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Naruto 431

Naruto Erupts! / Naruto, Spitting Fire!

+ posted by cloneofsnake as translation on Jan 16, 2009 07:02 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 431


Sennin Naruto,
Obliterates one Pain

Pain: Tendou's power... cannot be recovered for the time being... well then...

Naruto: Gama Kichii!!!


Naruto: Take old lady Tsunade to a safe place!
Gama Kichii: OK!!

Naruto: Old lady... I'll handle this here! Please tell everyone in the village not to barge in!
'coz it's hard to fight while taking care of of everybody.

Tsunade: Got it, then take Katsuyu with you, she should be able to give u a slight edge. She's got info on the fuckers.

(Old frog): Katsuyu-chan, please hide in Naruto-chan's pocket.
Katsuyu: ...ok...!


Naruto: Right now... probably isn't the best time to ask about these things... but... because I'm as one with the nature's energy, I KNOW... I can feel everyone's chakra...

Tsunade: ...

Naruto: Is Kakashi sensei out of the village on a mission right now?

Tsunade: ...

Naruto: ... I see...
Go! Gama Kichi!

Pain: (Summoning jyutsu)


Sakura: Master...
Master Tsunade!!
Tsunade: Sakura...

Tsunade: everything is OK now...

Sakura: Yes... (you did a fine job / you must be tired... Tsunade-sama)


Pain: (Summoning jyutsu)


(Old frogs): (senhou - frog calls)

Naruto: (Shadow clones jyutsu)


Naruto: (senhou - Oodama Raisengan!!!)


(Old frog): Bun-chan!! Ken-chan!! Hiro-chan!!

Ken: Ha!!


Katsuyu: Naruto-kun! Ninjyutsu is useless against the Pain in front of your eyes.
Attacking by Ninjyutsu will all be absorbed.

Naruto: then it's Frog Sparring!


(summoned dog): gyauuuu


Ken: be quiet, dog!


Pain: (should've been able to dodge this...)

(Old frog): (Frog sparring uses the natural energy around oneself,
that enery becomes part of Naruto's body and attacked Pain!)

(Old frog): (Sennin mode isn't your average shit!! Both in danger sensing and in attack range!!)

Naruto: I'm gonna end this in one shot with my new jyutsu(s)!!

Surging Waves!!!

What new jyutsu(s) is Naruto bring out?!
Next issue, big brawl continues

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