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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 526

Adventure at the big prison

+ posted by cloneofsnake as translation on Dec 20, 2008 08:30 | Go to One Piece

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Chapter 526 - Adventure at the big prison


"Calm belt" big prison - Inpel Down.
Lines with marine vessels.

Marine sailors: "Please take care, lovely Ms. Hancock..."

Hancock: "Shut up!!"
Sailors: "Oh come on, please take care~~"
Momonga(name?): "Hard to describe this heavy atmosphere... I guess hell would be like a place like this..."

Luffy: ...


Inpel Down Vice Warden - Hannyabal (Ambitionist)
Han: Welcome to my Inpel Down.
Ah, whoops, I slipped up and showed a bit of my ambition by saying "my Inpel Down", I'm STILL the Vice Warden - Hannyabal is my name smash.
Momonga: Hi, I'm Momonga.

Han: I've heard, that over there must be "Female Emperor" Hancock...? ... MY "Female Emperor" Hancock? Ah... whoops... ambition.


Han: That bastard Warden... err... Mazelan the Warden is at the warden's room on Level 4 so let's drop by. Me and Vice deputy governor Domino here will show you the way.
Domino: Since there's no place, please hurry this way. The lieutenants are there so... I'm sorry but a body check is needed.

Domino: For inmates, they have to go over the other side of this fence, take off all their clothes, go to the iron kettle in the back and roll a hundred times in the "hell's lukewarm water"!
This both kill the germs and sterilize them.
After receiving this hazing ritual they enter the prison.

As it turns out, even inmates have different "cases"
The recently admitted "Fire Fist Ace", Shichibukai's Jinbei, former Shichibukai Crocodile, they didn't even raise an eye brow when going through the hazing ritual, really admirable.


Domino: guests are checked in this room, please be assured.
Please leave the cloak outside
as it is the easiest item to hide stuff, please deposit it here.
There is no reason to be worried, to make sure no suspicious actions take place, the interior of Inpel Down are laid with these "CCDM" (Closed Circuit Dendenmushi , footage are continuously broadcasted.

alrighty then, first put on these Kairouseki cuffs.

Luffy: !
Hancock: please be gentle~~~
Domino: ah (heartbeat)


(Hancock turned both Domino and the CCDM into stone)
Luffy: Woa, that was close! It was pitch black in there and I wanted to get out quickly but...
Hancock: Luffy, looks like this is the furthest I can take you, I can't use my power from now on and the cloak has to be taken off too...
I want to help you more but...
Luffy: What are you talking about?! I alone couldn't even come here!! A building surrounded by marine vessels, this is already far enough!!
Hancock: Luffy, this fort is built for the purpose of locking people in..! You MUST NOT raise a ruckus!! If you get caught, you won't be able to get out again!! Although you are strong, you must not go berserk!! Promise me!!!


Luffy: Got it! I promise!! Thank you so much Hancock!! I am grateful and will not forget your kindness!! I will definitely repay you.
Hancock: (Just now!!! Did he just called me "Hancock"...?) (She's using a very feminine way to say "I" (わらわ))
Luffy: Hey! Hancock!! HANCOCK!!
Hancock: oh... I have... no more regrets... in this life... this... mutual love....
Luffy: Hey! it's ok to release them from petrification...

Dendenmushi: Bi- Bi- Bi- !!! "Vice Warden Hannyabal, the picture from the inspection room has been cut, is there something going on?"
Han: that's Domino's room...


Han: Domino!! Is everything alright?
(Door opens)
Domino: Sorry it took so long, body check has been completed.
(hmm.. strange, it feels like I have a little memory lapse...)
Dendenmushi: "the picture has returned, nothing is wrong"
Han: Yup, here too.

Hancock: heh, this sucks... I'm not an inmate!! Who do you think I am?!
Han: I'm terribly sorry, but this is one of the rules.
Domino: Let's hurry and show her the way
Han: ah, then let's go that way to the big lift


Han: this lift will take us down 4 levels to the Warden Mazelan's "blazing" floor.
it'll be a bit hot,
when passing through level 1 through 3 we'll hear the inmates' squeal, the sound feels great so please enjoy.

