-Doi.​
The dust of life.​
Conceived in Hell,​
And born in strife.​
They are the living reminder of all the good we failed to do.​
We can't forget​
Must not forget​
That they are all our children, too.​
Like all survivors I once thought​
When I'm home I won't give a damn​
But now I know I'm caught, I'll never leave Vietnam​
War isn't over when it ends, some pictures never leave you mind.​
They are the faces of the children the ones we left behind​
They're called Bui-doi.​
The dust of life, conceived in hell and born in strife​
They are the living reminders of all the good we failed to do​
We can't forget, must not forget, that they are all our children too​
These kids hit walls on ev'ry side, they don't belong in any place.​
Their secret they can't hide it's printed on their face.​
I never thought one day I'd plead​
For half-breeds from a land that's torn​
But then I saw a camp for children whose crime was being born​
They're called Bui-Doi, the dust of life conceived in hell and born in strife.​
We owe them fathers and a family a loving home they never knew.​
Because we know deep in our hearts that they are all our children too.​
These are souls in need, they need us to give​
Someone has to pay for their chance to live​
Help me try​
They're called Bui-Doi.​
The dust of life.​
Conceived in Hell,​
And born in strife.​
They are the living reminders of all the good we failed to do.​
That's why we know​
That's why we know​
Deep in our hearts​
Deep in our hearts​
That's why we know​
That they are all our children, too.​
- Bui Doi

An instruction manual indeed, Accelerator. Who know Fiamma's secret plan involved breaking out in song and dance? He's gonna be the most flamboyant villain ever.

If you wonder how the parchment was described in the novel, here's the accompanying excerpt:

The parchment had occult-like patterns, cursive spells, and other things that looked like they were from a horror movie. He could tell each diagram had been handwritten with an ink that was sticky like wax, but it was all amazingly accurate for having been done with such an analog method. The words seemed to essentially be cursive Latin, but small notes in Russian were added in here and there.​
Yeah, cursive Latin with Russian notes on the side. That seems a lot more appropriate for an occult document than English musical lyrics.

The Elizalinean Guard Did Not Speak Japanese
Accelerator is supposed to be speaking in Russian all this time. Looks like the anime translated it to Japanese once again for convenience.

“Do you understand this?” Accelerator asked in Russian.​
Elizalina Is A Sorcerer, Not Just A Magician
Those who've read my comments before in the Rewatch will remember the difference, but for those who don't: a sorcerer is a magician who writes Original Grimoires and teaches other magicians. So far in this series we've seen two others, those being Oriana Thomson (though she isn't very good at it, her Grimoires self-destruct so often she's weaponised it), and Aleister Crowley himself. While Aureolus Izzard has been mentioned to be writing Grimoires in service of the Catholic Church previously he never taught any students, and so doesn't meet the second requirement. Also his mind has been erased now, so...

“She’s a magician…no, a sorcerer. Apparently, that’s what you call a magic user who focuses more on raising the next generation than on herself. If the Anglican Church knew, it seems they would send some fearsome hunting dogs after her. [...]”​
Sleeping Beauty
Once again I don't think I need to explain this one, but just for completion: The tale of the Sleeping Beauty is a French fairy tale about a princess who fell into a deep sleep and had to be kissed by a prince to wake from her slumber. Accelerator is just referring to Elizalina being asleep when he referenced this, obviously.

Accelerator Shot The Spies In Their Legs, Not The Chest
Of course he did! He literally just got done saying he doesn't want to kill anyone! What was J.C. thinking making it seems like he shot them in the chest while he specifically aimed for the legs in the novel‽

Suddenly, Accelerator pulled a handgun out from his belt and shot out the legs of a different nearby soldier.​
The white soldier was unable to react to the sudden action by the person he had just been speaking with.​
Meanwhile, Accelerator shot out the legs of two or three more men and women within the room.​
What Did Accelerator Crush With His Foot?
The same thing he mentioned later in the episode: a small microphone the spy was carrying. The others were found to be carrying those as well, meaning Accelerator was correct in his assessment of their guilt.

Accelerator lightly kicked the first man he had shot who had collapsed unmoving to the floor. A tiny microphone similar to what a performer would use fell from his clothes and it was connected by a cable to a medium for recording and transmitting. The actions of the Elizalina forces were being monitored by the Russians. Or perhaps, they were using advice and false information to lead the Alliance astray.​
The white soldier hurriedly checked the pockets of the others Accelerator had injured. Similar devices were found hidden on them.​
Accelerator's Helping Out The Elizalineans
As thanks for caring for him and Last Order (and to keep Last Order safe) he's going to clear the base of spies. He'll also teach the Elizalineans how to recognise spies to help them out.

“I’ll pay for my stay by making a sweep. I don’t have time to go over the entire three hundred kilometer stretch of the Alliance, but I’ll exterminate all of the vermin near this plaza. And I’ll give you all a lecture on finding this kind of vermin. You can do the rest on your own.”​
How Did Accelerator Know They Were Spies?
Paying close attention, mostly. He just watched for suspicious behaviour.

“[...] If you watch for small characteristics and actions, they stand out from everyone else allowing you to naturally find them,” Accelerator responded off hand.​
This is also why it was more logical for the people he shot to have already been in the room as the excerpt two sections above mentions, as even Accelerator can't monitor people through walls.

There Were More Powered Suits Chasing Hamazura
Of course there were. Why would Academy City be as stingy to only send one? Five of them were chasing Hamazura through the wilderness. They were also pulling off way more impressive manoeuvres, including triple jumps.

[...] Those monstrous mechanical suits were approaching at high speed in a team of five that looked like the protagonist team to a super sentai show. They slid along as if on skates, jumped in a way that resembled a triple jump, and otherwise accurately pursued Hamazura and Takitsubo. [...]​
Why Did Hamazura Think The Border Would Protect Them?
Because while Academy City is allied with the Elizalina Alliance it does not currently have permission to let its military cross the border. Legally they can't chase them anymore when they enter the Alliance.

“Russia is being invaded by Academy City. At this rate, we will not be able to escape the Academy City bases and their patrols. But Academy City will lose any pretext on which to invade if we leave the country.”​
Of course Hamazura forgot that Academy City was never one to let pesky things like international law stand in their way.

Accelerator Didn't Defeat The Powered Suits With A Snowball
Seriously, what is it with J.C. and snowballs? Every time Accelerator has thrown a snow ball these past few episodes the novel stated it was a rock or compressed earth he shot. Yeah, obviously a snowball wouldn't take out a powered suit. The force required to do that would tear the ball apart mid-flight.

