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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 449

The Flower of Hope

+ posted by cloneofsnake as translation on May 29, 2009 05:33 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 449

Ch. 449 (based on the horrible manyou LQ scan... here's to hoping that Chinese scanners will stop putting their watermark over somebody else's works.)


Text: The last of Nagato...!!

Nagato: Gedou - Rinne Tensei no Jyuutsu (roughly: Outer mode - Reincarnation Heaven Birth technique)

Naruto: ?!

Konan: Nagato you!!

Nagato: Konan... it's fine... // I've chosen an alternative... the option to give up...

Naruto: What? // What technique is that?!

Konan: ... //
Folks who carry the eyes of Rinnegan are masters of all 6 Pains' techniques // They're said to exist outside of the world of Living or Dead // Nagato's power is the 7th Pain that controls life and death...


Nagato: Outer mode

Konan (Using this technique with his current Chakra... Nagato will probably... // ...to go that far for this kid... //
... //
This unbelievable kid who changed Nagato



SFX: Zuuuuuooooooooo // GABA // Kubabababababa

Ninja: What the?


Fukasaku: ...Ma... Where am I?

(Mama frog): Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! (cries)

Sakura (Fukasaku died... // What's going on... What the hell is happening?!)

Shikamaru: ...what the hell is this?


Inoichi: What's this... ?!

Shikaku: Looks like Naruto has settled this

(really old frog sage): looks like it has come to an end...

(gangsta frog): how'd it turn out?!

(really old frog sage): just as the oracle predicted... // both of Jiraiya's students are the "chosen child" // I didn't think they would become the leaders who bring changes to the Shinobi (Ninja) world


(really old frog sage): When Jiraiya chose not to give up at the time // it might've already sealed the fate on this one //
... that book has really become the key that changed this world

Kakashi's dad: (Covered by manyou's watermark) :( Looks like you've been through a lot

Kakashi: Yeah...

Kakashi's dad: but... you and I both died young...

Kakashi: ...

Kakashi's Dad: well not as early as mom but...


Kakashi: ... //
In the end though, you had done all you could Dad //
Now I can understand... //
My Dad who sacrificed himself for others (This line covered by watermark so may not be accurate) :( //
Now, I'm proud of you!


Kakashi's Dad: Thanks...

Naruto: What the hell's happening?!

Katsuyu: Folks at the village are coming back to life

Naruto: ?! // that means...


Flashback - Jiraiya: I'm gonna take care of these kids until they can protect themselves // It's the least I can do

Nagato: I can still make it in time to save the ones I had killed in the Konoha village // It's the least I can do

Kakashi: Dad

Kakashi's Dad: I'm glad we got to talk // thanks for your forgiveness // I can finally move on //
I can finally go meet mom


(Chubby's Dad): Kakashi is back too!!

Kakashi: ...What the?

(Chubby): Kakashi-sensei!!

Katsuyu: I'll explain everything...

Naruto: ... // you...

Nagato: (This whole thing is comprehensible with that freaking watermark!) >:(

Nagato: ...especially... your generation... who doesn't know war... it couldn't be helped... //
to discover the meaning of death... // ...what you find... is pain... you don't even know where to direct your hatred...


Nagato: To die like a piece of trash... the unending hatred... and pain that wouldn't heal... // THAT's... War.... //
Naruto... from now on... there'll be things that you must fight against... //
huu.. //
(covered by watermark again) with the book... or you... // it will seem like someone has already arranged everything... //
no... that must be... // the real god's doing...


Nagato: Looks like my duty ends here... // Naruto... you can definitely....


(Once again... freaking watermark) >:(

Naruto: What about you? I don't think you'll go back to Akatsuki... What are you gonna do from now on?

Konan: I'm quitting Akatsuki // Yahiko and Nagato meant everything to me


Konan: Yahiko's wish... and Nagato's... // both of their wishes have been placed upon your shoulders, from now on, you are their wishes //
If Nagato gave you his trust, then I'll also give you mine // We the Hidden Rain will pursue the two's wishes along your side

Flashback Jiraiya: (blocked by watermark)

Flashback Nagato: I'm trying to believe in you... Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto: My name "Naruto", the nature to never give up... // and the pain....


Naruto: I've proudly inherited them all from my master and my senior!!

Konan: This time around... // you have to become an unfaltering... flower of hope


Naruto: Look at me, perverted sennin!!

Sasuke: Get ready

Suigetsu: huh? You all recovered?

Sasuke: ...Yeah... we go to Konoho

Text: Naruto matures yet another step!! Next chapter, New development!!

(Translator note: A very touching chapter... I've read the recent conversations on good/poor transaltions. I've tried my best to make everything sound natural while staying true to the context. Feel free to critique and hope you liked it.)

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Approved by Meriken

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#1. by cloneofsnake ()
Posted on May 29, 2009
Still wondering why my translations are stuck in the pending list instead of posting straight to the chapter's profile page - http://mangahelpers.com/m/naruto/chapters/449 :(
#2. by Meriken ()
Posted on May 30, 2009
That's because your status is "translator in training." You could probably get a status change seeing as you've already got a bunch of translations down.

I've approved this one, though I'm hoping you'll add in the missing parts now that an HQ raw is up.
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