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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 536

Lv 5 - Frozen Hell

+ posted by cloneofsnake as translation on Mar 19, 2009 18:21 | Go to One Piece

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Lv 5 - 極寒地獄 Extreme Cold Hell


なんですってー?!! いや。。。なんだとォー?!!
BonClay as Hannyabal: Whaaa!?!! No I mean... What?!!

[Box: Impel Down - medical room]

Medical staff: Up until now, there hasn't been one person who could survive from challenging Magellan chief warden and repeatedly getting poisoned.

If it was just one kind of poison then perhaps... but several different kinds of the chief's poison? We can't deal with that!!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: And you still call yourselves medical staffs?!! Gimme a break!!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: Err... I mean, it's no joke! Do something about it!!! We need to keep Straw Hat Luffy alive and deliver him to the Marines!!

Medical staff: but if we just give him medicine we'll only kill him faster. It's unfortunate but we don't have any ways to save him...

BonClay as Hannyabal: !!!


BonClay as Hannyabal: Unnnnnn....!!!

Buggy: See!!! Straw hat can't be saved anymore!!

Mr. 3: Fighting Magellan and living on, that kind of miracle can't happen.

BonClay as Hannyabal: ... miracle...

Buggy & Mr. 3: huh??

BonClay as Hannyabal: ... that's right, that person is here in Impel Down....!!! "The miracle man" King of Okama, Iva...!!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: ... people whom even doctors have given up upon!! In a country at the brink of death!! He was said to have saved everyone, the one that remains from "The Legend of Remedy", the world of Okama's "Strongest Star"!!! Iva!!

Now is the time to find that person!!!

Buggy & Mr. 3: Who??


[Box: Level 4 Staff Only staircase-]

Guards: To Level 5?

BonClay as Hannyabal: Yeah, that's right. These prisoners are to be punished by the extreme cold.

BonClay as Hannyabal (Thinking): (-anyways, no other choice but go forward!! Wait for me!! Straw Hat chan!!!)

(Still thinking: -but this is strange, this prisoner list for Level 5. What's the deal here?)

Guard (to Buggy & Mr. 3): Walk steadily!

BonClay as Hannyabal (Thinking): ("Enporio Ivankov", history's strongest Okama king.)

(Iva's name is crossed out!! Could it be that he was already released... or perhaps executed?!)


BonClay as Hannyabal: -This prisoner umm... was he released?

Guard: -ah... Ivankov... several years ago he was, ya know... Have you forgotten about that, vice chief?

BonClay as Hannyabal: ahh... oh yeah... That!! That!! Hey you, do you remember that?! Try and say it!

The other guard: ... we're in the presence of prisoners...

BonClay as Hannyabal: that's alright, just say it!!

Guard: ... It's the mysterious disappearances that happen in Impel down once in a while. It's obviously different from an escape, it's like the prisoners didn't even move, not even a footprint are left behind, they just disappear! "Devil's hemming sleeves".

Guard: Not very natural that people just disappear, this event caused panic in everyone... drawn through "The Door of the Devil Realm", some alleged. We call it "Devil's hemming sleeves".

Mr. 3: people... disappear?...


Buggy (thinking): Coooold!!! The door isn't even opened yet!!

Mr. 3 (thinking): I'm already wearing this...!!!

Guard: Here we are, please beware of the "extreme cold" and the "miliary wolves". --alrighty then, I'll take them for you as usual.

BonClay as Hannyabal: huh? what??

Guard: Yes... Weapons and your coat!! Man... we can never do something like that!! "Demonstrating to the prisoners a Vice Chief Warden's way", you always enter the "Frozen Hell" naked, and unarmed... we bunch of guards all respect you for that!!

Buggy and Mr. 3 cracking up: Puuuut!!! Kukuku...

Guards: -next, we'll take the coats from the prisoners, that's wipe the smile off their faces.

Guards: -okaay, please take care!!! And please note that all the Den Den Mushi won't work due to the extreme cold!!


Uuuuu... Oooooo!!
Coooooold~~~~~!! No... it hurts!! So cold it hurts!!....

Wolves: Guuuuuu !!