In the novel the powered suits were shot with a rocket containing liquid explosive covering them in flames, much like napalm. Whether Accelerator himself fired this rocket or he asked one of the Elizalinean guards to do so isn't stated, but I suspect the latter.

And then Hamazura heard what sounded like a firework being fired. It was not the explosive noise of the firework blooming into a large flower. It was the sound made when the firework was fired up into the sky from the ground.​
Immediately afterwards, a line of flames erupted along the border including where the powered suits were.​
“From the sound just before…it seems it was a rocket with a liquid explosive inside.”​
What Happened With The Powered Suits Afterwards?
Oh, the flames didn't take them out obviously. It obstructed them temporarily, but once they saw Accelerator and received new orders over the radio they backed off, leaving Hamazura alone for now.

Even in that much fire, the powered suits were still functioning properly. They looked at the person standing on top of the hood…and then took a step back. Hamazura had seen them stop moving for an instant before they took that step. It was as if they had received orders over their radios. The powered suits continued through to the other side of the flames and left.​
Last Order's Toxins
Takitsubo's toxins are easy to explain: those are just the Body Crystal buildup remaining in her body after years of drug abuse. But what does Elizalina means when she refers to Last Order containing toxins that are constantly being replenished? Well for one we know it's supernatural in nature, as Touma's Imagine Breaker erased the buildup last episode. Knowing this, and the fact that Aiwass previously mentioned that its manifestation is slowly killing Last Order it isn't that hard to put two and two together.

The virus implanted in Last Order is forcing her to order the MISAKA network to perform calculations to manipulate the AIM fields to support Aiwass' materialisation in this world, the same way they were being forced to materialise Fuse Kazakiri in the Academy City Invasion arc. And it seems overseeing and directing these calculations is slowly poisoning Last Order's mind as Aiwass is putting too much strain on her. While Touma and Elizalina can temporarily remove the toxin buildup, it would seem the virus responsible for Aiwass' manifestation needs to go in order for her to be cured.

Accelerator Taking Touma's Methods To Heart
Accelerator was surprised at his own decision not to restrain Worst. He mentions Touma must have rubbed off on him.

Inside was someone who it was surprising was not restrained.​
He might really have been influenced by that Level 0.​
Why Does Accelerator Think Worst Can Find A Clue From The Russian Bugs?
It was no mere coincidence that Worst attacked right as Accelerator was about to interrogate those Russian magicians he beat last time. Academy City wanted to prevent him from doing so, and putting that information and Worst's together they might be able to figure out some clue.

“The timing of your attack.” Accelerator lightly waved the rolled up parchments. “It was right when I was about to ask that Vodyanoy person about the details of these parchments. The timing of your arrival seemed intentional. You may not know the details yourself, but you were probably used in order to prevent me from finding some clue. If we compare the information you have and the information from the Russian spies, we might find something.”​
Dark May Project
This was mentioned back in the Battle Royal arc and I made note of it then, but in case you've forgotten: Kinuhata is a survivor of this project, and her ability (originally a standard atmospheric control ability) was changed into Offense Armor, mimicking Accelerator's Reflection.

Worst Overcoming Her Nature
The anime didn't put much focus on it, but Worst deciding to ally herself with Accelerator in spite of her spite (hah!) was a big step for her, overcoming her base nature.

For someone as filled with spite as her, grasping someone’s hand like that must have taken quite a bit of resolution. But Misaka Worst had overcome it. That handshake between enemies who had once tried to take each other’s life was proof of that.​
Touma And Lessar First Tried To Sneak Into The Base Again
Oh yeah. In a cut scene prior to the tank battle Touma and Lessar tried sneak their way in again. This time they tried to find a different route though, as no doubt the Russians would have found the tied-up magician from last time by now and are monitoring that entrance.

“If we entered through the exact same route, they’d find us right away. We restrained a Russian Orthodox magician at the station over there, remember?”​
They did eventually find one just like last time, a hole leading down into the ground.

There was a large hole.​
The land had originally looked like a low hill, but the opening to a cave about two meters across opened up on the side of the slope. The cave did not head straight. It continued down.​
“…So it is here,” he muttered half in shock. “Are there just secret bases all over the place or something?”​
Which once again lead to an underground train station. But unlike last time no one was here, and no trains were riding. It would seem transportation of goods had ceased.

[...] After walking fifty meters, they came to a station for a freight train.​
“…No one’s here.”​
Resigned to having no way of transportation they decided to walk the 40km train tracks towards the base. Lessar jumped on her Steel Glove and tried to ride it, like Bayloupe did back in the British Halloweenarc, and Touma promptly started to call her a traitor. Before they could resolve this issue though the entire ground shook and the roof of the tunnel started to collapse.

With an explosive noise, the snow ceiling collapsed.​
It happened about one hundred meters ahead of them. The thick white ceiling had likely been supported magically, but it suddenly fell straight down like a giant shutter.​
In an instant, the passage was blocked off.​
And it did not end there.​
Explosive noises that felt like they would make their eardrums burst continued on and on.​
Wanting to avoid being buried alive they quickly ran back out, where they found the entire area is under bombardment by the Academy City force. One shell struck close to them and in the resulting shockwave both were blown away.

They were not aimed at specific smaller targets. Their bombardment was simply meant to blow away the base itself and all the sensors set up in the area.​
The light and noise seemed to overload their senses as Kamijou and Lessar trembled.​
The light was painful and the noise was like a shockwave. Because of the overwhelmingly bright white flashes, Kamijou couldn’t tell if he had his eyes open or closed. Even though the two of them were pressed against the slope of the hill, he could feel Lessar slipping from his grasp. No. Kamijou was lying on top of her and he was the one being blown into the air.​
That state lasted for over thirty seconds.​
Or perhaps it all only lasted an instant, but the afterimage burned into his senses remained for that long.​
After they recovered from this the tank battle starts, and the scene from the anime takes place.

Fiamma Talking Via Doll Again
While this is the first time he's shown to do so in the anime I mentioned previously this was the way he projected his voice back at Elizalina's HQ as well, shortly before the 40km fiery sword impacted. It would seem he snuck a doll on Touma's person at that time as well.

