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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 443

Face to Face!

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Apr 10, 2009 02:55 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 443

Page 1:
Text: The Rasengan demolishes Pain!


Page 2:
Text: He's finished!

Title: Face to Face!

SFX: Crummmmble

Naruto: Gh-
SFX: Slump

Page 3:
Nagato: Haa

Konan: Nagato...

Nagato: The final Pain has been destroyed.

Naruto: Haah

SFX: Splick

Page 4:
Naruto: Pain used these as chakra antennae...
If I take them all out, he won't be able to move anymore...

Pain: Our goals are identical.
I'm trying to bring about the same peace Jiraiya-sensei desired.

Page 5:
Pain: We are the same.
We both act to bring about what we believe is right.

The justice I have brought down upon the Leaf
is the same justice you are trying to bring down upon me.

We all suffer the same pain when we experience loss.
You and I have both endured the same pain.

You fight for your cause...
...I fight for mine.

Have you started to understand what true pain is?
Unless they endure the same level of suffering, people will never be able to understand one another.

But understanding one another doesn't automatically mean unity.
That is the truth.

Page 6:
SFX: Stab

Pain: ...and forges the first link in the chains of hate.
History will repeat itself.

People are nothing more than living creatures who simply cannot come to a common understanding

Page 7:
Pain: The shinobi world is controlled with hate.

Katsuyu: Are you going?
This time you should get reinforce-

Naruto: No way!
I'll go myself...

Hinata: Thank you, Sakura-san...
Sakura: Don't ever try anything crazy like that again...

Katsuyu: Naruto-kun defeated the sixth and last Pain.

Page 8:
Lee: Nothing less from Naruto-kun!

Sakura: How is Narito?
Is he injured?

Katsuyu: He's quite exhausted, but otherwise fine.

Hinata: Thank goodness...

Naruto-kun...thank goodness you're safe...

Page 9:
Guy: Where is Naruto now?

Katsuyu: He's...heading towards the location of Pain's true body.

Neji: Why is he being so reckless?!

Guy-sensei, let's go after him!
Guy: Right!

Katsuyu: But...Naruto-kun doesn't want any backup...

Neji: Forget it! He's trying to do too much on his own!
The fight definitely weakened him.

Please, tell us where Naruto is!

Page 10:
SFX: Tak tak tak

Shikaku: What is it?

Hyuuga: It's Naruto...

Shikaku: Naruto!

SFX: Tak

Page 11:
Naruto: Hey guys...

Inoichi: If you're here...
then you actually beat the sixth Pain?!

Naruto: It wasn't a win or a loss...It doesn't matter...

Shikaku: Something happen?

Page 12:
Naruto: It's hard to put into words...

Inoichi: Hard to...What are you getting at?

Naruto: Never mind...I'm going to face Pain's real body now.
Please don't follow me...I want to see him alone.

Inoichi: You know where he's hiding?!
Naruto: Yeah...I used Sage Mode to find him.

Inoichi: Why the hell are you trying to go alone?!
Have you lost your mind?

Naruto: There's something I need to see...

Page 13:
Inoichi: See?
See what?

Naruto: I have to talk to the real Pain face-to-face.

Inoichi: Get your head out of your ass!
We're all relieved you defeated Pain,
but this is no time to go have a chat with him!

Naruto: Fine!
Then I'll destroy his real body, his subordinates and every last person in every hostile village! Will that fix things?!

Page 14:
Inoichi: What is talking going ot accomplish?!
He's our enemy, he wiped the Leaf Village off the map! We can't let him get away!

Naruto: I know!
I want to get even just as bad as you!

He killed my teacher and ruined my village and I WILL AVENGE EVERYONE!

Inoichi: Then-

Shikaku: Inoichi...
Listen to Naruto...let him go alone.

Inoichi: Shikaku, what are-

Shikaku: He's the one who took Pain out.
He must have an idea.

Inoichi: But...
Shikaku: Come on, let's give him a shot.

Page 15:
Naruto: Thanks, Shikaku...

Shikamaru: Where was I? I went to give Naruto a pep talk, told him to perk up.
It was kinda troublesome, but I think he's feeling better.

He's got...something, something the rest of us don't.
He's one of the village's most valuable shinobi...

When I hang out with Naruto...
I feel like I wanna keep walking alongside him, whatever path he takes.

Shikaku: We have to believe in Naruto.

Page 16:



Page 17:
Nagato: Stand down, Konan.

konan: Nagato...

Naruto: You, in the back - you're the real one?

Nagato: I see peace has finally made its way to me.

Text: Naruto and Nagato meet! What will happen next?!

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#1. by villazeros ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Wo! thank you man!
#2. by rukori ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
#3. by Pia-chan ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
nice and quick, thanks a lot!
#4. by Tsunami'T ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
I was waiting for it.
Thank you so much~ ^^
#5. by roma ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
#6. by TheSixPaths ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
cool thanks
#7. by zidane ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
thanks a lot, Hisshou
#8. by segarraramon ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
i don't know if somebody already said something but in one of the sentece you have an error "How is Narito?" a very small mistake on a very good translation and a fast one at that. thanks
#9. by Ryodraco ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Great as always!
#10. by Uchiha Pet ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2009
Your translations always have a bit more to them than most I've read. I like that. Keep up the good work and on a side note - Been enjoying your eyeshield 21 on cruchy roll


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