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Naruto 449 (2 comments)
Ch. 449 (based on the horrible manyou LQ scan... here's to hoping that Chinese scanners will stop putting their watermark over somebody else's works.)


Text: The last of Nagato...!!

Nagato: Gedou - Rinne Tensei no Jyuutsu (roughly: Outer mode - Reincarnation Heaven Birth technique)

Naruto: ?!

Konan: Nagato you!!

Nagato: Konan... it's fine... // I've chosen an alternative... the option to give up...

Naruto: What? // What technique is that?!

Konan: ... //
Folks who carry the eyes of Rinnegan are masters of all 6 Pains' techniques // They're said to exist outside of the world of Living or Dead // Nagato's power is the 7th Pain that controls life and death...


Nagato: Outer mode

Konan (Using... Read More " "
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Naruto 444 (0 comments)

Number 444: Answers

Naruto draws closer to Nagato!!

Nagato: オレが憎いか? Do you hate me? / 仇を目の前にし...復讐を成しとげたいだろう Arch enemy right before your eyes, you probably want to carry out your revenge, right?

Naruto flashback ( Pain: The chain of hatred begins )

Konan: Even if you take revenge and kill Nagato here right now, nothing will change in this world / All you'll get is self-satisfaction

Flashback (Pain: I formed "Akatsuki" in order to stop this chain of hatred )

Flashback (Minato (Naruto's dad): as long as this Ninja system exists / this monster called hatred will continue to give birth to... Read More " "
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Naruto 443 (3 comments)
Naruto 443 - Face Off


The Pain Crushing Rasengan!!

SFX: Hyuuuuuuuu


#443: Face Off

Pain: Gua!

SFX: Tsugogogo

Naruto: Gu!

SFX: Zuza


Nagato: pant... pant...

Konan: Nagato...

Nagato: ...the last pain was defeated


Naruto: Pain uses this to receive Chakra and moves... / If I pull them out, it won't be able to move anymore

Pain: You and I have the same goal / to achieve peace as Jiraiya sensei had said


Pain: Both you and I can't change / we both move for our own version of justice

Pain: The justice that I did to Konoha / is the same as what you are doing to me.

Pain: The pain of loosing something important are both the same / Both you and I know of that pain

Pain: You... Read More " "
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Naruto 441 (1 comments)

Sage mode activated for the final showdown!!!

(Tendou) Pain: (Does that mean he can suppress the nine tails already?

Nagato: Cough! Cough!

Conan: Nagato!

Nagato: zeaaa... haaaa....


Naruto: Damn the nine tails transformation had messed up my Chakra... even my Shadow Clone had disappeared.


Pain: (already in Sage mode huh...)

Naruto: !

Katsuyu (the slug): fuuwaa... I thought I was a goner...!

Pain: (what a tough guy... I wanted to test the extend of Nine Tail's power... but who would've thought even my Chibaku Tensei attack....)

Naruto: This... ....


Naruto: The village is in that direction... that's...

Katsuyu: You did that while you were in Nine Tail's form...

Naruto: (Don't tell me... Read More " "
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One Piece 536 (0 comments)
Lv 5 - 極寒地獄 Extreme Cold Hell


なんですってー?!! いや。。。なんだとォー?!!
BonClay as Hannyabal: Whaaa!?!! No I mean... What?!!

[Box: Impel Down - medical room]

Medical staff: Up until now, there hasn't been one person who could survive from challenging Magellan chief warden and repeatedly getting poisoned.

If it was just one kind of poison then perhaps... but several different kinds of the chief's poison? We can't deal with that!!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: And you still call yourselves medical staffs?!! Gimme a break!!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: Err... I mean, it's no joke! Do something about it!!! We need to keep Straw... Read More " "
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Naruto 431 (0 comments)

Sennin Naruto,
Obliterates one Pain

Pain: Tendou's power... cannot be recovered for the time being... well then...

Naruto: Gama Kichii!!!


Naruto: Take old lady Tsunade to a safe place!
Gama Kichii: OK!!

Naruto: Old lady... I'll handle this here! Please tell everyone in the village not to barge in!
'coz it's hard to fight while taking care of of everybody.

Tsunade: Got it, then take Katsuyu with you, she should be able to give u a slight edge. She's got info on the fuckers.

(Old frog): Katsuyu-chan, please hide in Naruto-chan's pocket.
Katsuyu: ...ok...!


Naruto: Right now... probably isn't the best time to ask about these things... but... because I'm as one with the nature's energy, I... Read More " "
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Gantz 288 (3 comments)
(Incomplete translations based on Cam raw)

Nishi's classmates prepared to flee from revenge!


Class: Kyaaa...
What's up with that guy!!
What should we do?!

He's coming up now!!

Run!! Run for it!! Run!!



[0288] The Terminal Crusher
I Don't See... Nothing but raw garbage... anymore.


Class: Waaaaaaaaaaa

Tall kid: Wait!! I'll do it!!
I'll beat him up w/ my bare hands!! Don't worry!!


Tall Kid: What the hell did u do? Put a little cushioning on your back or something?

Nishi: ... Dumbass...

Class: Ooooo!
Kill him!! Kill him!! Do it!! Kill him!!!


Nishi's bag lights up. (Jyooooooon)

Tall kid: You little.......


Jyoooooooon... Read More " "
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One Piece 526 (2 comments)
Chapter 526 - Adventure at the big prison


"Calm belt" big prison - Inpel Down.
Lines with marine vessels.

Marine sailors: "Please take care, lovely Ms. Hancock..."

Hancock: "Shut up!!"
Sailors: "Oh come on, please take care~~"
Momonga(name?): "Hard to describe this heavy atmosphere... I guess hell would be like a place like this..."

Luffy: ...


Inpel Down Vice Warden - Hannyabal (Ambitionist)
Han: Welcome to my Inpel Down.
Ah, whoops, I slipped up and showed a bit of my ambition by saying "my Inpel Down", I'm STILL the Vice Warden - Hannyabal is my name smash.
Momonga: Hi, I'm Momonga.

Han: I've heard, that over there must be "Female... Read More " "
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