Fiamma's Conversation With Touma Earlier Was To Lure Touma In
Did you think Fiamma was just pointlessly monologuing? Of course he wasn't. Since he couldn't take Touma with him at the time he specifically made sure Touma resented him so Touma'd come to him of his own volition. After that all he had to do was leave the entrance to his base open to lure him in. Why spent the effort searching for your precious material when you can make sure it comes to you on its own?

Don't take Fiamma for a fool, people. Even if he's a fan of musicals.

Fiamma of the Right had surely had a plan worked out at that time. And of course, that cruel message he had left with Kamijou had not been simply out of cruelty.​
He had made sure Kamijou would come find him.​
And if Kamijou was searching for him, he could always attack the boy.​
Attack him accurately and precisely.​
Skipped Interrogation
"Hold on, did Accelerator and Worst just torture spies for information?", I hear you ask. Well, the novel showed us what happened in that room. Let's take a look, shall we?

First of all there was only one spy in the room, bound to a chair. When he woke up he saw Accelerator standing over him with Worst in the back, zapping electricity between her fingers. Accelerator tells the guy to start talking and fast, and that it's not recommended to lie as Worst can "measure the electrical signals in your brain to figure out if you're lying or not".

“I want to know why someone like you would infiltrate a place like this. …Oh, like I said, you don’t have to respond. The brat behind me is measuring all the electrical signals within your brain. Oh, yes. It’ll go like this. I’ll ask my question: What did you come to the Elizalina Alliance to find out? Then you’ll respond: I was looking for something important on the orders of my superiors. And that’ll be enough. Then we’ll just use the level of affirmation or denial in your head regarding what you’ve said as a key for the brat behind me to search through your memories. The method of searching lacks delicacy, but don’t worry about it.”​
The spy, obviously trained in anti-interrogation techniques, staunchly refuses to answer even if he's caught off guard by bloody espers appearing all of a sudden. Just staying silent would save him, right? It's at this point however that he notices chunks of meat hanging from hooks on the ceiling, wrapped in barbed wire. All the pieces of meat looked like they had their skin torn off, and had scraps of clothing stuck to them. And if that wasn't bad enough there was exactly enough meat for the 8 people on his team, and the pieces of meat were covered in their clothes.

Multiple strings of barbed wire hung down from metal fixtures on the ceiling. A large hunk of meat was wrapped in the barbed wire and held on by the sharp metal spikes. He couldn’t tell what kind of meat it was. The hunk of meat was dark red as if the outer skin had been ripped off. He could see scraps of clothing stuck on the hunk of meat in places.​
It was as if a human’s head, arms, and legs had been severed, all the skin had been torn off, and then hung there wrapped in barbed wire.​
Sellick G. Kirnov felt as if he had lost control of his breathing. When he looked again, he could tell there was more barbed wire hanging down. They did not have any meat on them. Instead, seven pieces of meat that had been torn apart were lying down below. The barbed wire must not have been able to withstand the weight. Adding together the one hanging and the ones on the floor, there were 8. Sellick remembered that number. That was how many people there had been in his team. All of the hunks of meat had dark red scraps of clothing stuck on them. They were quite discolored, but he remembered them, too. They were from the clothes they had all been wearing.​
Of course Accelerator chooses this moment to chime in, saying that he "got a tad violent when the others remained uncooperative" and gently ask Sellick not to upset him, as he's run out of hostages.

“They all refused to cooperate despite knowing that having the brat behind me read their minds would be fastest. It kind of pissed me off and I can get a tad violent when I’m upset.”​
Sellick heard an odd noise from below his feet.​
It was caused by the leg of the chair tapping on the floor due to his trembling.​
Ignoring the noise, the red eyed figure gave a smile that looked like a rip along his face and leaned in close to Sellick’s face.​
“We don’t have any more hostages, so please don’t upset me.”​
And thus the Russian spy cracks. But what really happened to the other spies? Did Accelerator really kill or hurt them?

Of course he didn't. He just chopped up some beef in blocks, pasted scraps of clothing to it, and let Sellick's mind do the rest.

Even a veteran Russian spy would not know how to deal with an Academy City esper. As he did not know, he would build up a logical strategy of how to fight that unknown existence.​
That was when they applied a shock from a different direction.​
To do so, they had chopped some beef up into blocks, stuck scraps of clothing on it, and hung it up in barbed wire.​
So there you have it. Interrogation complete with no people killed or even injured. Unless psychological damage counts, in which case poor Sellick is scarred for life.

Worst Has Accelerator's Fighting Patterns Inputted
Thought Worst reminded you of Accelerator somewhat? Well you shouldn't be surprised, as part of Accelerator's fighting patterns were inputted in her, probably to predict his actions in battle better. She herself can make use of this as well though, and with the additional teachings of Accelerator per their agreement (mimicking the Dark May Project) she's only going to get closer to him psychologically.

“Misaka had your fighting patterns inputted in to her to a certain extent. That was the first time you’ve dealt with an opponent without using violence, wasn’t it? Of course, Misaka only means professional opponents who made themselves your enemy, not civilians like Last Order.”​
"Misaka Is Getting Puffy All Over..."
The novel version was a bit more... explicit. Although I don't know if this is just a translation choice.

“Misaka thinks various parts of her body are getting hard from such a selfish development☆”​
Accelerator Was Going To Punch Worst For Threatening Last Order
Did you expect him not to? At that exact moment though the entire ground suddenly started shaking, which is later revealed to be the Star of Bethlehemtaking off.

Accelerator thought about punching Misaka Worst as she cackled, but his vision suddenly started to shake.​
It wasn’t Accelerator’s vision that was shaking.​
It was…​
Why Is Stiyl Mad That Lola Is Trying To Stop Fiamma?
Well the anime left a key part out. Because Fiamma activated his control device first he has priority over Lola's, so she's shut out at the moment. She wants to switch the order of priority though, which can only be done by messing with Index' body physically. Who is already on thin ice due to being forced into the broken John's Pen Mode. This is what Stiyl is angry about, because despite his grumblings he trusts Touma to put a stop to Fiamma and doesn't think it necessary.

[...] “To prevent Fiamma from misusing the knowledge of the 103,000 grimoires, you’re trying to cut in with the Anglican device, aren’t you? Currently, Fiamma’s has the stronger connection because it was activated first. That’s why you want to mess with her body in order to change the priority.”​
Stiyl's Runes
Stiyl's runes were Kaunan (ᚲ) and Ansuz (ᚨ), meaning "torch" and "god" respectively. These are the runes he uses to invoke Innocentius, as the series has previously shown us, so they should seem familiar.

