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Naruto 443

Face Off

+ posted by cloneofsnake as translation on Apr 10, 2009 02:54 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 443

Naruto 443 - Face Off


The Pain Crushing Rasengan!!

SFX: Hyuuuuuuuu


#443: Face Off

Pain: Gua!

SFX: Tsugogogo

Naruto: Gu!

SFX: Zuza


Nagato: pant... pant...

Konan: Nagato...

Nagato: ...the last pain was defeated


Naruto: Pain uses this to receive Chakra and moves... / If I pull them out, it won't be able to move anymore

Pain: You and I have the same goal / to achieve peace as Jiraiya sensei had said


Pain: Both you and I can't change / we both move for our own version of justice

Pain: The justice that I did to Konoha / is the same as what you are doing to me.

Pain: The pain of loosing something important are both the same / Both you and I know of that pain

Pain: You work for your justice... while I work for mine

Naruto: ......

Pain: ...are you able to understand pain a little bit now? / If you don't know the same level of pain, you can't truly understand the others.

Pain: And even if you understand the others, it doesn't mean you can truly understand and connect with them.
That's the truth.


Naruto stabs own hand

Pain: The chain of hatred has begun

Pain: That's shown in History / Humans are creatures that no matter what cannot come to understand with each other


The Ninja world is dictated by hatred.

Katsuyu: We going? Then this time I'll call backup...

Naruto: No, don't! / I'll go alone...!

Hinata: Thanks Sakura...

Sakura: ... it's b'coz u were reckless (literal translation, but meaning is more like "Don't be so reckless!")

Katsuyu: Naruto has taken down the 6th Pain

8. (p.50)

Everyone: ! !

Rock: That's my Naruto!

Sakura: How's his condition? Is he injured?

Katsuyu: He's tired, but fine

Hinata: Thank goodness... / Naruto... Thank goodness...


Pai: So, where's Naruto now?!

Katsuyu: Right now... he's going to Pain's original body by himself

Neji: What audacious thing to do!

Sakura / Hinata: !

Neji: Gai sensei! We should go too

Gai: Ya!

Katsuyu: But... Naruto doesn't want reinforcement

Neji: No way! That's already doing too much for 1 person / Naruto is quiet weakened now

(Probably still Neji): Please direct us to Naruto's whereabout!

Katsuyu: ....


Neji: !

Shikaku: What?

Neji: It's Naruto...



Naruto: old men...

Inoichi: The fact that you're here means / you've defeated the 6th Pain?!

Naruto: ....

Naruto: I won... I lost... / ...those things don't matter...


Shikaku: What happened?


Naruto: ... / I don't know how to put it


Inoichi: What do u mean you don't know how to say it?

Naruto: ...in any case, I'm heading to meet the real Pain now / you guys don't follow me... I want to go alone

13. (p.54)

Neji: You know where the real Pain is located?!

Naruto: yeah... I found it with my Sage mode

Inoichi: But wanting to go alone?! / What's up w/ that?!

Naruto: There's something I want to verify...


Inoichi: Someting to confirm / what's that?

Naruto: I want to talk to the real Pain

Shikaku: .........

Inoichi: What are you talking about!! (literal: What kind of selfish thing u saying!) / I'm grateful that you beat Pain but / to have a conversation now is not like it will help the problem!!

Naruto: Alright then! Let's take Pain and his subordinates back to the village and crush them all, will that fix everything?!!


Inoichi: What do you want to talk about?! / The bastard is an enemy who holds a grudge against Konoha! There's no reason to forgive him!!

Naruto: I! Me too!!

Naruto: My teacher, my village, everyone... he messed up everything and I'm not gonna forgive him!!

Inoichi: Fine then!

Shikaku: Inoichi... / Let's listen to Naruto and let him go alone...

Inoichi: Shikaku you!

Shikaku: It's this boy who stopped Pain / he has his own thoughts, shouldn't he?

Inoichi: ...but...

Skikaku: just let him go


Naruto: Thanks, Shikaku old man...

(Shikaku Flashbacks)

Shikamaru: Where did I go? ... I went to lecture Naruto... I'm not depressed / it's a pain in the ass but somehow I went

Shikamaru: ...that guy has something the others don't have... / he's going to become one important ninja in this village

Shikamaru: With Naruto here... / I can't help but think, I want to walk along with him...

Shikaku: ...

Shikaku: let's count on Naruto


Nagato: Konan, step back

Konan: Nagato...

Naruto: The one in the back is the real body huh?!

Nagato: So you blindly follow your "peace" and stubled here huh?

No. 443 ends

The encounter!!
What are Naruto & Nagato's ulterior motives...

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#1. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Apr 11, 2009
Thank you dude :)
#2. by cloneofsnake ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2009
no problem VASSiLi. Actually feel a little embarrassed 'coz my trans is too bad to be put into a scanlation! I need to improve my translations!!
#3. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2009
We'll improve together :)
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