Hancock: (thinking: Luffy, I wish you luck.)
Luffy: (Arigatou!) (Thanks!)
Hancock: (!! He said Aishiteru !!!) (I love you)

Han / Domino / Momonga: Hancock!! What's going on?!! Are you ok? All of a sudden!!!
Luffy: alright... where should I go?

Luffy: that lift goes underground huh? Hancock said Ace is probably held under the sea.
Ah, that's right, the biburu card.


Bulgori Guards have returned, food has been secured, open the hatch
Guards: thanks

(Monitor room) bi- bi- bi-!
Guard: Found him! The pirate who went missing from Level 1's co-habit room #4, Bagi, he's on the path toward single room #22


capture him quickly
Bagi: damn'it! they found me.
You bastard!! (hits CCDM)

CCDM 71 picture has been cut.

inmates: have u heard? it's Bagi, looks like he's trying to escape alone... just watch...
some intense interrogation is waiting for him!! LOL...

Here they come, Bulgori's!!! Go go go!!! Catch him!!!


Luffy: Biburu Card is still pointing down, but this is a dead end? but looks like I can still go down
Guards: Inmate #8200, looks to be another Devil Fruit user, don't forget the Kairouseki, don't let him escape.
(Door opens)
Luffy: great, I'm in.
Guards: let's split up and attack from both sides! Hurry!


Inpel Down Level 1, "Red Lotus Floor"
Luffy: Woa... this is huge...
anyways, let's keep going
Inmates: hey hey hey brother
wait, how did u get outside?
Luffy: get outside? I came from the outside
Inmates: wait, u're lying, lier!


inmates: who r u? not a guard yet not an inmate, why are u outside the cells?
Luffy: Oh right, do u guys know anything about Ace?
inmates: Ace?! U know, THAT fire fist Ace?
Luffy: That's right, I'm trying to safe him
inmate: HAHAHA... nonsense!
I heard he was imprisoned recently, he's locked up in single cell down in Level 5!! Not even close!!! It's impossible!!!
That floor is for those with a bounty over 100 million!

Inmates: hey brother, how about u go to the guards room and steal the keys?
Yeah man!
It's some sort of fate that we meet in this wide world...
Luffy: Level 5 huh?


Luffy: What the?! Someone is being chased.
Inmates: it's Bulgori!!!
Luffy: Bulgori?
Inmates: Run brother!! or u're dead!!
Bagi: Gyaaaaaaaaaaa... I got cut in half, it's hard to run...!!!!!
Luffy: Waaa... what's up w/ these guys!!


Bagi (re-attach): HAHAHA, u think u can cut me? Fools!!!
WA!! Strawhat!!!! What the hell u doing here?!!
Luffy: Oh... it's Bagi.
Bagi: Hey! Don't fuck with me!! Still the same cheeky little guy!! I haven't heard about you getting caught too...
Luffy: I didn't, I came in here on my own will.
Bagi: Is there anyone stupid enough to come in here on his own?!
Wait, you didn't... you heard I got thrown in here... and you came to save me?


Bagi: Like hell you would!! I feel sick!!!
Luffy: the fuck you babbling about!!! I'm just trying to keep my promise to Hancock by not raising a rackus but u got me involved in this shit
Bagi: Right now, I don't like this mess either... I'm staging the "Bagi's covert prison break operation"!
Luffy: like I care

Luffy: waa, they're up ahead too
Bagi: shit!

Luffy: is it bad if we don't escape from them?
Bagi: the fuck u saying?! Getting caught means a hellish interrogation!! U probably don't know, these guys are cold blooded!!


Luffy: just don't get caught then, I'm thinking... I've already caused a mess here...
Bagi: this is why I don't like u and that red hair dude... always so positive during bad times... alright alright, I got it... u wanna do it, let's do it...

The stage is now changed to... FLASHY operation!!

(Captain Baggi, it's been a long time!)

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Approved by njt

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Dec 20, 2008
Just 4 more translations and you'll be done with this approval process. Sorry about it. Let me know if there is anything I can do for ya. :)
#2. by cloneofsnake ()
Posted on Dec 25, 2008
Thanks. This was pretty bad in comparison to cnet's version. The thing I would like is to have you and other experienced translators give me comments.
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