Fiamma’s Spell Was Gathering Catholic Material From All Over The World
Oh yeah. People who live there might notice but the first shot was from Florence, Italy. Just compare this screenshot with this photo of Florence, and you'll see the resemblance is striking. The building being adsorbed was the Florence Cathedral or the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower. Once again just compare this screenshot with the real-life cathedral.

Probably the first to notice it was a man from a citizen’s group in Florence.​
The historical steeple that could be called the core of the church he was supposed to be protecting was breaking in two. The construction floated up ignoring gravity and taking with it the giant bell that would ring out throughout the city on the hour.​
While the anime goes on to show a sort of overview of different churches being absorbed, the novel goes into a bit more detail with a small summary:

At that time, the giant steeple of France’s Mont Saint-Michel was torn off.​
At that time, a number of pillars were pulled from Italy’s Basilica of St. Mary.​
At that time, a grand pipe organ flew out of India’s St. Joseph Church.​
The buildings referenced here are the famous Mont Saint Michel Abbey in Mont-Saint-Michel,France, the Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy, and the St. Joseph's Cathedral in Hyderabad, India.

These were not the only ones though (as the anime neatly portrayed), as hundreds of thousands of Catholic items and masonry came floating in from all over the world.

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of those crystallizations of each culture amassed in one place and intertwined together complexly. It was not like a jigsaw puzzle that was created from the outset to fit together. It was like trying to make one’s own small gears for a broken watch by forcing together parts to create something those parts had not been made for.​

Fiamma Meant Getting The Space Ready In A Ritual Way
Fiamma was not really just looking for a large open space (though he did require that), the area needed to assemble the Star of Bethlehemneeded to be ritually prepared by magically consecrating it. This required time, materials, and manpower, hence the constant shipments of goods to the base via the secret route Touma and Lessar uncovered.

“I was preparing the space needed to put this together. After all, everything else I needed was waiting for me all over the world. I only need to spend my own savings. For the construction, I needed a work area that was like a sterilized room. A large amount of expenses, time, and workers were needed for that consecration.”​
The Star Of Bethlehem
Touma and Fiamma continue chatting for a little while longer in the novel and it's here that Fiamma mentions the name of this giant floating monstrosity. Just like with Worst the anime skips the in-universe introduction for some reason, showing it solely in the episode title. It's named after the biblical Star of Bethlehem, with is the star that according to the Nativity of Jesus appeared in the sky to guide the three Magi to Jerusalem so they could worship and bear gifts to the newborn child.

“…Are you sure it wasn’t a mistake to let me on?” Kamijou asked.​
“Quite the opposite. Your right arm is absolutely necessary to carry out my goal.” Fiamma chuckled. “I suppose I should welcome you to my castle, the Star of Bethlehem.”​
And when I said monstrosity earlier I meant it. This thing has a radius of a few dozen kilometres!

It had a radius of a few dozen kilometers.​
This means that it's at the very least over 20km in radius, meaning at least 40km from end to end! This thing is huge!

It also appears to have a bubble around it keeping the oxygen levels, atmospheric pressure, and temperature constant within it, so as to not cause altitude sickness.

It seemed odd that he did not have any kind of altitude sickness after being thrown that high into the sky. He had a slight pain around his temples, but he had no deep urge to vomit, difficulty breathing, or narrowing of vision. He decided that moving around would not be a problem.​
(The air pressure and temperature are the same as on the surface…? Is there some kind of weird barrier erected around the fortress?)​
When he thought about it, he recalled that the clouds had split apart oddly when the fortress had cut through them…at least he thought they had. It was possible that they were being protected by some kind of field in the shape of a sphere squished in at the top and bottom.​
The World Turned To Night
It's a bit difficult to see in the anime as the sky was already quite dark, but the spell Fiamma cast turned the sky instantly to night.

The world turned to night.​
As if everything had been instantaneously painted over with black, the sky turned to a night sky.​
Touma Was Scared Out Of His Mind
Touma, having seen this before, is rightly terrified. This is the Astro In Hand spell Misha Kreutzev used during Angel Fall to move the position of celestial bodies, and its appearance know can only mean one thing.

It's back.

That magic was so great that it gave one control of the positional relationships of the earth, the moon, and the sun. Kamijou could only stare in blank amazement upon seeing that.​
It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the phenomenon he was seeing.​
Kamijou Touma’s eyes were opened wide to the limit and he was trembling because he did know.​
He had seen that before.​
It was an angel’s spell.​
That supernatural phenomenon was the buildup to the even greater spell known as Sweep that interfered with the movements of heavenly bodies, built up one’s own power, and was enough to destroy the entire human race without moving a single fingertip.​
That was a true angel’s spell. As such, it was clear what the being using it should be called.​
Archangel Gabriel Is Incomplete
However, as both Aiwass in Academy City and Fiamma mention, archangel Gabriel is as of current incomplete, and is so referred to by them both as Misha Kreutzev once again.

“A being similar to you has been confirmed to be in Russia. The being is known as the Archangel Gabriel. No, as she is still incomplete, I suppose I should call her Misha Kreutzev. [...]”​

“Head out, Archangel Gabriel. Blow them all away.”​
“No, I suppose I should refer to you as Misha Kreutzev here.”​
How Did Mikoto Steal An Airplane?
When she hacked the Bank and found out Academy City was planning on "retrieving" Touma she also noticed that they had a plane ready to take off right now.

On the PDA, she could see detailed plans on how to attack that boy. It had the personnel and equipment for the unit to parachute down and a mission schedule. Of course, the military airplane was waiting in District 23, the district that focused on air and space technology.​
She just quickly popped on over, and with some "friendly" electricity paralysing the pilot forced him to fly towards his original objective.

A high voltage current regulated to not leave any after effects forcibly constricted the pilot’s muscles so he could not move even a finger.​
“Sorry about that. I’m pretty pissed off, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll hold back next time,” the girl, Misaka Mikoto, informed the pilot as he almost seemed to be hyperventilating.​
“Take me to Russia. It’d be great if you would just do your job as you were originally supposed to.”​
This also makes her speech to the pilot this episode make a bit more sense, as this pilot was planning on kidnapping Touma and put him in a coma if necessary.

Gabriel Didn't Ram The Plane In Twain, It Swung Its Wing
Remember the giant ice wings Kanzaki had to fight? Gabriel used those again, creating a giant one to cut the planes in half (including the one Mikoto was on).