Buggy: 1... 2.. 3... 4... hey, wouldn't those be the military wolves? Why aren't they on the "beast floor", do u know?

BonClay as Hannyabal: Why?

Mr. 3: Ah, I know why... 'coz if they were put on Level 2, they'll eat the Basilisk and Sphinx. Why are they so vicious!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: Well then, let's take care of this!! Rescue Straw Hat chan!!!

BonClay as Hannyabal: Heeeey!! U guys are gonna run away?! So soon!!

Buggy: I don't plan on getting eaten, you fool!!

Mr. 3: Do it alone!!!

Wolf: Guuuu


[Box: Extreme Cold floor Central Tower, inside prison]

Zggg.... zggggg

Luffy: Haaa Haaa Haaaa...!!!

prisoner: ....xxxxxxx thrown in here... are we the section to witness his death?

Luffy: Uaaaa...


Luffy: pain... uaaa...
haaaa... uuuuuuu...

(montage, grandma Nyon from the Women Island: It's just like a bug flying into a storm. Nothing could be done, only getting bounced around until it comes to an end.)

Luffy: Fuuuu.... Uaaaa.... (hits the bar with his head)

prisoner: stop it, it's useless!! Getting poisoned like that, you'll die for sure. Your eyes are done for too... can you even still hear?

Luffy: fuuu.... zaaa....

prisoner: accept your death like a man...

Luffy: NOOOO... I won't die!!!!


Luffy: I ... can't die!!! Not until I've saved Ace...!!

prisoner: You want to save someone? Yet no one is coming to help you...
Your friend is also behind bars? What a fool! Inside this prison, we can only look after our own ass, no help is gonna come... everyone is on their own!!!

prisoner: if thrown into the fire, you trample on the guy next to you in order to survive.
If you run into monsters, you use the next guy as bait to save yourself!
If you consider about others, you die!!

prisoner: So don't say shit like you have to help someone!!! I wanna puke!!!

prisoners: hahaha...

Luffy: Uaaa... huaaa....

prisoner: hey look, someone's coming... it's not a guard or a staff...

prisoner: in the nude?!!!


BonClay: Straw Hat chan!!! I came to save you!!!! In the name of friendship!!!!

prisoner: ?!! What's up with this guy... he's drenched in blood..

BonClay: I'm sorry I fled back there...


prisoner: ... who the hell are you?!

BonClay: FRIEND!!!!!
Straw Hat chan, I'm not gonna let you die!!

prisoner: ...!!

prisoner: keys.... he left the keys...

prisoner: escape huh?... I haven't even given that a thought...


prisoner: Ivan....?!
Why the hell would I know where that Okama dude is?! Who the hell are you?!

BonClay: !!!

prisoner: Enporio Ivankov....!! Ahh... there was such a guy... didn't he died?

prisoner: Huh?! Why are you searching for someone who doesn't exist?
Yo, forget about that, how did you get out? Yo get me out too!!

BonClay (shouting): I'm looking for a guy called Iva!!... Hellooooo??!!

prisoner: Look over there, see the woods? There's an abandoned monitoring room over there... I've seen a strange man coming out around there... go take a look!!

BonClay: really?...

prisoner: the woods.. you... that's the wolves' lair

prisoner: oh was that really?... heh heh heh....


BonClay (thinking): "Door to the Devil's Realm"?! Whatever!! This dubious rumor cannot explain how Iva vanished!!!"
"Although I haven't met him, the guy had created many miracles, so there's no reason why he did created some in here too!!!"
"The god in the world of Okama!!!"
"Please save Straw Hat chan's life!!!"
"If there's no serum for this poison, then no one but you could've save him!!"
"I cannot give up!!!"


BonClay fights the wolves - DON!! GAN!!!


(Wolves pounce on BonClay)

BonClay: Eeeeyaaaaaa


BonClay: Straw Hat chan!!!

Luffy: You guys... what did you guys do to Bon chan...!!!!


Luffy: LEAVE!!!!!!

BonClay: .... huh....
Straw Hat chan...
What was that just now?...

[One Piece - ch.536 ends]


[Box: 26 hours to go - until Ace's execution]
[Who is this guy?]

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