A giant wing-like object stretched from the blue point of light cutting horizontally across the entire visible portion of the heavens.​

The figure swung one of those wings.​
It was rather large at one hundred meters, but that still was not enough to match the scale of the sky. Currently, the supersonic bomber was flying in an area farther away than that.​
And yet the body of the HsB-02 that was made of the latest nonmetal materials was suddenly sliced in two.​
Gabriel's Summoning Is Unstable
This ice wing disintegrated partway through the attack though, breaking in half and destroying a nearby mountain, and Fiamma mentions that due to Angel Fall being cast accidentally the summoning spell based on it is kinda unstable.

That blue point of light had swung that giant wing solely to blow away that formation of unmanned fighters. However, the giant wing disintegrated partway through breaking it in half. The severed half flew on and created a gigantic explosion near the horizon where it landed.​
An enormous mass of dirt flew up into the air.​
An entire mountain had been blown away.​
“Well, Angel Fall was an accidental spell. With a summoning method based on and derived from that, stability is a bit of a problem.”​
Mikoto Landed By Balancing Magnetism, Not By Shooting The Ground
She carefully slowed her fall by increasing and decreasing magnetic pull towards the helicopter to decrease her downwards momentum by attracting herself in the opposite direction.

This was adapted in the anime by her shocking the ground. Very hard. Somehow.


Her body shot past the attack helicopter.​
She didn’t completely cling to it, but there was a clear force lifting Mikoto’s body toward the attack helicopter. That force acted as a cushion to softly lower her downward speed.​
As Mikoto headed down toward the white snowy plains, she strengthened that force bit by bit in a carefully regulated manner so as not to crush her body from the shock of deceleration but to still prevent herself from being killed upon landing.​
If someone had been watching from nearby, it may have looked like she was lowering herself down on an invisible rope.​
Mikoto planted her feet atop the snow and completely cut off the magnetic force.​
#10777's Local Arms
Given that Academy City is paranoid about leaking technology they would never have allowed the Sisters to leave Academy City with their advanced weaponry, and so #10777 is wielding a local Kalashnikov AK-47.

A girl stood there holding a rifle called a Kalashnikov that was made of both wood and metal instead of an Academy City F2000R.​

Yup finally copied the full thing.

JC did not a bad job.

I am wondering when they will show that my country India joined the war on the Academy City's side.
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I'm impressed with that info dump. :super


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Now that was a nice episode. Good pace, balanced screentime between the protagonists, four Misakas!

I always loved Accelerator and Worst's interactions.


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Razorhead additions
Why Does Fiamma Need Those Parchments?
Well, not only is Gabriel incomplete (hence why Fiamma is calling it Misha Kreutzev instead), but so is the Star of Bethlehem. He had to rush its ascent because Academy City was closing in through the gap he left open for Touma, who arrived later than he expected.
While Fiamma used Index' knowledge for most of his plan the Churches around the world weren't stupid, and only allowed Index to memorise the non-super secret stuff. The Vatican, the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Church all have magical treatises and Grimoires they didn't put into Index for safety, among which those relating to angels and God's Right Seat, and the parchments (currently in possession of Accelerator) are one of these, needed to bridge the gap in Index' knowledge.
(The Star of Bethlehem is still incomplete. I had to hurry its rise because of Academy City’s ground forces, but now that Misha Kreutzev is on the move, my victory will not be shaken.)
There was something he lacked.
“Those parchments.”
The spiritual item Fiamma had obtained gave him free access to the 103,000 grimoires held within Index, but that was not enough. Truly esoteric knowledge related to things such as angels and God’s Right Seat was not held within her. Those parchments were needed to make up for that. Once he had his path to that knowledge, Fiamma of the Right’s plan would be fulfilled by sending it into a feedback within the Star of Bethlehem.
Takisubo's Treatment
Not sure why they didn't show Takisubo's treatment, but Elizalina specialises in traditional "wise woman" magic, folk healer type stuff, and as thus was using various herbs, plants, incenses, and extracts to cure Takitsubo, letting her inhale it through an oxygen mask.
Takitsubo was lying on an emergency stretcher and was wearing a clear oxygen mask. Instead of an oxygen tank at the other end of the tube, it was connected to something like incense made of various dried and crushed plants. According to Elizalina, that would remove the Body Crystal from Takitsubo’s body, but…
Takitsubo Isn't Fully Healed Yet, Just The Toxin Buildup Has Been Removed
Yeah, she's not fully healed yet. Not sure why the anime implied this. Elizalina succeeded in removing the remaining toxin buildup in Takitsubo’s body, curing her of her fever and preventing her from getting any worse. She did not manage to heal the damage the drugs did to her body already though, and Takisubo will require after-care in hospitals to deal with those affects, but for now she's safe.
“But this only removed the undigested toxin. The portions of her body that have already been eaten into weren’t replaced. She should recover a bit, but she isn’t fully healed. A different method of healing will need to be found for the after effects of the drug,” Elizalina said as she put out the small flames causing the smoldering incense. “Forcing her status up will only give her a greater relapse. I’ve never been too fond of the performance of science.”
“I’ll explain everything later, but I’ll tell you this for now: it’s okay now. You aren’t completely healed yet and it will probably take Academy City’s help to completely cure all of the after effects, but the Body Crystal will not make your health deteriorate any more. The risk to your life is gone. So it’s okay. …From now on, it’s our turn to take them on.”
How Did Takitsubo Become Lighter? Did The Toxins Weight That Much?
Nope, she was lighter because she was now actively helping pulling her body upright rather than being a sack of potatoes, testament to her health having improved.
In order to return her to the stretcher, Hamazura held her in his arms. He then noticed something was different. The feeling of lifting a bag filled with dirt was gone. She was lighter. This was because Takitsubo was making sure to adjust her weight.
Her will had returned to every corner of her body.
Hamazura felt that more than anything symbolized what a large change had occurred within her.
Who Scattered The Documents On The Ground?
No one did. In the novel they were already scattered and Hamazura just noticed them at that time.
I guess here he bumped the side table in his joyfully trashing about and accidentally knocked it to the ground though.
And then Hamazura saw some scattered documents out of the corner of his eye. They were in a field hospital, but it was really just a military facility that had medical equipment in it. It seemed some of the military related equipment and documents still remained.
Why Does The Elizalina Alliance Have Files On Digurv's Village?
Well, first of all that village was trying to join the Elizalina Alliance (which should really come as no surprise, seeing as how Russia has treated them).
“…It’s a request to be taken into the Alliance and the issues related to doing so,” said Takitsubo who had read the Russian report from behind Hamazura.
Then Russia faxed them these documents, stating that the village contains an abandoned missile silo and that they are unleashing the Kremlin Report (no "maybe" here, they outright told the Elizalina Alliance they would) as a warning of how Russia deals with their missile silos potentially falling under foreign control.
They will destroy Digurv's village as a warning to the Elizalina Alliance not to acquire any of their missile silos, and so sent them the information to explain their actions to make sure the threat arrived perfectly clear.
“This was sent by the Russian army. The original Kremlin Report and supplemental documents were faxed together. In order to justify the actions they’re taking within their own country, they’re making this performance of a warning. It was actually only sent out a few hours ago so no major evacuation could be carried out even upon seeing it. Most likely, it was sent to the Elizalina Alliance as a threat. It’s basically saying ‘you’re next’.”
Why Does Russia Care So Much About An Abandoned Missile Silo Though?
Because Russia's missile defense network is directed outwards, and doesn't take into account the fact that domestic missiles could be fired upon them. Even though the silo contains no actual missiles all the Elizalina Alliance or its allies would need to do would be to bring in foreign missiles, launch them from there, and Russia would be powerless to stop them.
Hence why they really, really don't want these silos falling in foreign hands.
“It still possesses the functionality to launch and missiles can be brought in from outside. Russia’s experimental missile defense network they put up in recent years is focused on the national borders, so a launch from a silo within the country was not taken into consideration.”
“…So they can’t defend against a missile launched from that silo?”
How Is Gabriel The Core Of The Mystery Last Order And Accelerator Were Involved In?
Not sure if J.C. messed up here or Crunchyroll did, but Accelerator didn't say Gabriel is related to them, but that this situation is "almost exactly" like one he and Last Order were forcibly involved in. By this he means Academy City manifesting and controlling the angel-like Fuse Kazakiri via Last Order in the Academy City Invasion arc, and doing the same with the angel-like Aiwass now. If Fiamma's doing something similar to manifest and control the angel Gabriel, then he could use this info to perhaps undo the effects on Last Order.
(…It’s almost exactly like the mysterious core of the issue that brat and I were forced into dealing with.)
On September 30, Accelerator had seen giant wings of light dancing during his fight with Kihara Amata. It seemed their appearance had been related to Last Order. And Aiwass had appeared based on those giant dancing wings of light that were apparently called Fuse Kazakiri.
If the angel that had appeared in the Russian sky was the same thing and that giant fortress was a means of bringing about and controlling the angel…
(It’s possible that technology could also be used to control the movements of an angel and send it away. This could be the way to save that brat from the angel or whatever that’s making her suffer!!)
But How Would Fiamma Know Accelerator Has The Parchments?
The spies from last episode probably warned him.
“So you are in danger. Due to the spies that had unfortunately made it into my base, they must have received word of this. Even if you hand over the parchments, you could easily still be captured in an attempt to find out where they ended up.”
Why Would Accelerator Giving The Russian Army A Wide Berth Be Foolhardy?
Once again not sure if J.C. or Crunchyroll omitted information here, but Accelerator's plan is to flee the Russians while showing them he possesses the parchments, drawing all attention to him and away from the Elizalina Alliance. Hence Elizalina's reply.
“You are a person that was kind enough to save Misaka. You probably just want to flee while letting the Russians see you have the parchments so the soldiers will leave the Alliance. Ee hee hee.”
Why Didn't Sasha Let Touma Finish Speaking?
She did in the novel. He mentioned the events of the Angel Fall arc which she has no memory of, so she thought he was talking bullshit.
“Where do I start…? Umm, I actually met you at the end of August, but it was technically Misha Kreutzev that I met, so I have never directly spoken with you. Anyway, I heard from Kanzaki and Tsuchimikado that the pre-switched out body belonged to someone named Sasha Kreutzev.”

Why Did Sasha Suddenly Stopped Believing Touma Was An Enemy?
His mention of "end of August" previously combined with the term "angel" now, which she knows is related to her body acting weird lately, tipped her off that Touma might know what happened to her, and so she is cooperating with him in order to fish for information.
(...It does not change the fact that he is suspicious, but he seems to know something about my “condition”.)
What stood out to her was the mention of the end of August.
At around that time, an odd “condition” had come over Sasha. When she drew near spiritual items or the magic power of others, she felt a pressure in her chest. According to the Russian Orthodox analysts, it was a response to having a large archangel-class power put inside her body.
Why Didn't Fiamma Have Guards Watching Sasha?
He did. Sasha managed to quickly run past them. Touma considers that Fiamma probably doesn't care though given that they can't exactly jump off the flying base and he can teleport, so presumably he's just letting them roam around for now. Touma didn't tell Sasha this though.
“…My second response: When I awoke, the ceremony was already complete. That may have been why I was able to escape. A few Russian Orthodox magicians are here in addition to the leader, so I normally would have been unable to escape. However, I rushed out of the ceremony room right when they were relaxing over having gotten past one of their major difficulties.”
“That’s fine. Did you see anything in the ceremony room before you fled?”
Kamijou doubted Fiamma would leave an opening like that and he also wasn’t sure if you could really “flee” from him as he could fill in a gap of a few kilometers in an instant, but he didn’t mention either thought.
Perhaps Fiamma had determined that there was nowhere to escape to while trapped on that sky fortress.
Touma's Touching Went Further Than In The Anime
He went for the stomach and thighs as well, completely absorbed in trying to dispel Misha, explaining Sasha's rather harsh reply.
Not noticing that Sasha had begun to tremble, Kamijou then touched her head, her shoulders, her sides, her stomach, her thighs, and so on.
“…No. Not here either. Or here. Or here. Dammit, there’s no change in Misha. Is this method not going to work? I guess I’ll test her back as well just to be sure. And what’s with this crazy outfit…?”
Sasha Beat Him Twice More For Good Measure
She was rather pissed off, but stopped after realising beating Touma senseless wouldn't help her situation.
Sasha swung down the corner of the crowbar twice more, but she must have decided that beating him beyond repair would not get her anywhere because she put the instrument of torture back in her belt while blushing profusely.
A Staff Is The Symbolic Weapon Of Fire
Adding on to the fire theme of Fiamma's summoning of Gabriel, a staff (the thing he put Index' control device on) is, according to Western occultism, the symbolic weapon of the element of fire.
“My fifth response: Specifically, it was a staff. No, the symbolic weapon of fire is the rod or the staff, so that in itself is not surprising.”
A Fire-Themed Ceremony To Summon The Archangel Of Water?
This shouldn't be that surprising if you listened to Fiamma's statement of the four elements being distorted, and given that the novel mentioned that Gabriel when summoned gave her name as "Misha Kreutzev" which would be better suited to Michael, the archangel of fire, rather than Gabriel (as I made note of a while ago).
Somehow this distortion of the elements is also messing up the archangels, leading to Gabriel and Michael being mixed, hence Fiamma (with dominion over fire and aligned to Michael) using a fire-themed ceremony to summon Gabriel.
Divine Punishment Upon The City Of Wickedness
Minor mistake in Crunchyroll's subs here, it should be cities (plural), not city (singular), as the cities referred to here are Sodom and Gomorrah, famous in the Bible for being utterly destroyed due to being dens of sin. In some texts it is stated archangel Gabriel was the one who delivered God's judgement upon these cities, hence William's statement here. This is also the reason why Gabriel, or its incomplete incarnation Misha, can use the Sweep spell which it almost casted back in Angel Fall, capable of raining down destruction upon the world.
Did Pietro Yogdis Cooperate With Fiamma?
No. Despite being a selfish asshole he was no traitor who cooperated with Fiamma, just a mere opportunist who decided to grasp the chance of becoming the Pope when it arose.
He did not know the details of the plan being carried out by the man behind it all. Nor had he cooperated with him. But he understood what Fiamma of the Right was doing.
And if the things he would carry out would work in Pietro Yogdis’s favor, he did not care what they were.
In other words, he just wanted a chance to steal the position of pope.
The Pope Didn't Use Any Magic, He Just Talked The People Down
They really didn't portray what the Pope here did well, as he didn't use any magic, nor manipulation, nor feverish charisma to convince the populace. He just spoke to them, convinced them, and calmed them down. And then everyone decided to follow him of their own accords.
What the pope had done in the city of Rome had not been anything special.
He had called out to the people, approached, spoke, and given them time to slowly calm down.
That was all.
Normally, someone who had done that would likely have been ganged up on by the fifty thousand- strong riot. His words could have even caused a catastrophic explosion.
And yet he stood before that special wartime group mentality that had an odd heat to it and that both saw fighting as the norm and deemed those who stood in their way to be evil.
His words had returned the humanity to all of them. He had not shaken their feelings by any magic means and he had not read some speech calculated to affect their group mentality. The words of a single old man had merely spread throughout the area and then guns and blades were lowered one by one.
Roman Catholic Assassins Tried To Kill The Pope, Yet Couldn't Pull The Trigger
While there were Roman Catholic forces mixed in trying to subdue to riots they also couldn't let the Pope seize control of the people, and so decided to shoot him when they could. And yet every single one of them held their fire, fearing for what might happen if the Pope died, deciding that the events the Pope has set in motion must not be stopped.
Of course, the world was not constructed on a simple balance between good and evil. There were Roman Catholic agents hidden within the people who had fanned the flames of the riot in the direction they wanted. They did not want a chaotic riot to spread, but they deemed the people being silently drawn in by the power of the pope to be even more dangerous. That was why they had tried use a single gunshot to overturn the situation they deemed unfavorable. By applying another stimulus to the calmed crowed, they hoped to bring things back even stronger than before. In a time like that, a simple gunshot was much more effective at creating a large panic than some unknown bit of magic. The Roman Catholic Church had standardized spells that used their great group that numbered up to two billion, but they chose a single gunshot for that reason.
And yet…
The professional assassins were unable to reach into their pockets. No one was able to aim for and shoot the pope who had calmed the people by saying he would resolve everything.
Fear was at the root of it.
A lead-like weight at the bottom of their guts stopped even the fingers of true assassins. Those assassins had continued fighting despite their fear countless times, but there was something odd there they had never experienced before.
(The small flow of events this man has created must not be stopped…!!)
Pietro Thought He Was Going To Get Killed
While alone in the anime, the Pope was surrounded by believers and the turned guards in the novel, and so Pietro was fearing for his live, thinking the Pope might blow him away with his magic or sic the mob on him.
He would be killed.
That was what he naturally assumed. After what had happened, that was the obvious result. Matthai Reese had no weapon or spiritual item in his hands, but that did not console him even slightly. He knew how skilled the other man was at magic. Without using those things, he could give a single order that would cause the people, the warrior priests, and the bishops to all lose their senses and tear Pietro Yogdis to pieces. In the end, he had no true allies.
And so he was all the more surprised when the Pope instead gently forgave him, and told him he did a good job.
Despite Pietro Yogdis Being An Asshole, He Is A Good Leader
The novel also elaborated more on the fact that, despite Pietro being selfish and attempting to kill the Pope and part of the rioters, he is a better leader than Mattai. Even Mattai himself admits this, stating that while he was in a coma Pietro led the Church through the current crisis way better than he would have, thanking him for keeping damages to a minimum, and acknowledging his ability to take tough decisions to protect people's lives.
“You did a fine job of ruling over two billion followers during these tough times. It was clearly your abilities that allowed everyone here to live on while I slept. As you said, I was an incompetent leader. If it had just been me, the damages would likely have been greater and more widespread

“Call me once the papal conclave begins. I’ll vote for you. You took the full brunt of all the pain and made countless extreme decisions to protect everyone’s lives, so you have what it takes. I may not be able to do much, but I will help you advance on that path.”
Here Mattai just looks naive forgiving and promising to vote for Pietro, while Pietro's good qualities and actions (despite being used for a selfness goal) were not mentioned.

Misha Was Wrecking Even Russian Troops
Oh yeah. She made no distinction at all, which is perhaps not surprising given that Fiamma has broken off ties with the Russians.

Just like that, Misha continued to literally stamp the Academy City troops out of existence. Misha had no concept of friend or foe and as such, even the Russian tanks and troops milling around on the surface were crushed into oblivion.
Why Doesn't Knight Leader's Thororm's Spell Work On Misha?
Not only is Misha way too strong, her wings count as part of her body and thus wouldn't register as a weapon in Knights Leader's eyes, meaning the spell would have no effect either way.

“The bad news is, it seems the gap between us is too big. And those ice wings may not even be weapons, but just an extension of its body.”
How Does Index Let Fiamma Use Normal Magic?
The four elements aren't exactly pure. They contain trace amounts of the other elements within them and, using Index' knowledge, Fiamma is able to use the trace amounts present in the element of fire to control the other elements as well, making him able to use ordinary magic like a regular magician.

“Of the four great elements, I rule over fire, but it does not end there. I have determined that each of the four great elements is at the farthest point in its directions but also has the other elements within it. I have gathered everything I need to use magic.”
Nikolai Tolstoy Ordered The Russians To Attack Fiamma
After his conversation with Fiamma Nikolai was understandably rather miffed at being used and discarded, and so ordered the Russian army to use the "reserves" to blow the Star of Bethlehem away.

He threw the book-shaped communications spiritual item onto the table and grabbed a cell phone. The phone had a chip for encrypted communications used by high-level government officials. As he operated the phone, he gave an order to a subordinate.
“Bring out the ‘reserves’.”
That word held dreadful meaning.
Nikolai ignored how much of a dilemma that order would put Russia into as he yelled.
“Blow that fortress away!! Now!!”
Later on #10777 outright confirms Nikolai is behind the nuclear launch in the transmission she intercepted.

“Misaka has intercepted a Russian transmission, reports Misaka. The encryption is different from the usual one for their vehicles. Someone named Nikolai Tolstoy is mentioned quite a few times, but this is probably a transmission from an independent unit, conjectures Misaka.”
Misha Blew Up Another Mountain
Yep. That blow Carissa just barely dodged? Enough to blow up a mountain behind her.

Misha raised her palm.
Something happened.
A sound cut through the air
Something flew past Carissa’s face, and the mountain behind her was vaporized.
She could not react at all.
Rather Than Drilling Her Wings Into The Pair, Misha Was Firing Hundreds Of Wings
Man, J.C. is doing a terrible job of displaying how utterly and tremendously powerful an archangel, even an incomplete one, is. Rather than using her 10-ish wings to drill into Carissa and the Femma Fatale causing them to block it, she instead launched over a hundred small wings at the pair like a supersonic machine gun, tiring them out via incessant dodging.

Just as the two prepared themselves for the inevitable, the wings of ice moved.
Over one hundred wings moved in unison towards the pair at over supersonic speeds.
Innumerable sparks flew. The situation was just like being fired at by a Gatling gun shooting at six thousand rounds per minute. The girls’ faces were pale as they dodged the countless projectiles. Even though their physical capabilities were far beyond normal humans, without their sixth sense, the chances of dodging such a barrage for an extended period of time were nil.
Even if a chance was to appear for them to launch a counterattack, they did not have the energy left to mount an assault. Dodging Misha’s attack was eating through their stamina. This was a completely unfavorable situation for them; they could not find an opening at all.
This highly destructive high-paced super fast battle just looks so boring and underwhelming in the anime. Instead of dodging, weaving, and moving about Carissa, the Femma Fatale, and Misha are just standing there.

Academy City And The Russians Are Both Fleeing Together, Having Given Up Fighting Each Other
Oh yep. Seeing the utter destruction Misha was creating the two armies just gave up fighting each other, overwhelmed by the feeling of powerlessness accompanying this force of nature. Soldiers were just stunned by this display, later even helping each other dodge the violent attacks.

It was a scene of total destruction.
A crewman emerged from the crushed hull of an Academy City tank, only to come face to face with a Russian soldier who was almost fainting from exhaustion. However neither pointed their gun at each other. The Russian soldier just stared up at the sky, dazed, and the Academy City trooper completely understood what was going through the Russian soldier’s mind.
This was not a war anymore. The term “war” was just one of the many aspects of human life. This was a true apocalypse. In front of an apocalyptic event such as this, humans were powerless.
And when Carissa and the Femme Fatale stand up to hold Misha back both armies retreat in unison, guarded by the English and French forces.

Behind them, the soldiers were in retreat. No matter if they were Russian or from Academy City, with the aid of the British and French troops, they quickly made their escape from the battlefield. Survivors were rescued from crushed vehicles, and the injured were placed on those that could still move.
The battles ceased being humans vs. humans, and is now completely humans vs angel.

The Star Of Bethlehem Is 40 Kilometres Across
While last time it was said to be "several dozen kilometres in radius", we now get a proper figure: 40km across, or 20km in radius.

The total size of the structure was approximately forty kilometers across.
And it's still incomplete according to Fiamma!

Kazakiri Was Emitting Purple Lightning
As a reminder of her angelic form being manifested by the MISAKA network (this time voluntary) Hyouka had wings of purple lightning sprouting from her back. This is, like the rest of her technicolor character design, left out in the anime. Shame.

An existence created by science.
Created by the concentration of AIM diffusion fields.
Emitting violet lightning with dozens of wings emitting from her back.
“Kazakiri Hyouka...!”
#10777 Lamented The Fact That The Home Team Has An Advantage
With Mikoto mentioning having gone on a date with Touma, and #10032 having received a necklace from Touma as well, #10777 painfully states that the girls in Academy City have an advantage compared to her in winning Touma's affections.

“…With #10032’s necklace and that strap, it really seems like the Academy City group has an advantage, says Misaka hinting at her need to reformulate her strategy. Long distance is tough.”
Missile Code Name
While the code name #10777 mentions is Nu-AD1967, an obvious reference to the year 1967, the Russian codename for the nuke being launched is "Opasnosti" (Опасности), meaning "Dangerous" in Russian.

“What is that?”
“That is the American name for it, says Misaka continuing her explanation. It seems it is called an Opasnosti here, says Misaka as she listens carefully to the transmission.”
With the year 1967 being in the middle of the Cold War this explains why Nikolai referred to them as "reserves" earlier, meaning this missile is a leftover from the Cold War.
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Happy birthday, Lydia Mackay! You did lovely job for voicing Mugino Shizuri and Shiina Kamijou from A Certain series!

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Welp they butchered the Invisible Thing(IT).It was so majestic in the LN.

True power of Touma that overpowered Fiamma's "La Persona Superiore a Dio" form easily even in incomplete state.

And no Ib didn't suppress it like in the anime it was some power inside Touma (maybe his willpower)

Misaka was so grand in this episode.

And Gulp Mugino joined Hamazura's Harem now.
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A certain character in next episode preview which might signify NT anime,Please JC change your director and start from fresh maybe then you can do it well.


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